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Veronica Divine gets a 21-cum salute.

Obviously, Kay had seen Lee naked plenty of times before, surely he wouldn't mind if she walked in. In fact he would probably welcome it.

The steam from the shower was hot and Lee barely heard the door open. He peeked through the side of the curtain as she entered. Kay was now at the sink washing her hand. "Found your little 'gift' from last night," she said glaring at him. "Pretty sticky and gross." "Oh yeah that," he said tucking his eyes back in the shower. "Should have warned you I guess."

"You were masturbating last night in our guest bed! With Sam and I in the next room. Shame on you Lee!" Kay went on. "What were you thinking?! And how come Lee? Something get you excited last night?" she said innocently.

"Well if I told you, you probably wouldn't care or believe me." Lee said.

Intrigued, Kay walked to the side of the shower. She could see Lee's tall outline through the cover of the translucent shower curtain. "Come on, what's the deal," she said. There was silence from inside the shower. "Hey, you still in there or what?" she inquired.

Suddenly, the shower curtain parted at the right side of the bath. Lee pushed his pelvis out into view of the bathroom light. His incredibly beautiful penis was erect, thick, and very, very large, just like she remembered. His head and eyes partially followed. "It was a long drive," he said shyly. "I played with myself for hours thinking about how it would be to see you again."

"Lee." Kay said, partly exasperated, partly excited. "I don't believe you." Naughty and partially unwanted thoughts filled her head. She was pinned, half bewildered, between desire for Lee and devotion to Sam. Her face red with blush. And yet, almost without thought, she opened her robe and let it drop to the floor. She stood naked in the bathroom allowing Lee to look at her. Her breasts were swollen and full. Her pubic mound, thick with black hair. And although she had always been shy about it, Kay had an incredibly sensuous looking body. "I take it you've been thinking about me then." Kay said.

Kay couldn't resist the temptation. She climbed into the shower in front of Lee. "I think I need a shower too you know." Kay said giving herself over to her sexuality. She took his stiff penis in both hands. It was extremely thick to the touch, and handsome to her eyes. "Do you need me to clean you off a bit?" she said touching him. Lee's smile, and little moan, replied for him.

It took both hands to clean his member which she squeezed gently hand over hand with every stroke. Lee's penis was enormous, and nothing short of amazing. It was the biggest Kay had ever encountered. Lee's wholly uncircumcised shaft must have measured nearly 8 __ inches when it was excited. But it was the thickness that was really intriguing. The tip of Lee's penis which Kay unsheathed with her two-handed stokes was, and unlike other penises, uniform in its thickness. Years ago Kay had measured it as at almost 1 1/4 inches in width. And Kay, who was not necessarily a small woman herself, enjoyed all of it.

Lee pushed his tongue in her mouth and wrapped one large hand almost fully around her breasts, the other her undulating ass. "You are so beautiful. And your ass" he whispered. Her lips found there way from his mouth to his wet chest and she danced her tongue across his smooth chest to his left nipple, then right. He moaned softly and pulled her closer to him, his left hand now clenching her thick round butt. Steaming hot water from the shower head sprayed between them, which brought both of their bodies to a sweat.

"Lee," she said, her body quivering with shock like anticipation at being with Lee again so suddenly, "I really want you to fuck me.

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