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Witch Lucinda is on earth for one memorable night.

"Ahhh!" I threw my head back as I came, squirting streams of white semen on the shower floor. With a sigh, I step out of the shower and towel off.

"Well," I say to my reflection in the steamed up mirror "time to face the music..." Before I left the room I glanced over my shoulder to the clock on the table and noted that it was around five pm, almost dinnertime. Since nobody was home besides us I supposed I would order some pizza.

I walked into the main area of the apartment and it was quiet, the low hum of the television screen was all I could hear, which I thought was strange because usually Edith would be sitting on the couch, clicking away on her laptop or reading a book with her feet dangling off the edge, but I couldn't see her anywhere. I thought it would be rude of me to order pizza and not get her anything so I went on the hunt. Upon reaching her door I raised my hand to knock on it but a noise made me pause.

"Ah! Uh, uh," the very sound although faint spreads through my entire body, making me tingle. It was the sort of sound that communicates with your body's primal urges, the sound of sex. All of a sudden I couldn't breath and was too scared to move forward or backward, so I just stood there like an idiot straining my ears to catch another sweet noise coming from her room.

It seemed when she slammed the door, she had shut it so hard that the lock had failed to lock itself and the door was gradually drifting open. There was a tiny crack, around an inch maybe that granted a view port into her bedroom. I slowly tried to maneuver myself around without creaking the floorboards or making any noise to alert her to my presence.

I lined up my eye with the crack and I thought for a second that I was going to blast another load right there in my underpants. What I saw, for lack of a better word, absolutely blew my mind.

My girlfriend's sister, Edith, laying back on her bed naked with her beautiful big breasts out on display and even through the tiny view space I could see her nipples were stiff as anything and the very sight made my lips dry with anticipation.

My eyes traced over those gorgeous breasts and down her stomach, which was flat and toned, naturally my eyes slipped lower down to where her hand was currently situated deep within her core.

I couldn't see very well due to the angle but from the sounds of it, she was working her clit overtime with one or maybe two fingers dipping inside her as I could hear the wet noises through her soft moans.

Finally my eyes ran down her slender leg, which was raised in the air almost like one of those art paintings meant to illustrate the beauty of the naked female form. But this wasn't a painting, everything from her curled slender toes to her long dark hair was real and right in front of me and...

"Oh god, touch me again Jordan... I've wanted this so badly, oh yes!" She moaned sweetly, her words seemed so relaxing to me yet I couldn't bring myself to even move.

So let's review, my girlfriend's unbelievably hot sister Edith stumbled in on me half naked and now, no more than forty minutes later I find her spread on her bed, legs in the air, viciously masturbating and to top it all off... she is masturbating about me, moaning out my name as if I was the one (and I'll tell you, at this point I wish I was) the one pounding inside her.

I bit down on my bottom lip and tried with all my might to resist the urge to just bust inside her room and spring her, maybe ask if she needed a hand. So instead I stood there with my recently spent cock now rock hard and pulsating up against my shorts.

All of a sudden, she began to convulse, her toes spreading and her muscles tensing as she made an odd guttural sound and raised her hips to the air, I figured she was cumming judging by her reaction and that was more than I could bear, I had to walk away.

Making my way back to the kitchen, I awkwardly adjusted my shorts with a slight sting as the stickine

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