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A story about Gina's abduction, training & sale.

"No... that is, I mean to say, Yes everything is wonderful" came the chocked reply.

Tashat walked around him and faced him from behind. She tenderly kissed the back of his neck before slipping a red silk sash over his eyes and securing it beyond his head. Then the sound of two sets of feet came from nowhere and Anthony felt his clothes being removed quickly by many hands.

Someone, not Tashat, clearly someone shorter led him by the hand to the pool of oils. He was then lowered to his back in the shallow slippery pool. He then felt six hands covered in the oil smothering it over his naked slightly muscled chest. The hands continued their sensual massage over his whole body expect his already erect and pulsing shaft.

He was then suddenly aware that someone had placed their feet on either side of his head when he heard Tashat's deep voice again.

"This is my first hand maiden, you will please her and I will watch and direct you if you need help. My other hand maiden will continue to massage you and may, if your play with Mari proves exciting enough include that eager soul between your thighs in her work."

Anthony's mind and body were alive with fiery anticipation and nervous tension. The handmaiden Mari lowered herself and he felt her soft, shaven nether lips against his mouth. She was already most and Anthony greedily lapped around the outside of her tender hidden nub. Mari began to grind against his mouth and he placed his lips around her hardened clit and began to gently suck, he felt her legs tense and heard her deep moans. The other woman gripped his cock fiercely with her long, oily fingers and worked them up and down with slow deliberate movements. His body was going wild but he was determined to hold out for Tashat, if he finished now it would be over.

He grasped Mari's hips and drove his tongue deep inside her slick velvet pussy. Anthony quickly thrust his tongue in and out with force he's not known he had. Mari screamed in release and he felt her juices pour down his tongue and into his mouth. She took a last deep breath, stood and stepped aside. The other women had also stepped aside.

He stood all on his own, his member so swollen it ached for release and his mind swimming with what had already happen. The blindfold was removed and the other women stepped into his view. "I am Ani" she told him and led him to the bed. "Please have a seat on side of the bed."

Once he was seated all three women walked to the center of the room and Ani laid down upon the floor with her legs spread before him showing the center of her pink swollen pussy, shaved like Mari and Tashats. Tashat stood facing him straddled over Ani's head, and lowered her till she was kneeling right above the girls mouth. She then lowered her head between Ani's legs and began to tenderly lick the length of her quivering lips as Ani did the same for her. The licking intensified for a moment before Tashat changed positions and knelt with her rear facing Anthony, and told Mari to sit behind Anthony on the bed and Ani to remain where she was.

Anthony felt Mari's softly rounded nude form press against his back her legs pressed to his, and the hot, most place between her thighs against his buttocks. Mari then reached down, slid her hand around his shaft and guided it into Tashats waiting body. He felt the tight resistance of her inner walls give slowly to his invading member and the intense wet heat of it nearly drove him mad with desire to push her down and drive completely inside her over and over till he could empty his seed.

Mari pushed him slowly more toward her till he was completely enveloped.

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