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Tracy turns up late and pays the price.

A little embarrassed, I got up and excused myself to the bathroom. On the way out of the bathroom, Katie met me in the hall. She was leaning against the wall waiting for me to come out. She was clearly buzzed but enjoying the evening.

"Thank you for not cringing at the idea of kissing me. If you did, people would probably wonder why and I don't want to have to explain that you are my cousin. That just wouldn't be cool."

"No big deal. I wouldn't do anything to embarrass you in front of your friends. They all seem pretty cool."

"Yeah, they are" said Katie, "You better get back before anyone gets suspicious. After that kiss, they'll think we took off to the bedroom."

"In your dreams", I joked.

I returned to the table and as I sat down the jokes about what took me so long began. I just laughed it off and as soon as Katie returned to the table the game resumed. The game was turning more and more sexual in nature as one dare was for one of the girls to jerk off one of the guys for 20 seconds and another of the dares was for a guy to finger one of the girls for 20 seconds. It was all very exciting. Then my cousin Katie was dared to suck another guy for 20 seconds. Watching her take a guy in her mouth left me with a raging hard on. I could not believe how turned on I was over watching my cousin giving a guy a blow job.

Finally, around 2 in the morning, everyone had left. I told Katie I was retiring for the night and closed the door behind me. I got out of my clothes stripping down to my boxer briefs and flopped into my queen sized bed. I laid there and could not get the image of Katie sucking cock out of my head. I began to stroke myself a little and then heard a knock on the door and Katie called out asking if she could come in. I quickly covered up and invited her in.

She came in and closed the door behind her and sat on the edge of the bed. I sat up slightly and asked what was wrong and she informed me that one of her friends and her boyfriend were in her room and there was nowhere for her to sleep and could she sleep in my room.

"What about the sofa?" I asked her.

"There is someone already on it. If you don't want me to it's ok." She said dejectedly.

"No, you can sleep here" I said pulling the covers over for her.


She pulled up her shirt a little to remove her bra and in the darkness of the night I could see the outline and curves of her body. I watched as she removed her pants and let them slip off to the floor and then she slid into bed.

We laid there quietly for a few moments when she finally spoke up. "Some party tonight!"

"Yea, it was." I replied.

"I saw you looking at me when I had to flash. That was embarrassing."

"You didn't look too embarrassed."

"I was." said Katie.

The room went quiet again for too long when she stated, "I was kinda upset that I didn't get to see any of you though. I was hoping that someone would dare you to do something where I could see you and then it wouldn't be uneven."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, you got to see my boobs and then you got to see me give that guy a blow job for 20 seconds. All I got to see you do was show your ass."

I was unsure of what to do or how to respond and the room was quiet again. I blurted out the only thing I could think to say, "It's a nice ass." I couldn't believe that those dumb words came out of my mouth.

To make me feel better she replied that it was indeed a nice ass. What I didn't notice is that while we were talking she had slid closer and closer to me in the bed. By now she was right in front of me. Softly she said to me "and you are a good kisser too." With that, her lips were on mine and we were making out just like we did tonight at the table in front of her friends. She was more aggressive now. I wasn't sure if that was because of the alcohol she consumed or what but I could not believe what was happening. My mind was racing with thoughts of my cousin and my body was reacting too.

My cousin was now partially on me.

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