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18 year-old homo-hetero virgins finally get it.

Bob was making panting sounds mixed in with groans and suddenly he went rigid, I could feel his prick swell in my mouth, and his first shot of cum squirted across my tongue. Bitter, a hint of chlorine, I registered, as I made a swallowing motion, my lips still locked around his prick. "Oh Christ,," Bob cried out, and then there came another three or four thick spurts of cum, as Bob held himself rigid and continued to make "Oh!" and "Unh!" sounds.

Bob resumed his in and out and I was so bound up with milking him and not choking as I sucked him dry that I had not come myself, though my prick was achingly hard. Suddenly, I felt a mouth go around the head of my prick and almost immediately I began coming myself. Fortunately I had to open my mouth to cry out as I came, or I might have done some real harm to the dick that was still there before Bob pulled it out of harm's way. That was the shortest blowjob, but one of the most intense orgasms, that I have ever had.

Bob rolled off of me to the side away from Sharon and as soon as he did so Sharon was all but smothering me with deep French kisses. I'd managed to swallow all of Bob's cum, but I felt sure she could taste it in my mouth; I certainly still could. I know I can taste mine in hers when I kiss her after she sucks me off. When she finally came up for air she gasped, "Jesus, David, that was so unbelievably hot to watch. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me."

"I loved every minute of it," I said. And to Bob, "Thanks for that. I know how hard it is to keep your control sometimes. You were great."

"David," Bob said, "Sharon is still the best cocksucker in this room, but for a virgin you were fantastic. You can suck my cock whenever you want."

Sharon said, "Look, the night is just beginning, so I want us all to take a bathroom break. Bob, I'd appreciate it if you would go downstairs and use the bathroom by the kitchen, and on the way back you can bring the pitcher of drinks that I have in the refrigerator. You'll find glasses and a sports bottle on the tray on the counter. I'll get David to the bathroom up here and we can meet back in bed in a few minutes."

"Sure Sharon," Bob replied. "I don't drink booze though, so do you mind if I pick something non-alcoholic out of the fridge?"

"I remember that from the times at your place. There's a pitcher of margaritas down there for David and me and a case of diet Dr. Pepper for you. Bring up as many as you want. And don't worry about the windows; the curtains are all drawn."

With that Bob padded off and Sharon started untying my feet. "Okay David, I'm going to leave your blindfold on and your hands will be tied, so you just keep thinking of yourself as tied down. But you'll be able to walk to the bathroom and back, and I'll make sure you hit the pot. Does that work for you?"

"Sharon, I'm yours to command. You lead the way and I'll pee into anything you want."

When we got back into the bedroom I could sense that Bob had returned, though I wasn't sure where he was. Sharon guided me back to the bed and secured my hands. Then, instead of tying my legs spread-eagle as before, she tied them both to the left post of the footboard, leaving me on my side with the right side of the bed free. She then put the straw of the sports bottle into my mouth and propped the bottle so that I could suck on it whenever I felt like it. The margarita was not as good as it would have been from a salt-rimmed glass, but it was cold and wet and very welcome. I could hear Bob pop the top of his drink and the tinkle of ice in Sharon's glass coming from the same side of the room. Aside from that we all just lay and drank, or sat or did whatever they were doing, without talking for a while until Sharon said, "How're you doing Bob? Think you're ready for round two?"

"I could probably use a few more minutes before I can get it up again," Bob said, "so it depends on what round two is."

"Hmm," said Sharon. Do you think you can manage your usual three rounds tonight?"

"Sure, I don't see why not.

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