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Showing a home with unanticipated benefits.

I heaved a sigh and fell back into my chair with relief. I had been totally suckered in. "That...." I started.

"-was NOT funny," Kathy finished and she threw a pillow from the couch at our son.

David laughed himself silly but caught the pillow without any effort. All the commotion brought Sue out of her bedroom, to see what the noise and laughter was about.

"What's going on?" she asked. "I'm trying to study for a math exam." She had that look of exasperation on her face, one which made her look beautiful and impatient at the same time. As a Senior in high school, Sue's marks in every course were fairly strong except for math- an area of study which required her more stringent attention.

David apologized for us. "Sorry, Sue. I was just telling Mom and Dad about smoking pot last week, how I didn't like it."

Sue didn't bat an eye at this news and only shifted her stance, stared at her brother with disbelief and incredulity. "Yes? And? This was funny how?"

David smiled. "Oh, that wasn't funny at all," he said. "THAT part was pretty serious. They're not pissed, but that wasn't why we're laughing. You see, after Dad told me that they weren't upset, he asked if there was something they SHOULD be bothered about and I led them to believe I'd knocked an ex-girlfriend up. They SO bought it!"

Kathy let loose with another pillow and, this time, nailed our son square in the forehead while he continued to laugh at our expense. "Bought it?!" she cried. "I damn near had a heart attack!" Even so, she couldn't wipe the smile from her own face and began to laugh.

Sue joined in the laughter. "Oh, come off it, Mother," she said between giggles. "You're too young to worry about heart attacks just yet." She sat down on the floor at David's feet and elbowed his knee.
While this wasn't technically true, since adults in their forties are prime candidates for heart-failure, my wife was astoundingly healthy. She worked out quite a bit and still maintained a fantastic figure. In all honesty, my wife could easily pass for a woman in her late twenties, if she wore the right clothes. The faint streaks of gray in her hair, however, were dead give-aways to her age, but I thought they were sexy as hell on her. What's more was that her sexy figure, even at the age of 43, inspired me to stay fit as well, which was something I'm sure she didn't complain about.

David rubbed his knee. "Ow!" he cried at his sister. "What was that for?"

Sue glanced up at him and said, "For playing such a cruel joke. You KNOW that baby is mine!"

The room fell to a deafening silence at that and Sue just blinked at us, puzzled. "What?" she said innocently. "Too far?"

Kathy got down from the couch and sat on the floor so that she could look at our daughter eye-to-eye, even from across the room. "In a word: yes. We can joke about all kinds of things, sweetheart, but that's not one of them."

I could sense the mood in the room had quickly changed from frivolous to serious in the space of a few scant heartbeats. I decided to back my wife up on that score. "She's right, Kitten. We know you two have probably already lost your virginities by now, which is something about your personal lives that we respect completely, but even JOKES about incest... that's crossing the line."

"Why?" Sue asked with her innocent, blue eyes wide and doe-like. "I mean... okay, you're right- I can't speak for David, but, yeah, I've had sex before. And I went into it informed. I studied it, top to bottom... no pun intended," she added with a wry smirk. "Anyway... Techniques, positions, facts, myths, the science behind it and the psychological effects it can have on people. I daresay that I'm probably one of only a handful of kids my age who knows as MUCH as I do on the topic. I even studied incest, as a part of that research, and you know what I found out?" She didn't wait for an answer, but kept on. "I found that all the taboos are a load of crap."

David made to get up, obviously uncomfortable about where the conversation might be headed. "Um, maybe we had better not-"

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