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Where hate collides with love.

It's 12.40, and as the time goes on I realise my first fuck is now history. So whether I like it or not, I've been fucked!

"I've run you a bath, how do you feel?"

"Fuck knows," escapes my mouth.

Laying in the bath I won't let Kevin back. He wants to come back and ask me what the fuck I've been doing, but I can't face him right now. I tell my self Vicky has to be dominant for the moment. I get out of the bath and the aches are still there. I won't look at my face in the mirror just yet, because I haven't got my wig on, and I know who will be staring back at me. It is at times like this I want to be a real woman, because as a man it is hard to deal with what has just happened. I'd only be kidding my self if I tried to explain it as being forced, although in a way I was. But I got dressed up for my uncle, and I wanted to be with him for one last time. That throws up another question, was that the last time Uncle Creep would see Vicky? If I asked him if that was it, what if he said no? But then again, what if he said yes?! Why does that thought scare me, why am I frightened that this is the end?

I can hear him moving about down stairs. The lounge door opens and he calls up the stairs, "Who is coming down?"

I close my eyes and keep them closed as I reply, "Me Uncle," in my softest feminine voice.

"Good, I'll make us some lunch, Vicky."

I open my eyes and smile slightly.

"Well how do I look?"

He passes me a glass of wine, and stands back and looks me over.

The dress is silk, black, and tight round my torso. The layers of the skirt part flare out and doesn't even pretend to hide my black stocking tops. In fact, it barely hides my ass! My stockings have a lacy band round the top, and are held tight by my black suspender belt. My high heels are cerise with a black ankle strap and open toes. I feel vulnerable, and I want to feel that way.

"You look like a...common little whore."

His words should make me cringe, they do in a way, but that was the response I wanted.

"You look like you are going out, on the pull."

I can't look him in the eye at the moment. I swallow and for the first time I close my mouth, because it has been open since I appeared through the door. I can't help it sometimes, I just get so turned on it feels hard to breathe. My mouth opens and that nervous panting, deep and broken comes slowly dribbling out. This is all so humiliating for me, but I don't care about that, I want it!

I place my foot up on the chair, this is my prostitute act. God knows why I'm doing it, but in my diaries I love this slut look. I love to pretend I'm one of the whores down the red light district. The fact that I'm at home and doing this in front of my uncle, doesn't really bother me now. I'm so wrapped up in my fantasy, I don't care how silly this looks, and I think neither does my uncle.

I spend hours thinking up fantasies, probably too many in reality, but the life of a TV is a lonely one, I know from experience, and from what I've read and heard. So now I've got the chance to share it with my Uncle Creep, and I'm going to. He might not have been my first choice to do this with, but he has featured in my pink diaries almost as much as Sean.

"So, are you off to meet you boyfriend?"

His questioned has stumped me, and I'm not sure how to react to that. Does he honestly expect me to go out like this in broad daylight?!

"Won't he be waiting by the cinema?"

I'm still giving him a worried quizzical look. If this was a fantasy I have written about then I've forgotten it.

"I'm not letting you go to see Sean dressed like that...and I know how much you want to, don't you?"

Finally I get it, finally I realise he is telling me.

"You, can't stop me meeting my, boyfriend."

"Yes I can, but if you are a good girl I'll let you go. So you'll have to crawl over here, and lick my balls. Then I'll see if I'll let you out."

I take a swig of the wine and nearly drop the bloody glass, because I'm so nervous and turned on.

"You know, I can always phone your stepmother, and tell her Sean

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