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In a quiet momemt to herself, a young woman is surprised.

Hand me her night shirt, it's under the pillow."

"Wow that's quite a scar, they really ripped her open." Said Paul.

"Does it repulse you?" I was curious.

"No. She's so beautiful. It's more of an accent."

I slid her shirt down. Laura's pants weren't so tight But it's still easier with help. There were spots of blood on her panties. I said. "Hang on a sec."

I looked around her room until I found her pads, Paul looked away as I pulled her panties down and installed it for her. Then I covered her up and we squeaked back down the stairs.

I asked. "Problems?"

"No. Not really. I'm just starting to see how much you love these girls, I'm having trouble adjusting to it."

"Well you're right, I do love the girls, I love Leia too."

"Why didn't you and Leia, you know."

"We rub each other the wrong way, There would always be fightin'."

"From my altered point of view, that's a good thing."

"You are good for Leia, I see it in her eyes, when she looks at you."

He thought about it for a while. "So what are the rules here with all the sex running around? I'm sorry, I don't know how to ask it well."

"The girls are safer here then anywhere else, I won't molest them, even if they ask for it. The only exception is my room at night. If one of them comes in my room at night they do so at their own risk. I on the other hand still wouldn't molest them without a fight. I don't tell them that of course. I've told them, You come through my door at night, you might as well drop your panties and bend over. They may even believe me."

Paul thought some more. "Laura seems to look at you differently then the others."

"I think Karen and Sandy are playin'. They have this captive male they feel safe to be around and to flash panties too. I know they love me, but it's a crush type of love. Laura is much more in love with me. But she loves her sisters too. So far, it all balances. I think that Sandy and Karen will find someone and drift away."

"And Laura won't?"

"I'm not sure, She has a big hang up over her scar, we all work on her to get over it. She may find the world is open to her. I could loose her then."

Sandy's phone played the opening bars to a song, I said. "Hello?"

"Hi Leia... Just a sec." I handed the phone to Paul.

"Hi hon... No we aren't. How's Karen?... That's good... I miss you too, I love you... Sure, give me a few minutes, can I bring you something to eat?... Ok, will do... sure I'll tell him. Bye."

"She thought we would be setting here drinking. She sends her love. Karen's fine. Can I get a ride to the hospital?"

"Take Sandy's car, the keys are on the hall wall."

A few minutes after Paul left, Sandy's phone rang again. "Hello?"

"Hi Eddy, can I talk to Sandy?"

"Sure, she's upstairs sleepin'."

"Oh, don't bother her then, I forgot how late it is. How are things there Eddy?"

"Quiet at the moment. Paul took Sandy's car a few minutes ago."

"That's not what I meant Eddy."

"Then ask what you want to know Leia, don't try to sneak up on me."

"I'm sorry. Are you screwing my daughters yet?"

"No. We have rules here."

"Forgive me, I'm stressed Eddy. How about you and Laura?"

"That's not really in your space, but no. Why are you doin' this Leia?"

"Karen keeps calling your name in her sleep. I'm feeling a little jealous I guess."

"Karen knows you are right there Leia."

"Yeah, I'm really sorry Eddy. I'll be better when Paul gets here. I always feel better when he's with me."

"It's called love Leia."

"Yeah, you're right. I don't know why you put up with me Eddy."

"It's called love Leia."

"I love you too Eddy, thanks. I'll see you tomorrow, bye."

"Today, Leia. Tell Karen we miss her. Bye."

I listened at the foot of the stairs, it was quiet. I went to bed then.


"Hey! You going to sleep all day?" Laura called in from the door.

I started moving, she just watched as I stripped and headed to the shower.

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