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Stepmom and stepdaughter seduce each other.

Did I do okay?"

"You did totally great," he told her truthfully. "Talk about hot and sexy!"

She smiled then said, "I'm glad. I actually had fun with it. I was kind of dreading it, to tell you the truth, but well, maybe it's this brand, but that wasn't nearly as bad as I'd anticipated it being."

She picked up the box and looked at. "Menthol. Hmmm. I think I like that better than the plain kind. It's kind of...minty or something."

They talked for another hour and a half about a ton of different things and Trevor almost forgot he was paying her to smoke. She was just so friendly, interesting, and engaging. And Cecily really was a very attractive girl.

It was a little after 11pm when she said, "I really enjoyed talking with you again, Trevor."

"Same here," he said. "You're pretty incredible, Cecily."

"Thank you and you're not so bad yourself," she said with a bright smile. "Same time tomorrow?"

"Definitely," he told her. "Oh, let me send you your money." Three clicks later, the payment was made for services rendered.

"Wow," she said looking at her balance.

"I threw in a little tip," he admitted.

"Little? An extra hundred dollars isn't 'little' to me, Trevor. That was very, very nice. Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome and I'll be sending you several things in this next order, okay?"

"Oh, right! I already forgot. Yeah, sure. That might be easier than having to retrieve packages every day, huh?"

Trevor thought her smile was amazing and that she was just so freaking gorgeous.

"Good night, beautiful," he told her.

"Good night, handsome. See you tomorrow, Trevor, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Bye!" she said with another great smile.

That night it was Cecily who had trouble sleeping. She lay there trying to work through her feelings which were a jumbled mess. She needed money. That was the bottom line. She'd believed doing web-cam would provide her with needed income. However, when push came to shove, she wasn't sure she could ever undress let alone with herself for some strange 50-year old bald guy sitting at home jerking off to it.

And then just as she's about to give up on it, along comes this very good-looking, very nice guy with some really unusual...kinks. And that's where the confusion came in. Cecily was smart enough to understand that were she to keep doing this, there was a very good chance she would end up addicted to smoking. However, she would also be able to finish college on her own and be able to repay the money her mom had already spent; money she'd worked two jobs to provide.

Lastly, there was Trevor himself. His kinks aside, he was a really unusual guy and had said the very things she believed above love, romance, and relationships. He was kind, thoughtful, and well-spoken, and he obviously had money and quite possibly a lot of it. Maybe he was a rich trust-fund kid. Maybe he was a computer or software genius like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Maybe he really was a drug dealer. That last possibility aside, he was exactly the kind of guy she'd been looking for since she started looking with one very important exception. Smoking.

For now, money and being a nice guy trumped any potential concerns about either him being some kind of criminal or her possible addiction to cigarettes. She'd so thoroughly enjoyed talking with him the last two times that she found herself excited about 'seeing' him again tomorrow or considering it was now well passed midnight, later that same day.

Oh, and she knew a package of some kind would be waiting for her, too. A package filled with some very expensive, very sophisticated-looking clothes which she badly needed. Yes, she was mostly a jeans and sweatshirt kind of girl, but she actually enjoyed dressing nicely. Again, it was her financial situation that prevented her from doing so. Then again, she now had the power to change that and do it in just ten weeks, the length of time they'd settled on for 'the contract.'

Later that day, as Cecily headed to pick up her package, she emptied her brain of a

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