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I meet a photographer who massages and fucks me in public.

And the one below my belt was at the end of an almost painful erection. I look away and take a sip of my beer.

Glancing back I don't see Mom any more. I see a hot and horny lady. Ready and willing to take care of my needs while at the same time fulfilling needs of her own. Could it be that simple? Just two people with physical needs. And Mom is hot, no doubt about it. She has always stayed in great shape and here she sat no more than four feet away showing off her very nice tits wrapped in a halter top and a hot ass wrapped in shorts.

I rise from the sofa and move to stand in front of Mom. She is looking at the floor and I reach down to hold her hands in mine. I move her hands until they are on my belt buckle. Her eyes raise and she stares at the bulge in my pants. Her hands slowly manipulate the belt and then the button at the waist of the jeans. Her fingers work to find the zipper tab and she pulls it down holding the top of my pants in her other hand. Once my pants are open, she tugs at the sides pulling them down. My underwear catches on my hard cock and she continues to pull until my jeans puddle around my ankles. Her hands return to the elastic waistband of my boxers and she maneuvers the material out and around my hard cock letting my shorts join my jeans.

"Kevin, your hung like your Dad," she gasps taking her hand and attempting to wrap it around my hard cock.

She stokes me tentatively, I suppose thinking that I might run away. Her other hand reaches between my legs and hefts my heavy balls in the palm of her hand. Suddenly she jumps up and stands next to me.

"You need to sit down," she says guiding me back to the sofa. Once there she kneels in front of me and removes my shoes and socks. With them out of the way she finishes removing my jeans and shorts.

"Do you mind if I get more comfortable too," Mom asks. I simply nod no as my cock twitches at the thought of seeing my hot Mother naked in front of me.

She wastes no time in untying the halter top and freeing her very large and amazingly firm tits. Her hands grab her shorts and pulls them down as well. Either she wasn't wearing panties or they came down with her shorts because now she is standing before me fully exposed to my gaze.

"Oh, I forgot to take your shirt off," she muses as she straddles my hips and pushes her tits into my chest, all for the sake of removing my shirt.

"Damn, Mom your tits are nice," I tell her as I run my hands up to cup them and tweak the nipples for a moment.

"Well you are welcome to use them too. I haven't been titty fucked in a long time. And you can chose. I like pearl necklaces and facials," she says with an evil grin.

The way she straddles me to take off my shirt caused my cock to wedge between Mom's ass cheeks with the head pointed up her back. Mom reaches down to touch my sensitive nipples and my cock twitches against her.

"Now back there we may have a problem. I've never had a guy your size up my ass. And it's been awhile since anything has more than a vibrator or dildo, but nothing the size of your cock," she says squeezing her butt cheeks together. "But we can practice as much as you like. Kevin, I want to please you. In any way you want, as often as you want. It has been so long since a man has touched me with lust in his eyes like you are now. And if you find a girl that is willing to do all the things I will for you, I will understand."

"Mom, that won't be a problem. I've looked and I have yet to find a woman as hot as the slut in my lap right now. Now be a good girl and get my cock good and wet so I can fuck your hot pussy," I tell her.

Mom climbs off my lap and crawls between my outstretched legs.

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