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An argument sends Ulric searching for his mistress.

They had large brown areolas and very little nipple. I leaned forward and took one into my mouth almost swallowing the entire lump of flesh. As I sucked on the little excited bubby I started jack hammering the surprisingly tight pussy. She dug her nails into my back and from the pain I felt I knew she had pierced my skin.

"Fuck me Aubrey, fuck me; I've wanted this for a long time."

She grabbed my head and brought it up to her mouth, sticking out her sweet tongue and forcing a copious amount of her saliva into my willingly receptive mouth. I swallowed her sweet fluid and bit into the little flickering tongue. She bucked and wriggled under me and then surprised me by quickly sending a finger up my ass. She giggled and said:

"When I'm fucked, I fuck back ... sort of ... I'm that kind of woman ... tit for tat," she said.

She let her middle finger in my ass find a rhythm to match my thrusting in her pussy. I watched as she brought the finger to her mouth and watching me in the eyes with a mischievous smile, began sucking on it.

"You taste like beer," she said, giggling.

Her novelty excited me like never before, and I began slamming into her very hard. She raised her legs high and wide and I let her have it in long, hard stabs. I heard the smacking sound of our bellies and wondered if the sounds were travelling through the door or the open windows. A minute later she suddenly bit into my shoulder, lowered her legs and fastened them behind my knees, she gave a little squeal and began cumming with forceful upward thrusts.

When she had ceased her orgasmic fluttering I resumed hammering the hungry mature pussy as she urged me to the finish line with encouraging, dirty words. I felt my pressure began to build up and I closed my eyes in anticipation but never got there because a pounding at the door snipped our passion play in the bud.

Halley pushed me off her and quickly got off the bed and began fixing her clothes. I followed suit. She quickly ran to a drawer and took out some papers and scattered them on a desk. I got into the little wooden chair and grabbed a document in my hand. Halley opened the door and I looked up and saw my mom. She smiled at Halley then looked at me and did the same.

"Your little accountant has discovered some interesting figures among the documents I told you about," I heard Halley say.

"That's my boy; he's good at uncovering hidden figures. All kinds," My mom said, laughing.

I saw her glance toward the bed, her eyes surveying the mess and my heart lurched violently as I looked there and saw both Halley's and my underwear.

"Your husband's junkie brother is here to see you," mom said.

"Damn, talk about the devil; I'd just been telling Aubrey about him when I heard your knock on the door. Let's go see what his story is. With him there's always a story," Halley said, improvising nicely.

I knew that if mom had noticed the bits of black lace and blue cotton so carelessly left on the bed, no bit of clever improvising could hide the true story of what had been taking place in that bedroom when she unexpectedly knocked on the door. I waited about fifteen minutes before getting up from the desk and leaving the room.

Mom was un-characteristically silent as she drove us home, and from time to time she would glance at me, and I felt that she knew what had happened. When we reached the house she broke her silence by announcing that she was going to take a shower, adding that it was traditional that you wash off whatever you had picked up at the home of the dead before going to bed and suggested I do the same when she was finished.

"There are some spirits that like to linger around for a while and they latch on to unsuspecting persons. You need to wash them away. Sometimes you have to fight them with their own medicine. My mother always said that the best way to fight spirits is with spirits, as in alcohol."

She burst out laughing.

"I think that was her way of sneaking a drink; she was a crafty one.

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