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She is going to have her boss. Will he be able to resist?

I was hard before but now it's painful as I look you up and down. You give me a twirl and ask what I think. I can hardly answer - you look utterly fuckable, my little sexy slut with a wicked smile. I go to kiss you but you push me away again laughing and say you don't want to spoil your make up - and anyway, it's almost time.

I hop in the car and drive up to town and meet 1 in a bar. We spend 10 minutes chatting. He's tall, well-built and I think you'll like him. It's slightly awkward but I figure you'll ease the tension when we get home. I get 1 to the car and head home.

You can hear the lift coming up. Your heart is racing and you can feel that you're soaked. Nerves, yes - lots, but also adrenaline and lust. How should you greet him? You open the door and are relieved - he's hot - and let him in. As the door closes, you drop to your knees and undo his belt, button and fly. You can feel his rock hard cock trying to break free as you ease his boxers over his tool. It swings free. Hungrily, you grab it, look up at A and lick the underside of his long, thick shaft. For the next 10 minutes your mouth and hands gets acquainted with his cock and balls, sucking, licking and greedily stroking. You look hungrily into the lens as I take a photo of you sucking him. You feel so sexual.

Still holding his cock you stand up. The dress has ridden up a little while you've been kneeling and I can't see the g-string on anymore as you wiggle your hips toward the bedroom, your pert ass showing clearly from the hem of the dress framed perfectly by the stockings and suspenders. 1 follows without a word. You turn and he reads your mind and starts undressing you, kissing your neck and breasts as he pulls the dress off. I was right, sometime while I was in town, you got rid of the g-string. Finally, it feels ok to kiss him as you unbutton his shirt. He's now naked, his big cock pressed into your stomach. The kisses are hot and his hands are wandering, exploring your ass, hips, pulling you hard against his cock.

You've decided that's enough foreplay and get on all fours on the bed. Your ass and silky-smooth pussy in the air. A buries his face between your lips. You're soaked and taste delicious. You wriggle a little as he finds your clit. You push your ass higher to give him better access and feel your first orgasm building fast. You push his face away. "Fuck me" you manage somewhere between moans. You never liked long foreplay when you're excited. He grabs a condom, puts it on then rubs the head of his cock along your slit. You moan and look at me, a look of pure sex. Gently but firmly he pushes his big, hard cock into you. Your eyes close and you groan. It feels amazing. I take a photo, your face is down, ass up and 1 is balls deep in your soaked, happy and very willing pussy. You push back to meet his thrust and within seconds you can feel your first orgasm building as 1's cock stretches you and pushes deep inside. He grabs your hips as you buck against him. You had meant to wait longer but the tension was too much and that orgasm rolled into another and another as he pulled you back into his hard cock.

You collapse onto your back, the first sprint done. He reaches behind you and unclasps your bra and he's down on your tits, squeezing, sucking and playing. He laughs and said he thought they might be fake when he first saw them. Carefully, he places his cock between them, pressing them together and starts titty fucking you. With each stroke, you try to lick the end of his cock.

Soon you get bored by the lack of orgasms you're having and push 1 onto his back. You straddle his cock and lower yourself onto it. Your eyes roll back with pleasure as you finally bottom out and start to ride. Within seconds you're out of control, grinding, thrashing and cumming. 1 has buried his face in your tits as you use his cock for one orgasm after another.

You collapse soaked and gasping, your tits pressed against 1's chest.

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