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You bring your husband a surprise after a girl's night out.

"Ohhhhhhhh Vegeta!!" Bulma cried out as Vegeta gave a slightly harder push of hips, his hard cock sliding easily between Bulma's pussy lips.

Vegeta withdrew his still hard dick from his wife's pussy and laid down next to her, cuddling her in his strong arms as he stroked her quivering and shaking back. "Bulma" he whispered. "Your as good a fuck as any of the aliens I've ever met!" he exclaimed.

Though this statement slightly irked Bulma, she took pride in knowing she could compete with what she assumed must be some of the best lay's in the galaxy.

Vegeta stroked her back gently, expanding his energy to keep them both warm from the cold night air. As he stroked his wife's back gently, his thoughts strayed to his greatest enemy, and yet his greatest ally, Kakarot, wondering what he was up to...


Goku was doing push-ups on his thumbs as Chichi sat on his back, admiring the way his heavily muscled body shined with a thin layer of sweat.

"Go Goku!" she cried out encouragingly as Goku completed his thousandth push-up.

"There!" he said, using his energy to hover while he turned in midair, keeping hold of Chichi so she slid round his bare back to his stomach. He hovered themselves in the air, gently lifting away from the floor until they were five feet off the ground. Goku looked up at Chichi, grinning.

Chichi watched as they slowly lifted away from the ground. She wrapped her legs tightly around her husbands back, squeezing tightly and leaning forwards onto Goku's chest.

"You know, this is a little unfair!" she said huskily as Goku unbuttoned her top swiftly, almost tearing her top off her body to expose her breasts.

"Well, this isn't a fight, so it doesn't matter!" he growled playfully, pinching Chichi's hard nipples before pulling her head down for a kiss. As Goku roughly pushed his tongue into her mouth, Chichi moaned, her pussy dampening as his arms wrapped around her slim body, holding her there as she gave herself in to her husband.

Goku pulled Chichi up onto his face, again using his energy to keep them stable above the ground. His face nuzzled in against her crotch, his tongue pressing in against Chichi's clitoris through the thin material of her panties.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Chichi murmured as she grabbed Goku by his spiked black hair. Chichi started a humping motion on his face as her pussy got wetter.

Goku took his pants off in the air, his eight inch penis already hard as Chichi moved on his face, her warmth and smell driving him onwards.

Using his speed, he pushed Chichi into the air and removed her panties before she could even see what was happening. One second she was humping her husband's face through her panties, enjoying herself, then suddenly she found him holding her panties in his hand and his tongue buried in her wet pussy.

She gasped and gave a little yelp as soon as she realised that Goku had already taken her panties off. "Hey!" she squealed. "No fair!"

Goku grinned to himself before he resumed eating Chichi's pussy out.

"I wanna sixty niner" Chichi said. Goku nodded, holding her up carefully and turning her carefully around so she now faced his hard cock.

Chichi pressed herself back onto Goku's face as he buried his tongue back into the folds of her wet pussy, tasting her juices as they flowed down out of her pussy and onto his face.

Chichi sighed as Goku's nose bumped against her hard clitoris. Leaning down, she licked from base to tip on her husband's penis, using her slender fingers and long nails to tease Goku's balls. Kissing his cock head wetly, slapping her tongue against the underside of his cock, she soon lubricated his hard dick enough for her to slide her lips all the way to the base, Goku groaning as his sensitive penis imbedded itself in Chichi's throat.

Chichi used her throat muscles to squeeze Goku's dick as he started a slow humping motion with his hips, slowly and carefully fucking Chichi's mouth. Chichi fondled his balls, cupping them in her soft hand as she lathered his dick with her saliva.

Goku nuzzled Chichi's wet pussy as her juices

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