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The Adventures of Steve and Jamie.

"He tells me to dig in my nails and rip them off. Some day I may really do it."

"I'll do it," Tom sighed. "I guess I really don't have much choice."

"Excellent." Claude and Ivette both went back to the phone. There were a couple of calls, a whispered consultation. Jan and Tom did not say a thing to each other in the meantime. They wouldn't even look at each other.

After a few minutes, Claude returned to the table. "Ivette will join us at the restaurant. She is fairly certain that she can obtain the tickets. We will dine somewhat earlier than planned. I hope that you are already hungry?"

"I'm starving," Tom answered. The wad of cheeseburgers from the night before had worked their way through him, thankfully, while he was still on the train, leaving an aching void. No breakfast, almost no lunch, but he was ready now, more that ready, to eat something. The prospect that both ends of his digestive system might be violated later in the evening did nothing to spoil his appetite.

"Excellent." They left the bar and walked uptown a few blocks. It was late afternoon, but still oppressively hot. Tom was wearing the tie now, and it only made things worse. He could feel sweat trickling down his back. Claude was in a suit also, with the jacket buttoned. Somehow he was not sweating openly, but his face was turning red, betraying him. Only Jan was dressed for the climate, almost naked. Her dress barely covered her thighs, and on the top it consisted of two thick shoulder straps, arranged to hide her nipples, most of the time. Short as it was, the skirt was slit, slit to the clit, his roommate used to say, but this was even higher, almost to her waist. Any hint of breeze was pushing the wispy fabric away, revealing the smooth globes of her cheeks.

"You're going to get us arrested," Tom muttered. Just at the moment, two cops on foot patrol came around the corner. They gave her a first glance, then a second. Tom blushed. Jan looked defiant. Claude gave them a little nod, and they moved on.

The restaurant was on the next corner. Tom recognized it. They had walked past it, many times, on their dinner and movie dates. Once, they had stopped to look at the menu, and given a little laugh of disbelief. The least expensive appetizer cost more than they were used to spending for an entire evening. Now they were going inside.

It was cool inside, almost too cold. Tom was comfortable. Jan was starting to shiver. They were ushered to a table near the window, a table covered with heavy white linen, adorned with flowers. People walking by on the street were giving them glances of envy.

"What would you prefer for an appetizer, Tom?" Claude asked. The menu was entirely in French, with no translation. "'Les escargots'?"

"Too slow." Jan could not resist. "Tom only likes fast food."

"I'll have the truffle bisque."

"Ah, an excellent choice. The season is so short. And you, my dear? You seem very pensive. Perhaps you are looking forward to the rest of the evening? You must learn to enjoy the pleasures of the moment."

"I'm thinking about the double penetration." She dabbed at her thighs with the heavy white napkin. It was not sweat that had moistened them. She leaned forward to whisper. "I want Tom behind me, Claude in front. I want my tongue up Evie's butt."

"Not this butt." Ivette had joined them. She winced as she sat down. "This butt is out of action for the rest of the night."

"I gather," Claude looked at her with a mixture of amusement and concern, "that a simple blow job did not suffice?"

"Or a simple fuck. Ooh," she winced again as she shifted.

"Evie, dear, you are not encouraging our friend."

"Oh don't worry," she gave a little wave of unconcern. "Claude is very gentle. His prick is not too big." That was enough to provoke an angry flush from her husband. Tom had a sudden suspicion that it was part of the reason they operated under summer rules.

"Don't worry," Tom said, "I made a promise. I'm not going to back out now."

"Well," Claude said, "of course we can bind you to do as we wish.

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