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Who is the stranger at the back of the crowd at the funeral?

I felt his hand in the middle of my back as he slowly pulled his cock out of my ass. "You're getting me hard all over again, it's time to wake her up." his voice was stern as he stepped away from me allowing me to straighten myself upright.

He pulled his pants back up around his hips, but left the flaps open, his briefs snugly under his balls. With his cock jutting out, he motioned me towards the hallway that led to the bedroom. His hands pressed lightly into my back as he nudged me along as if hurrying me to the bedroom door. I tried to walk softly as I listened to my heels clack on his hard wood floors, his cum oozing a little from my ass. He reached past me and opened the door, nudging me into the bedroom. The sticky head of his cock poking at my ass cheeks as I stepped onto the carpeted bedroom floor.

"Shhh..." he said, putting his fingers to his lips and then walked me to a plush chair in the far corner of the dim lit room. "Try not to move around too much until I get the blindfold on her" he whispered as he set me in the chair, then started stripping off his jeans on his way to their bed where his wife lay sleeping peacefully.

I watched his ass unfold as he bent over pulling off his briefs just before getting into the bed with her. He disappeared under the covers and I could no longer see his wife. Just his bare back, shoulders and the back of his head. I tried to be still as I listened to the sound of the television, the soft light flickering, watching him move under the covers as he tenderly aroused his wife.

He pulled her long hair back from her neck and started to kiss her neck tenderly. The blankets moving as his hand presumably made its way to her thighs, and then to her soft, warm, panties and he softly petted her pussy. I moved back and crouched down low in the chair with my fingers toying at my nipples as I listened to her groan pleasurably. He whispered something in her ear and I saw her arm wrap around him as he lowered his face, kissing her passionately.

He slid himself over on top of her as he looked down at her, nestling himself between her thighs as she opened them for him. "I have a surprise for you my love." I heard him say in a soft warm voice as he reached down alongside the bed and retrieved a blindfold. I watched her nod her head as he held it in front of her face. He pulled himself up onto her a little further and carefully tied the blindfold to her face. Then throwing back the blankets, he got off the bed. Her completely nude body lying sprawled out over the bed. Her breasts were large and full, her nipples dark against the contrast of her milky white skin as I watched her breasts rise and fall.

He pulled a leather cuff from under the mattress and placed it on his wife's right wrist, attaching it with a short tether to the post of the bed. His firm rugged body moved to the other side of the bed, repeating the same actions he placed another on her left wrist and secured it to the opposite post. He leaned down and kissed her passionately as he admired her naked body lying before him, his fingertips softly teasing her nipples while I pulled and teased at my own.

He bent down and sucked on each of her nipples. His fingertips trailing down her body as he lightly caressed her soft warm pussy lips. His head moving to her neck planting tender love bites and soft kisses to all her most sensitive spots. I watched her body wreath to his touch. She spread her thighs open wider and moaned softly.
He looked up in my direction and motioned with his index finger for me to join them, and then he quickly put his finger to his lips warning me to be quiet while doing so.

I slowly and quietly made my way over to them.

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