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He gives his love what she needs.

Pulling my finger in and out of my flaming hole, pulling it out, dripping my own juices onto my lips, tasting myself. Sweet juices were dripping from my pussy, and my lips. I slid two fingers into myself, feeling my tight, hot cunt clench around my fingers as I neared an orgasm. Moaning into the darkness, I felt my pleasure building up inside me, burning pleasure... I closed my eyes, waiting for it to hit me. My fingers moved faster, rubbing at my clit, fucking myself harder and faster, pushing right into the back of my pussy, until finally, I exploded into an orgasm... I arched my back, collapsing from the effort... The feeling was intense!

All of a sudden, a voice from a few metres in front of me scared the shit out of me! My fingers flew out from under my skirt, feeling myself blush deeply.

"Enjoying yourself are we?" A tall, dark, young man said. His eyes were all over my young body. His smile made him seem so sure of himself, yet he was amused; I noticed the slight bulge in his trousers. He was fixed to the spot by another gravestone a bit further off. He had a strange stillness around him, I stammered, "How... how... long have you been there?" I noticed it was after sunset by now; I had no idea what time it was. I was, of course, shocked, and embarrassed, feeling myself get hotter and hotter by the second with the silence around us. He had chosen not to speak with his voice, but with his eyes...

"Not long..." he said, watching me with his cold, dark eyes. He started walking to me, but as I blinked, he was beside me in a flash, sitting smiling at me. I jumped away in surprise, but he grabbed my wrist, "keep going," he purred. I stared into his eyes, feeling fixed to the spot, but finding my hand going to my pussy like he said, sliding my fingers into myself and moaning to him while I was still staring at him.

My moans filled the air as my fingers dug deeper inside me, wriggling them, hitting a g-spot inside myself, my juices flowing out from my pussy at the moment of ecstasy. He smiled at me, licking his lips sensually. He seemed to enjoy watching me pleasuring myself.

As I closed my eyes, I felt his cool lips pressing against mine, his fingers going along my skimpy top, feeling the curve of my large, round breasts and going down my side, pressing his cool hands under my top along my skin. I shivered in excitement as he lifted my top over my head, bending over to suck at my nipples, kneading my breasts with his hand. He sucked on one nipple as I bit my lower lip watching him play, then after a few minutes he would move over to my other breast, feeding from me like a baby. It was getting cold, and with the additional coldness of his lips pressed against them, my nipples were hard as little pebbles. He sucked and nibbled at my nipples, pushing my hand away from under my skirt and driving his long, flexible fingers inside me, he drove me into an amazing orgasm, rubbing my clit gently, stroking it while this fingers pressed into me deep inside, "IM CUMMING! IM CUMMING!!!!!" I screamed as his lips continued to suck on my nipples, my chest heaving from the warm glowing feeling radiating from between my legs...

Planting kisses between my breasts, he went down further to my stomach, leaving his other hand caressing at my firm, tender breasts. He pulled my skirt up slowly, revealing my sweet tasting, neatly groomed pussy; I collapsed onto the ground, feeling his breath going further down my body. He pauses at my pussy, lifting my legs up, pulling me into a sitting position again. He starts lapping at my pussy slowly, juices flowing, his fingers trailing over my thighs as he proceeded to lick me, tongue driving wildly into my tender pussy. I was covered in my juices already, dripping from my tender opening as his tongue darted in and out of me like a pro. He sucked my dripping cunt dry, lapping me up like a hungry cat with cream.

My moans seemed to get him going more, his tongue lapping generously at my swollen, throbbing clit.

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