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Swinging and adventure in the family.

"Stop it." You pushed me away, laughing. "I am covered in grime and sweat and look like hell."

"So?" I kissed you again.

"I am really disgusting." Your protested as my lips found yours again. The tone waning as the passion of my kisses began to race through your body.

Gently I scooped you up and placed you on the kitchen counter. I then stripped off your shorts and let them fall to the clean floor. I spread your legs apart and ran my tongue along your clit. Quickly the moisture from your awakening sex began to emerge from your soft mound.

"Stop, What if somebody sees? "

"Sees what? You sitting on the counter?" I said while I licked feverishly at your swelling sex.

"Oh, God, that feels so good, Chris, but are you sure its.....? Ahhh" your voice cracked as the first small orgasm raced through you pussy.

I did not bother with a retort for I knew that you had passed caring about the nosy neighbors and were now engulfed in your own sexual paradise. I knew that your sex was now ready to be probed. I slowly maneuvered my hand into your wet slit and glided my index and middle fingers into your convulsing sex. Working the fingers in unison I began to run them in up along the roof of your wet slit, caressing your G-spot and coaxing out more fluid from your now dripping sex. My tongue continued to flick at your hood, sending shivers up your spine.

Your head was tossed back to the ceiling. Moans and shrieks of pleasure jumped from your mouth with each passing orgasm. You screamed as you grabbed my face and pushed me onto your hot crotch. "God, you turn me on, Chris." My fingers continued to work their magic and a third orgasm sent you reeling back against the window sill.

"Fuck me now!" you shouted springing to the floor and tearing eagerly at my belt and waist of my pants.

I helped you out by undoing the button and zipper allowing my pants to crumple at my feet. As my pants dropped, you diverted your attention to my red briefs yanking them to the floor exposing my hard swollen member.

You instantly engulfed my member in you mouth feeding on my sex with such ferocity that I thought I was going to cum right then and there. Sensing my rising urge to cum, you released my shaft and pulled me down to the floor, and positioned me on my back. The vinyl flooring was still damp with rinse water and the cool sensations made me shiver slightly. However, the cold was short lived as you quickly climbed over me and lowered your swollen sex onto my hard shaft.

As soon as my cock was sheathed inside you, you began to rock and buck up and down atop the solid rod, riding my sex and pounding into my flesh. I matched your plunging body by thrusting upwards with my hips meeting you midway between each thrust. The pleasure was intense as your sopping flesh coated my rigid form. I could feel the muscles of your lips squeezing tightly around my slippery member. Their futile efforts at stopping my flesh from sliding up into you only added to the pleasure.

Again you came. I could feel the wetness as it erupted over me, filled your saturated hole and drenched my body again. As we fucked, I groped your hard breasts beneath the shirt, squeezing, fondling and massaging the soft white flesh until your nipples we erect and poked through the cotton material.

It felt so good inside you and I wanted to cum so bad. As my passion neared completion I grabbed your hips and guided you up and down at a harder and faster pace. I pulled and tugged at your waist and pulled you, drove you onto me.

"Oh Chris!" you screamed as you came again

This time I could not resist and I met your climax with my own, my thick sex fluid catapulted from my plunging sex to coat your insides. Together we convulsed and shook in unison and enjoyed our individual sexual fulfillment together.

As the pleasure induced earthquake subsided, you collapsed onto my chest and kissed me on the lips.

The chime of the door bell echoed in the front hallway.

You shot out of my arms and knelt erect over my body, alarmed by the sound and

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