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Claire removed her coat from her trim, athletic body and tossed it on the nearest chair, showing off her very revealing red top. Her silky smooth brown hair hung just above her shoulders. She was looking particularly good that night.

"Yeah, well, I dumped that ass," she said in a way that I couldn't tell if she was holding back tears or not.

"Sorry to hear that," I said as sympathetically as I could.

"Oh well, who needs him? I'm fucking sick of boyfriends," she slumped down onto the couch beside me, "Too much damn work and too much damn drama."

"Well, why don't you just hang out with me tonight?"

"Thanks," she said as she patted my leg, an action which had my dick stiffening a bit in my pants.

"You know Patrick?" she said as we sat in silence for a while, "I'm serious. Fuck boyfriends. I don't want them, I don't want to deal with them. All they're good for is getting laid. Can't I get that without a boyfriend?"

All I could do at that moment was glance down at her flat midriff showing under her top and her amazingly round tits. "I wouldn't think that would be a problem for you."

"Why don't we just start fucking?" she said so casually a lump caught in my throat.


"You're not seeing anyone, right? And we live together, so it would be convenient. But we can't get emotionally attached to each other. That's the deal."

"No emotional attachment. Yeah, yeah that could work." My dick was really stiffening now.

All of the sudden, she was leaning over and kissing me. Her tongue was wild, exploring my mouth with fervour.

"So we're starting now?" I asked as we broke away.

"Why not? Your room or mine?"

"Um, yours," I suggested, as mine was a mess, and I was a little worried about my masturbation paraphernalia lying around.

"Okay, go get a condom and meet me there."

Her ass swung from side to side as she walked to her room. I broke my gaze, ran to my own room, grabbed a condom from the drawer, and was back with her in her room as fast as possible.

The first thing that happened was that she removed her top and subsequently her black bra underneath. This was the first time I saw those amazing tits. They weren't huge, but they certainly weren't small. Just enough to hold them in my hands. But wow, were they ever round and smooth, and those nipples were just perfect.

As she continued to undress just as casually as getting ready for bed every night, I shook myself and removed my clothes as well. Soon we were both naked, standing before each other.

"Wow Patrick, you are ready to go," she said as she approached me, running her hand over my hardened cock and placing her other hand softly on my shoulder. She bent in for another long, drawn out kiss.

Claire was definitely in control as she pulled me over to the bed and we climbed on top of it. She laid down on her back and I crouched over her on all fours. She took my dick gently in her hand and led it towards her trim, pink pussy. I had not had the condom on yet, but that was okay since she didn't put it in. She just rubbed the head of my penis across the outside of her pussy. She used the head to rub her own clit, and I could feel the juices seeping out of her as she did.

"Okay, ready to do this?" she asked in a soft, silky voice once her pussy was nicely moist.

"Absolutely," I nodded as I reached down to pick up my condom, which had fallen to the floor, and slipped it on. Luckily it gave me no problems.

Entering her felt amazing. She was tighter than I expected and she seemed to form herself around my throbbing cock. She gasped as I pushed myself inside.

"That's right, this is what I want," she panted as I began to grind my body. Her hips buckled as I did and she ran her hands through my light red hair.

We didn't stay in the missionary position for long. She wanted to be in control that night, so she quickly pushed me off of her onto my back. She climbed on top, held my dripping cock in her hand and slid her pussy lips over top. As she slid herself down, it felt like the first time I entered her all over again.

Once she was in position, sh

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