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Fate has brought together two lonely hearts.

It pushed against the ring of muscle and seemed to thicken a moment, stretching me before pushing forward. My eyes watered from the pain but its thickness was nothing compared the one stretching my pussy. It began it inch forward and I groaned and shook from the pain. Suddenly, the thick tentacle inside me began to slide out slowly before slamming back into me, hard. I tried to scream again. The Perikos held me perfectly still, only its tentacles moving inside me. The two that had twisted around my breasts began to squeeze them and massage my hard nipples. The tentacle in my ass continued its slow, measured invasion while the other continued to thrust in and out. I felt something building inside of me, something dark and warm that started at the seat of my gut and radiated outward. I clenched my fists as my eyelids fluttered and felt the thick appendage inside me widen again and withdraw completely before slamming itself into me fully. I remember a dull, deep pain near my gut and an explosion of stars as I crested elation. My vision whited out again, my fingers and toes buzzing from my internal current and for a split second before the world went dark everything was wonderful.

I woke up on the cold floor in a small puddle of my own juices. My vision was lost to the brightness of the full spotlights again and I was alone. I turned to look but the lights were too bright to see the cardboard box. I shook my head, dazed until I heard a curse and grunt from outside the cell. The Kragosi guard must have awakened me.

"Human! Here! Now!" his thick snarl echoed loudly in the otherwise silent block and I pushed myself up on my hands and knees, feeling a wrenching ache below where the tentacles used me.

"Now!" He was so loud and shrill he frightened me and I stumbled forward from the pain and disorientation, falling forward and scraping my hands and chin on the floor. I felt heavy, bloated. With the Perikos' seed? Did such a creature spend itself that way? I hadn't any longer to wonder as I managed to make my shaky legs hold me so the guard could escort me back to my cell.

He pushed me inside and cranked the door shut. I had lost all track of time since passing out. Was it still daylight outside? My cell had no window. How long before Brogn asked for me? God but I felt sick and stretched wide. Used. Raped even. And I liked it. With that miserable thought I curled up in the corner on top of my thin grey blanket and let my dreams wash over me.

Everything swirled around me at home on my father's farmhouse on Ferox 4. The grass by the house was long and wild and I could hear my brothers laughing on the other side of the glen. I remembered I was supposed to be helping with the harvest but it was too hot, the sun was too bright and the sky was too blue to worry about that now. I felt something smooth and scaly wrap around my leg in the long grass and saw a long, green Toothless snake coiling up in my leg towards the crotch of my jumper. For a moment I didn't mind and watched it curiously. Then it pressed against the fabric, nudging my clit and I felt my body respond. Horrified, I tried to pull it away. Something dark inside me began to tickle and I began to pull at my jumper, frantic to get whatever was inside away from my body. Something was trying to get out of me.

I woke up in total darkness, drenched in my own sweat and shivering. A nightmare. It must be night now, and lights out. In some cell blocks I know they don't bother but it didn't take a genius to realize I was afraid of the dark. The better to control me with I guess.
I felt the air change around me and turned my head, straining my eyes to see through the lightless cell. It looked darker than usual…

It grabbed me then.

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