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I know she wants to move her hips so badly, to make contact with her cunt lips, but she's learning. Her legs stay open. I hear her clear her throat, and she keeps looking out the window, trying to act as if she's done this a hundred times before.

"So, this restaurant...did you over dress, or just trying to impress me?"

I smile a little at this. She's at her best when she's trying to play all of this off. When that part of her that just aches to be used threatens to overwhelm and she wants a bit more control. She knows I know this. That it's all a facade. But it's part this, a part of us, and her attempts to be cool and collected make me savor the other moments that much more.

"Pet, I know you're looked me up and down like you could have eaten me right there in the entryway. And this restaurant's nice'll see."

She blushes at the words, and her head whips around as she tries that pout again. Then she sniffs, tosses her head, and goes back to looking out the window. I can see her right hand, and she's nibbling at her little finger as she watches the city go by. I hear her mutter.

"Someone sure is full of themselves."

I clear my throat.

"Excuse me, pet? Did you say something?"

I see her blush again.

"No. I didn't."

I've my right hand on the wheel, my left arm along the armrest, but I put my left hand on the wheel, and my right swiftly slaps down between her spread thighs. The smack resounds in the enclosed space as she yelps, then groans, her feet lifting up off the floor. She whips her head around again.

"Hey!" she whimpers "What was THAT for?"

I don't look at her, eyes straight ahead, my hand still hovering over her thighs.


She mutters something inaudible, then speaks up a little.


I slap her cunt again. She squeals again, thighs closing but clenching her fists, not touching herself to try and soothe the aching flesh. I turn to look at her again. Her eyes are closed, jaw clenched, a look of concentration on her face.

"Pet, we've talked about that tone...let's try this again. No...what?"

She looks toward the floor, and then her hands unclench, her palms on her bare thighs.


I pat her hand on her left thigh, a brief touch.

"Better, pet. Much."

I see her crooked grin again and her mouth opens like she's going to say something. I tilt my head a bit, cocking an eyebrow. I see her turn a bit, looking at me, then her mouth close again, and with a slight shake of the head she turns to look outside again. Then she tilts her head again, and I see the question forming as I ease the car to the exit ramp, but one that's not headed toward the city center.


"Yes, pet?"


She doesn't get to the second word before I slap her cunt again. She yelps again, but I see her hips roll at the touch anyway. She's nearing that edge where she's going to beg for more, any little touch, so long as it's from me. Where she's not sure she wants the pain or the pleasure.

Her attitude is one of the things I like the most about her. She knows that, and tries to push the boundaries with me. Always testing. Tonight, well, tonight it's time we push those boundaries back a little.

"What was THAT for?"

I answer with a slap against her cunt again. I hear her gasp, then a bit of a moan is choked off, but this time she doesn't say another word. She just breathes, in, then out again, before I see that pout again, her hips moving in her seat as she clenches and unclenches her fists.

I pull the car over, turning into a local park. It's one of my favorites, near a small lake. It's nearly dark now, so there will be few people here. This time of year and this time of day it's almost completely deserted. It's also a place where you can camp overnight, but the weather's nearly turned and most camping is done in a warm cabin somewhere. I back the car into one of the camping slots one surrounded by bushes, but your neighbors could still see you if they were looking.

I see her turning to look

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