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There is life after divorce.

Obediently, she opens her mouth wide and takes my stream. I'm impressed. I drank a lot last night. That could be almost a pint. This is not sexy to me but it is tyrannical. This wondrous woman does not even blink. She just swallows, then licks me clean when I've finished.

I stare down at her between my spread legs, leashed, always chained, pounds of stainless steel permanently on her. She looks up at me expectantly, eagerness in her eyes, only wondering how to serve further it seems. My pussy throbs. "Owning a slave is incredibly erotic," I think. "It's impossible to even look at her and not be turned on."

"You may use the toilet if you need," I say rather plainly. She shuffles to the toilet in her short steps, sits and pees.

"Thank you my Mistress," she whispers. "Your slave is grateful."

I wipe her slit with a tissue since she can't with her wrists chained close to her collar. Then I give her an old toothbrush I use to clean the faucets. We both brush our teeth, boring, but important, especially after her morning "drink."

"Come slave," I command, "time to shower. I open the glass door to my shower and turn on the water. She waits meekly on her leash while I remove the padlocks and chain to her bracelets, actually releasing her wrists. I bend down and remove the padlocks and chain from her anklets too. I'm glad all the huge padlocks use the same key. I now wear one on a plain necklace. The many spares are kept in my locked desk drawer.

When the water is comfortably warm, I step in pulling my slave behind me. I padlock her leash around the assist bar on the wall just for effect. "This will be interesting," I think. I adjust the four shower heads in my rather elaborate shower.

I guide her under the water. I remove the simple hair band of her ponytail, pleased that her roots are blond. Placing the hair band in the soap dish, I run my fingers through her hair. "Gorgeous hair!" I think combing it with my fingers so it lays all the way down her back. I'm a bit jealous that all of her whorish makeup is tattooed on, no worries about removing and reapplying it ever. My slave stands obediently letting me position her anyway I choose, her eyes locked on me intently, attentive to my every move.

Taking a face cloth from the small holder, I wet it, apply a small glop of my moisturizer body gel, and wash off my icky ruined makeup. Again, I'm actually jealous of my slave's permanent makeup. I rinse the cloth, wring it out, and consider how to proceed.

At first I was going to order her to shampoo my hair but now I think it would be more fun if I wash my "pet" first. Like most people, I only shampoo every two or three days. I don't want to dry out my hair and wreck it plus there's not enough time during the work week. But we got a tiny bit sweaty and Sunday is a day off so shampoo it is.

"Stay slave," I command. "Close your eyes." I move her under the main shower head to thoroughly wet her hair, then slightly move her out of the water.

After pouring a palm size puddle of conditioner into my hand, I rub my hands together and start at her scalp. Her hair is so long and thick it takes many strokes to work in the conditioner. Conditioner first protects the hair and I plan to keep my property in good condition. After all, I take my car to a car wash every week and pay extra for the wax so I'll maintain this property too.

Grabbing her leash close to her collar, I move her under the main shower head and take the hand held wand from its holder. I drench her hair and run my hand along the length of it squeezing out as much conditioner as I can.

Shampoo next... rinse... repeat.

Just for fun, I hold the hand held wand between her legs pointed up. My slave's lips part, her huge bosom rises and falls. I smile, turn off the wand and put it back on its holder.

"Open your eyes slave. Now do my hair. Conditioner first," I command.

My hair is much shorter, shoulder length, and it does not take her long to do a beautiful job. Her fingers tenderly massaging my scalp and neck feel delightful.

After the second shampoo and

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