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A short adventure in a new location.

nother typical day in suburbia, right?

As the evening progressed and it was time to go to bed, I was told to remove the plug, however there would be no sex tonight. I really needed relief. This whole slave thing was starting to suck! To make matters worse, as I lay in bed still mostly hard, I heard Dani next to me masturbating to a rather vocal orgasm. She kissed me good night, proclaiming it's good to be the Queen.

That was the order of events over the next three days. Cleaning, cooking, anal plugs, erections and no sex. Strangely, I was starting to really enjoy the feeling of having my ass filled with the plug.

As for work, I kept the kinky plug stuff as my secret but the no clothes rule was a running joke all week. The boss surprisingly loved it and encouraged us to continue with the running gag. A picture was even taken of me naked behind a strategically placed cardboard box, and it was posted on our radio station website.

Friday arrived and my work week was done. Upon arriving home I quickly shed my clothes in the bedroom. The note was short and to the point. I was to shave my crotch completely, give myself an enema, shower and then open a package on the bed. Nothing about cleaning or cooking.

I did as my Queen instructed. It was the first time I had an enema. It was an interesting procedure that I wasn't sure if I liked or not. I took extreme care in shaving my balls and crotch and managed to do so with out nicking myself.

I opened the package and found something new. This time it was not the regular anal plug. This one still had the wide base, but it was in the shape of a cock. I judged it to be around 5 inches, slightly smaller than my own.

I read the note. I was to lube yourself generously and insert my new friend, the cock. I wondered to myself it was really necessary to remind me to use lube. This rubber cock may have only been five inches but it seemed like alot to shove into my ass.

The note continued. I was to sit in the wooden desk chair and stay there until you hear me pull into the driveway and then assume the normal position.

Well this was certainly interesting. After following the obvious lube instruction, I put the tip of the rubber cock to my ass. I had learned by now to push out and things would work easier.

The head slid in and I slowly worked the full length into my ass. It was a struggle to walk with it in me but I managed to make it to the desk chair. I sat down which caused the cock to slide a little deeper.

I saw a small note taped to the computer screen. It read that I could turn on the computer but only go on line and only click the link in Favorites marked "Queen's Slut."

Since I had no idea how long it would be before she got home, I figured what the hell. The link turned out to be a free porno video clip site. An all male gay video porno site.

Prior to this week I hadn't had a gay thought in my life, but for some reason I was intrigued. The rubber cock in my ass was probably why. I clicked on a picture that started a five minute clip of a thin white guy fucking another thin white guy from behind as hard as possible. I was once again hard. I hadn't had sex all week and really needed some action, but I instinctively knew not to stroke one out with out my Queen's permission. I hoped I'd get some action tonight because my balls were as blue as the ocean.

I clicked on several links and watched clip after clip of guys fucking in every position imaginable. I was half way through one marked "gang bang" when heard the sound of a car door. I closed the internet and quickly moved into my bowing position, complete with an ass full of rubber cock.

As the door opened I broke into an abrupt panic. It wasn't the sound of one door opening and one set of footsteps, it was the sound of two doors and two sets of footsteps. My Queen had brought home a guest.

"FUCK!" I silently screamed to myself. Here I am naked, ass full of rubber cock, massive hard on, and we have a guest. Bet or no bet, this was bullshit and this game was over.

"OOh what do we have here?" It wasn't Dani's

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