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The bossy and very sexy blonde Matilda put Rosalind on all fours and spanked her big Black ass while munching on her sweet pussy from behind. Rosalind was moaning in pleasure as Matilda licked and fingered her snatch. I stroked my eight-inch, uncircumcised Cape Verdean cock. The ladies did their thing, and it was unbelievably hot. Especially when Matilda donned a strap-on dildo and fucked Rosalind with it. The tall, sexy blonde woman dominated my sexy Jamaican Amazon of a wife. Rosalind squealed while getting fucked by the British blonde's strap-on. Matilda held Rosalind's hips tightly and spanked her ass, hell, she even pulled on Rosalind's braids while fucking her. It was hot!

After Matilda fucked Rosalind, she was really horny and I was happy to take care of her needs. I spread Matilda's sexy thighs and gave her sweet white pussy a good licking. I've only had sex with one other white woman in my entire life, this hot Italian-looking brunette with a big ass named Maria Ortega, whom I met the summer after I graduated from Brockton Community High School. I slid my condom-covered cock into Matilda's cunt while Rosalind watched us. Like a lot of Black women out there, Rosalind doesn't like seeing Black men and White women together, even though she's bisexual and has had sexual affairs with White women herself. Go figure. I told Rosalind in advance that if she got to taste Matilda, I would do the same. Turnabout is fair play, you know?

Rosalind watched Matilda and I as we fucked, a mixture of curiosity and annoyance on her beautiful dark face. Was that lust I saw on my darling wife's face? I am not kidding. My sexy Jamaican wife was turned on by the sight of her Black husband sticking his Black dick inside a White woman. Wow! I think it stands to reason that most of us are turned on by that which we loathe. A lot of racist white guys are either secretly gay or they lust after Black women, though they hate and fear Black men. A lot of racist white women have slept with at least one Black guy in their lifetime. A lot of racist Black guys who hate the white man and see him as an invader and a threat can't get enough of white pussy. And we all know that homophobic men are secretly gay or bisexual ninety percent of the time. Life is funny, isn't it? I drilled my cock into Matilda's pussy, fucking her roughly. She squealed as I fucked her. We put on a good show for Rosalind, who finally fingered her cunt to ecstasy as we fucked. Isn't that awesome?

After fucking Matilda's pussy, I had a go with her ass. The sexy white woman got on all fours and spread her ass cheeks wide open. I lubricated her ass then pressed my dick against her backdoor. Gently I pushed my cock into her asshole. Matilda groaned as I penetrated her and I asked her if she was okay. Laughing, the British gal told me she was no stranger to butt fucking and urged me to fuck her harder. Ladies and gentlemen, I did just that! I drilled my ebony cock into Matilda's asshole, filling the White woman's ass with my smooth dick. We fucked like this for a long time, man. And Rosalind was made to watch the whole thing! It was a truly awesome night, and Matilda hugged us both before getting dressed and leaving our residence in Brockton's quietly opulent West Side. Rosalind kissed me, then squeezed my cock and told me that she'd make me pay for tonight's little interlude. She had a mischievous smile on her face as she said that. I grinned and told her to bring it on. Ladies and gentlemen, my sexy Jamaican-American goddess would later make me eat my words, among other things. The next time we played, Rosalind invited this tall, red-haired white guy named David Armstrong to our bedroom. We both knew David from the Coming Out As Bisexual support group in the east. He was good-looking and all, but I had no idea that he was open to threesomes or that Rosalind fancied him.

Well, Rosalind invited David over for some fun, and I thought he was there for my pleasure but she told us

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