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Things go better than Matt hoped for.

It's why so many man travel with the carts, but mounted men can go anywhere. They're as likely to use a deer path as a road. Still, it might give Blackthorne an opportunity to weaken Thorburn."

Bonnie was silent for several minutes, doing Te__rlag's hair. "Do you find it funny that we're planning to ruin Thorburn right in his very own bedroom?"

Te__rlag smiled into the mirror. "It is rather amusing, isn't it. I like to imagine the look he'll have on his face when he finds I've betrayed him as he's shoving his cock into my mouth. His big, fat cock. I'm so sick of his big cock. My jaw hurts. I'm almost relieved when he fucks my ass."

They laughed.


"Twenty men, twelve men, we've no idea of the goddamn route or it's going to be the main road. We're running around like total idiots," Blackthorne stormed.

"It's a fairly small number, I could try to arrange ambushes along a couple of routes and hope for the best," Ian responded.

"Or you could put a fucking man with a scouting glass up on a fucking mountain top and see who's telling the truth."

"Yes, my Lord."


"We've received word they're training more women, Lord."

"Of course they are. Fucking amazons, the lot of them. Are you going to piss your pants, Ian?"

"Nay, Lord."



"Hopefully," Ailene said, "when we practiced yesterday, you learned it's possible to survive fights even against superior numbers if you're canny. And how do you accomplish it, Lachlan?"

"Draw them into places where they all can't get to you at once, or someplace where they can't surround you where you can stand them off until help arrives, or distracting one while killing the other."

"Or try to maneuver so one is always getting in the way of the other. Opponents can be used to get in one another's way with sudden shifts of position," Ailene reminded them. "Today, those who did best yesterday will be fighting one against three or two against four. The rest of you have a lot of work to do to catch up. Remember when you're working together with someone to pay attention to the way they fight. Do they excel at offense or defense, attack high or low, favor the left or right. Anticipating what they will do will make what you need to do clearer. And don't forget to warn each other. It doesn't make any difference if you're on the side with the most men, or the least, if you see one of your lads being sucked into a trap, warn him. You may have the numbers in some battles, doesn't mean we want you dying needlessly, even if the victory will eventually be ours. I'd rather the enemy lose one hundred of his than lose one of mine. You didn't do enough warning yesterday. Three combats could have ended differently than they did if only you'd warned someone."

"Why do you pit us against more opponents when we did well yesterday? Seems like we should be rewarded if we did better."

"Because you don't learn as much by winning as you do by dying. When you're killed, you're motivated to do more the next time so you won't be. The winner becomes complacent and doesn't work to improve his skills. Do I do you any favors by letting you get by for killing two folks today, when tomorrow you might face three or four? Nay, I do not. If I let you get killed by three opponents when I could have worked you hard enough to need six to kill you, I haven't done a proper job. I took on ten men once before I was killed. Some of it was skill, some of it was luck, but most of it was hard work. You're not afraid of a little work are you?"

"Nay, Lady Ailene."

"I don't anticipate ever being able to survive nine men again because I'm giving you all of my secrets, but if you don't work as hard as me, I'll still get four or five of you before I go down, I promise you. Anyone want to take me on now?"

No one answered.

"Good. You three go against Landry. You three go against, Lachlan. What's your name again, lad?"

"Tom, Lady."

"You three go against Tom here.

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