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She unwrapped his throbbing cock and unsheathed it. She smiled wickedly and licked it as if tasting it. Then she sucked the tip twice or thrice as one does to the tip of a soft serve. Maddy was frozen, high and at the zennith of sexual tension. He could have exploded.

She took his cock in whole and slid it in and out of her mouth. Maddy groaned. There were no slurpy sounds, no reluctance and no teething issues for a 20 year old. She was pure pleasure. Maddy didn't want to smear her beautiful face with his jizz so he withdrew. His eyes were transfixed on her and didn't miss one detail of her graceful movements.

She got up and slowly glided back to the bed. She bent over and placed her hands on the bed. Then she placed one knee after the other ever so slowly on the bed. Maddy had a rear view of her gorgeous body. Her bare thighs could be seen up till the folds of her cheek skin.

She arched her back downwards and her ass perked up even more. Her moves and beauty could have got even a statue to make love to her. Maddy was no match. He unfroze, gulped his scotch down and approached.

Florence's smile became wicked again. He went close to her and cruised his hand over her thigh. She let out a breath. She smelt divine. His hand now ascended over her smooth thigh and reached her ass. The texture of her skin was like velvet. He placed his full hand around the contour of her ass. She had nothing under the dress.

Before he knew it, his other hand had contoured around her other ass cheek. With a cheek in one hand, he explored the valley between. It was moist and warm. She moaned as two of Maddy's fingers coursed past one lip. They ascended and dwelled on her hole for a minute. She went ohhh! Florence had a firm ass. The kind that parted to give a clear view and approach to the treasures between.

Maddy slid her dress up till it just covered her chest. Her back, ass, thighs and calves were now open for the taking. He shed his pants in a fraction of a second, placed one knee on the edge of the bed and felt her thigh with his throbbing cock slowly from below, towards her ass.

All his senses had switched off. All he could see and feel, was her skin. She had only tensed, but hadn't moved a muscle. Composed. Waiting patiently. He stabilised her waist with one hand and directed his tip towards her verge, brushing it's surface a few times. She looked back at him with wild expectant eyes.

Maddy aimed, held her by her waist and broached an entry. She gasped ever so softly. There was resistance. She was tight. Maddy could feel her walls on every millimetre of his shaft. Her vault was well lubed, but tight. Slowly but surely he advanced in till he was fully inside her nubile vault.

He stayed there for a minute and ran his hands up along her back. She leaned back up so he could take of all her dress and then she went back on all fours. The changes in position felt exhilarating. Maddy picked up a rhythm. He wasn't long but he was thick. He slid in and out of her, one leg still on the bed and another on the floor, to prop him. Maddy was fit. But Florence's nubility was another level in terms of shape.

She was the kind of dainty sexy, that needed smooth and graceful movements at sex, not rough or wild.

Maddy was on auto pilot. He pistoned in and out of her effortlessly. He was surprised at his stamina and agility since he hadn't been in bed with someone for ages. She only emanated soft ahhs and ohhs but she was at the height of pleasure too.

She tensed as Maddy increased pace and prepared to climax. Maddy delivered a huge cum load deep inside her. She was very very wet. She tensed and climaxed at the touch of his jizz in her. She slumped. She was breathing heavily. Maddy was not done yet.

He turned her around and gaped at her exquisite beauty. She had a body that suited an artist's sculpt. She was gorgeous. Her naughty smile atop her petite body made for a heady cocktail. Not to mention the scotch working it's magic.

He sniffed her from toe to hair like a snake were slithering

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