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Foot Mistress teases her foot slave.

" Man this kid was suave.

"Well I do hope you are not booked up for the rest of the week??" my wife stated in a very manipulative, begging tone as she handed him a $40.00 tip.

"I am sure I can make time ma'am." And with that, my wife covered herself, and stood and he folded his table and was out the door.

I walked in to the bathroom naked with a partial erection and turned on the shower. I got in, but before I could start lathering up the curtain flew open. Laura entered and haphazardly closed the curtain and immediately dropped to her knees, and began engulfing my waining erection. Her right hand moved down to her engorged clit while her left hand moved between my legs and grabbed my ass. She pulled me into her mouth and started using real pressure on the underside of my cock with her tongue. Within a few strokes of my cock, she had lubed her finger and was pushing it against my asshole. She literally started inhaling my cock and her right hand became a blur on her clit. Her Left hand moved down to my nuts and started massaging them as if warming them up to produce a copious amount of cum.

She had gotten me to the back of her throat and I... I...well I don't know that she's ever made me cum that fast. As I sprayed her throat with my cock cream she pulled me out into her mouth and I began filling it. I noticed how much her hips and body as a whole were gyrating as her hand was forcefully massaging her clit and my cock was filling her mouth with cum. I did what I knew would get her to cum. I pulled my cock from her lips and started slapping her on the face as one, then two, then three thick shots of cum poured out of my cock. As the last one came out, Laura started to scream with a huge orgasm, and as she did I used my cock to spread my seed all over her gorgeous face. She must have cum for a solid 15 seconds and I must have rubbed my cock around for a solid 3 minutes as she came down. She then stood up all of a sudden and kissed me, allowing both of our saliva, as well as a copious amount of my cum, to mix between our mouths. God she was a hot little slut when she wanted to be.

We let the warm water fall on us for a while when we heard another knock on the door. She put her hand over her mouth. "Woops, I forgot about my lesson." And she quickly jumped out of the shower.

"What lesson?"

"Sea kayaking, I told you last night but you were drunk."

"Do I have to go?" I unwillingly replied.

"No, that's fine, I don't mind going alone. It'll give me a chance to flirt with hot, young, single Chicanos!" Laura said jokingly. I'm not so sure she was joking.

I finished showering quickly so I could give her a kiss goodbye. When I threw on a towel, and entered the bedroom, the instructor, a late twenties handsome Mexican with a closely cropped beard, had come in and she had already put on a really hot bikini. It was a blue paisley one that had a very small top that her tits were practically falling out of, and the bottom was a very low-cut thong. She had never before worn a thong bikini, claiming that they were tacky, but she looked fucking hot. She came over to give me a kiss goodbye and as she did I saw the instructor staring at her bare ass. They both left in a hurry, and I took a nap.

When I awoke it was 2:30 and I decided it was time to hit the beach. I walked out onto the beach in a towel, and dropped it in the sand as I continued to walk in the water. I had been nude at Hot Springs before, where there were always other people, but I had never been in front of a crowd of people in the buff, and yeah, it felt liberating.

I stayed in the water for about twenty minutes swimming deep with the fish, and then coming up for air. I then left the water and strolled towards my towel. I dried myself and walked into the beach bar and took a seat. I ordered a margarita. There were topless woman all over the bar but unfortunately only one was really worth looking at and that was only because of her face, not really any great physical features or anything.
So I sat there for the nex

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