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A threesome with Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

I knew, having done this before, I would be humping my hairbrush by the end of the night. Better to plan a head (nice pun, no?)

Off to the convenience stores. OK, it had to be so long, so wide. Smooth is good. Rounded tip. No. No. This is getting frustrating. I really need to get one of the real things to travel with. (Maybe someone will send me one for Christmas!!) Last store. Don't forget the batteries. Well apparently 'batteries' doesn't translate, so I can't find them and I can't make the guy behind the counter understand. But all it not lost. [I can steal the batteries out of a gift I had bought. ] I go over to the hair products counter, hoping to find a hairbrush with a really large handle. No luck. But apparently the power of the phallus is not lost on Japanese marketers. There is a whole row of hair spray cans shaped like dildos. Just the right width, with smooth missile shaped tops (I guess it's to much to ask for a ridge). And they are shrunk wrapped in heavy plastic. How very sanitary. And it avoids that pesky trip to the emergency room to have the cap of a hair spray can removed from your cunt.

I'm in business. Back to the room. I order room service, something with lots of flavor that I can eat with my hands. I want all my senses filled. I get the Playboy channel cued up and open the gin. Not bad for a mixed drink in a can. Actually pretty smooth. I wonder how much alcohol is in it? I know how much to drink to get the best affect. So it would be nice to know... but what the hell.

Dinner is delivered. When Skinny leaves, I get naked and put on the complementary light cotton robe. I dig into dinner. Have another drink and watch 2 really dirty (I mean mud of various colors all over their bodies) women making love to each other - or at least what the movie maker thinks men want to watch 2 women do. Actually, some of it works for me to. But I've got to believe if the women were really doing it, they'd go about it a little differently.

After they finish, and I finish drink number 3, A good looking (for low cost films) stud rides on screen on a nice bike. [Bike cost more than he does, I'm sure. ] He stops and contemplates a dessert bush (no pun there). Suddenly, 2 women appear, apparently a fond memory is being reenacted. OK, I can get into this. I lay down and get out 'little willy'. Oh yes that's good. He's fucking her from behind. And she sucking the other's tits. Yeah, that's it. I'm over the top. Go willy go. Oh yes. One down.

As I sit up I realize that first drink was strong. And 2 and 3 are joining with a vengeance. Better back off the booze and eat more food. I sit cross-legged on the bed and eat more of the delicious spread. The cool air helps put my twat on idle while I eat. I watch the blond women with silicon tits get fucked and look like they really don't care. Look at the camera; smile pretty; don't get a black eye when your super-tits hit you in the eye.

I finish dinner and think, fuzzily, that I should put the tray outside, so the room doesn't smell like old mizo soup in the morning. OK. I stand up. Steady myself. (can you see the problem here?) I pick up the tray and manage to open the door and go to set the tray outside.

Pause and catch the scene here: 1) You have to set the tray outside and to the side so you don't step on it in the morning (made sense at the time). 2) This lovely hotel has very strong return springs on the doors. 3) I am very nearly 3 sheets to the tsunami, from drinking too much too fast. 4) I have nothing but the hotel robe on. Nothing.

Yes, in fact, as I set the tray on the floor, I step forward to keep from falling over and lo.

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