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Bruno works the Conner Case for TT.

The only one of us that was totally unconcerned was Kaito. I didn't know if this was because he wasn't aware of the etiquette regarding erections or because his was basically invisible to all but the keenest observer. Whatever the reason, he remained standing, looking at the three girls.

Sylvie, Jackie and Tomoko started giggling like school girls and seemed to be very pleased that their prank had worked. I splashed some of the cool water on them as punishment and they squealed and then joined us in the pool with Kaito following. Sylvie swam over wrapped her arms and legs around me, squeezing my still erect penis pleasantly between our bodies. "Sorry about that but we noticed you guys staring at our backsides and wanted to have some fun!"

I smiled "I know, I'm just glad you waited until we were at the pool."

She laughed "Well, we didn't want to get kicked out!"

We swam around for a bit and then Sylvie said "I hope you don't mind Tomoko and Kaito joining us?"

"No, they seem like a nice couple."

"Apparently it was Tomoko's idea to come here, Kaito wasn't too keen at first but once he saw all the naked women he started enjoying himself. It's their first trip since they got married five years ago so it's almost like a honeymoon."

"Five years ago?" I said in surprise "I thought they were in their early twenties."

"Yes, they do look much younger. Tomoko's twenty seven and Kaito's twenty nine. They both work for her father's company. Today was quite an eye opener for Tomoko, she's never seen other men naked before and was a bit shocked by the differences in sizes."

We swam to the edge of the pool and Sylvie asked what we should do next. "I'm open to anything, do you know if Tomoko and Kaito have already used the saunas?"

"The Japanese pool was the first place they visited." She replied.

"Then let's go to the steam room or bio sauna first, and if they like it, go for something hotter later."

"Between the sessions we can go for a swim in the lake to cool down and then rest in the park." I felt her hand brush over my soft penis before saying "I see it's safe for you safe to leave the pool!"

She swam off towards Chris and Jackie and after a brief chat headed for Tomoko and Kaito. I remained where I was, observing the people inside and outside of the pool until our group was ready to leave. All three men were flaccid now and we walked back to the main building to get our towels. The towels had dried and were now only slightly damp which wouldn't be a problem in the sauna. Sylvie took the lead again and we went inside the main building following the signs to the steam room. As we walked, we followed the example of the majority of visitors and didn't bother to wrap ourselves in our towels.

It was about a five minutes before we arrived at the steam room which had a modern design. There were two long benches facing each other. We hung our towels outside and stepped into the dimly lit and humid room which had a pleasant minty aroma. At first we thought the six of us wouldn't have space but an older couple stood up and left. Kaito and Tomoko sat on one side and the rest of us on the other, there was no way to avoid looking and I took full advantage of the situation.

It was the first opportunity to properly see Kaito in his flaccid state and I could understand why Tomoko had been shocked if this was the only penis she'd seen before. It was easily the smallest one I'd ever seen. Now that it was soft, all you could see was the wrinkled tip of his foreskin protruding about a centimetre from his pubes. In my mind I pictured the two of them making love and wondered if it was difficult for him to please his wife given his limited equipment.

Tomoko's nipples were still erect and, like Sylvie's, never seemed to soften.

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