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A frustrated bhabhi seduces her loving devar.

"But, I don't see the harm in..." Vike began; but she interrupted him: "Orgasms are my trade. And you are here for work, not pleasure. Each orgasm you have in my presence gets added to your debt right away, and you won't get payed for that evening, either. Are we clear?"

Vike nodded sullenly.

"Good. Now, I'm expecting the first customer any moment. You go in there, and not a sound!" She pointed at a large closet in the corner.

Vike had been many times in this room before -- too many times, really - to enjoy Aoife's services. But he had never paid much attention to the furniture in the room; and why should he have. But opening the closet door and finding a low stool inside, he started to seriously wonder. Had there been somebody in there each time he had paid Aoife a visit? He entered and closed the door behind him, and sat on the stool. The closet was just barely big enough to contain him; it wasn't a comfortable situation.

As his eyes started to adjust to the darkness, Vike saw that there was a peep hole in the closet door, at just the right height. He squinted to get a glimpse...

There was Aoife, who had put on a very short, very tight dress. She was kind of half-humming, half-dancing around the room without much purpose, seemingly content. Then there was a rap on the door. She put on a smile, and went to greet her John.

Vike knew him; he went by 'Fonzo', probably short for Alphonso, or something. Vike had gotten drunk with him many more times than he cared to admit. Especially since he couldn't really stand the dude, if was being honest about it. He was kind of an asshole, and 'sides, drove the nicer truck.

This was eery, though. The way Aoife behaved around the guy. Vike recognized her flirtatious manner, saw how performed it was. She had been with him like this many times in the past. Vike felt humiliated by the realization.

And now Fonzo was pulling down his pants, dick pointing upwards. Aoife was lying down on her back, spreading her legs. This... this was so wrong! She couldn't do that! That pussy was his! He had licked her wet and open, and now it was his right to...

Fonzo penetrated her, and she moaned. From his secret vantage point, Vike witnessed a scene that disturbed him, but he couldn't take his eyes off them, either. He could see Fonzo's hairy asshole, bouncing up and down. He could see the exact spot where he entered her, where he kept thrusting into her, again and again. He could see how her pussy lips wrapped themselves around the other man's cock, making him glisten with her slippery juices.

While Vike watched jealously, he felt something come loose in the dark corners of his mind. He caught a whiff of a strange, unsettling emotion. He clamped down on it hard, before the feeling could further take shape. He tried to distract himself by concentrating on that despicable man, who was roughly fucking the girl of his dreams right in front of him.

Finally, Fonzo let out a strangled yelp, indicating that he was coming. He remained a few moments, panting; then he pulled out. Aoife and him exchanged some half-hearted pleasantries, and Fonzo left again.

Aoife took a short moment to collect herself. Then she sat down on the edge of the bed, and called for Vike. He came out of the cabinet, pissed off. Part of him knew he didn't have any right to feel that way, but... well, he did, ok?

Aoife only raised a cool eyebrow at the anger that must have been showing on his face. Then she spread her legs again, indicating: 'next round.'

Vike's anger was instantaneously replaced with horror. Surely, she wouldn't make him lap up Fonzo's...

"Do your job," she commanded.

"Well, but... can't you at least... wash..."

"Do. Your. Job." And as she said it, she glanced down at Vike's ankle monitor. He didn't see how she had gotten hold of the remote, but there it was, glinting in her hand.

Vike gave it one last, desperate try.

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