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Ann Marie gets double teamed by Red Sox fans.

The rain was coming down in buckets and although it was only 50 feet to the truck I knew I would be soaked by the time I got in. With a quick burst I sprinted across the parking lot and jumped the first step, opened the door and slid on into the driver's seat. Not too bad, I didn't get soaked like I had planned on but still fairly wet. Before walking to the bunk I pulled the curtains shut around the windows. Once my boots were off my jeans followed them to the floor and I climbed into the bed. Quickly I feel asleep.

I do not know long I had been asleep but I was jolted awake by the sound of the door opening and in climbed Lila. I looked at her and all she did was wink and quickly removed her wet top and bra. Once free of the bra her boobs were in all their glory and my what a glory it was. Large, well rounded and long dark nipples just begging to be sucked.

"You left more than an ample tip so I thought you might be interested in some ample tits."

Without waiting for my reply she climbed on top of me and dam near smothered my face with her tits. Quickly I found a hard nipple and started sucking. She let out a moan of pleasure as I vigorously sucked on her. Reaching underneath of her I undid her jeans, worked a hand into her panties and down to her mound. A small patch of hair let me know I was almost at pay dirt and a little more working and I had my hand at her already soaked pussy. Slowly I rubbed around the outside edges before slipping a finger inside. Once again she let out a gasp and moan in pleasure as I worked my finger in and out of her. I pulled my finger out and quickly added another one to help it out while using my thumb to work the outer region. All this time I had not said a word and she and I were in a perfect rhythm.

I could feel her slowly tensing up and the more she gripped my fingers the faster I worked them in her. All at once she let out a scream and started bucking wildly and her cunt held onto my fingers and she came all over them soaking her panties and jeans. All this time I had been sucking her boobs and as she collapsed on me I stopped, letting her catch her breath. From what she had said earlier bout ample tips and tits I kind of figured this might be it but I was wrong. Not one to lay around she quickly regained her composure and stood up, removed her jeans and black thong and settled back down next to me.

Without saying a word she slid her hand to my cock and wrapped her fingers around near the base. Slowly she started pumping up and down working my cock like a jack hammer. Taking her free hand, she inserted it into her cum soaked pussy and worked it in and out just like I had done a few minutes prior. Almost as soon as she started on her own cunt did she remove her finger and a wicked grin came across her face and she positioned her wet finger at my asshole. Teasing the outer area just as I had done and still jerking me off was about enough to blow my load but I held on.

It was my turn to gasp as she slowly inserted her finger into my tight virgin ass.

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