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The party.

He would note the contrast between the shadow of her pubic hair and her lighter surrounding flesh. He would wish her to be beautiful and natural in this area, as he enjoyed not just its visual beauty, but also its wonderfully soft feel and its natural aroma and taste. She would smile as she revealed her most private beauty to him, as if it were the first time that a man had ever seen it.

Still he would not yet be ready to touch and savour these delights, as there were more visual wonders to discover. Starting with the lowest he would unfasten one by one the buttons of her white silk blouse, beginning to reveal gradually the swell of her breasts, encased in her white lacy balconette bra. He would draw her close to him, so that not only could he see the outlines of her nipples through the lace, but would also be able to pinch their tips between two fingers, pulling on them slightly to make them erect. He would want to draw her closer still, so that he could take each nipple into his mouth, and suck it gently through the delicate material, feeling the roughness of the lace over his tongue, and imagining the pink softness of her bare nipple beneath. While he was doing this, he would hear her beginning to moan with pleasure, murmuring his name, asking him to pleasure her, asking him to have her and satisfy her, to take her to places where she had never been before. He would want her to submit him and to beg for satisfaction which he had the power to provide.

He would then turn his attention back to her intimate parts, reaching out to run a finger down the line of her groin, and to touch her gossamer softness with his fingertips. He would gently stroke her, both in the direction of her fur and against it, while she shivered and moaned with pleasure. His fingers would then trace her contours beneath the fur; firstly her cleft, framed on either side by her delicate pink folds of skin, which by now would be glistening with the juices from her honeypot as she was becoming so aroused. With one fingertip he would explore gently between her labia, half hidden from view beneath the curls, rubbing the sensitive skin surfaces within, and collecting lubricant so that he could run his finger upwards, so that he could finally find the epicentre of her sexual pleasure. He could just imagine her cries of delight as he ran a moist finger up to, and around, the pink bud of her clitoris, feeling its erectness and at the same time its plump wetness as he stroked it upwards into a frenzy of arousal, causing her to move her groin to and fro as she rubbed her sensitive surfaces against his fingers, her juices lubricating freely. He would move his fingers up inside her, and she would ride him in this way until her first climax came. She would be screaming and crying his name as she bore down hard on his fingers, her body rigid, her head raised and her eyes closed in ecstasy as her hot, sweet juices gushed from her. After a few spasms she would become still, and he would have her kneel before him, her head in his lap, to recover for a few moments.

Then he would want some attention from her.

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