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Couple fake an argument to lure a sexy frenchman.

Over the next few months we did just that - mornings, evenings and the occasional weekend we'd get together so I could eat her to as many orgasms as time or her clit would allow. In the back of my mind I knew that things could come crashing down at any minute but my need to eat pussy was so strong that I really didn't care. It was on a Saturday that things crashed - Sarah was on my desk with her legs over my shoulders and I was busily bringing her to her 8th or 9th orgasm of the day. I felt her whole body tighten and figured another orgasm was coming until I heard her gasp, "oh shit!".

The lack of any sexual tone in her voice made me stop and look around. I'm sure my face went as white as my shirt when I saw Diane standing there with a takeout restaurant bag in her hand. Everything went quiet for a minute until Diane said, "To think I felt sorry enough for you working another Saturday that I stopped and brought you some lunch down." Sarah was trying her best to get her skirt pulled down but Diane said, "no, leave it up around your waist, apparently my husband likes eating pussy more than I imagined." As she spoke she stood up and opened her coat, showing us that she was wearing nothing more than a sheer bra and panty set. "I was even planning on surprising you with a quickie at work but it looks like the surprise is mine. Why don't you keep eating your lunch and I'll eat mine?"

Her voice was so calm it was almost scary but that changed when I started to stand up. "Get the fuck back down there and start eating!" Diane screamed at me, "and you'd better keep eating until I tell you to stop."

Neither Sarah or I were quite sure what to do but I figured for now the best bet was to do was Diane said so I knelt back down and started eating Sarah again. At first she was quite rigid and not into it but as my tongue hit the spots I'd found she liked she began to relax and it wasn't long before her orgasms started again. Before long, Sarah was begging me to quit saying her pussy was way too sensitive for any more licking but Diane told her to sit back and enjoy it because it would be the last time I ate her pussy. It wasn't until Sarah was pretty much crying that Diane told me to stop. "Sarah," she said, "get the fuck dressed and go home. If I ever find you spreading your legs for my husbands tongue again you won't like the result." Then she looked at me and said "get your sorry ass home - we need to talk!", then turned and left.

I still had to lock up so I knew Diane would be home before I was & I wasn't sure what would be waiting for me when I got there but had a pretty good idea it wouldn't be pleasant. Sure enough, her car was there when I got home and I hesitantly opened the front door, expecting another blast but all there was was a note taped to the hall mirror.

"Option 1 - Upstairs & shower to get that sluts smell off of you. Put on nothing but the blindfold when you're done and wait for me. Option 2 - take the suitcase by the stairs and get the fuck out of here. Your choice!"

Now I was totally confused and not just a little scared.

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