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Hillary gets her audition.

Erin shivered at the tickling sensation from Mandy's grazing fingernails. Her entire body had broken out with goose bumps. She marveled at the two women as they were limned by the sunlight, their sweat-covered bodies glistening in the golden glow. She shivered again which caused a soft coo to leave her lips.

Mandy pulled away from Sarah, a string of saliva bridging their lips. Their eyes were locked and they began to lean in for another passionate kiss. Erin grabbed a handful of Mandy's hair and lifted her head with her neck. She pulled Mandy's head to her own and mashed her lips with the redhead's. Sarah giggled and then lowered her head back to Erin's breast. She parted her lips and consumed the erect, pink nub, eliciting a gasp from her beautiful wife.

Mandy scooted forward so Erin wouldn't have to strain her neck when making out with her. Erin lowered her head back to the bed and Mandy pivoted her head so their noses wouldn't collide. Their soft lips pressed together only added to the intimacy that Mandy was feeling with Sarah moments ago. She loved Sarah and Erin and she wanted to be part of their lives for the remainder of her life.

Sarah pulled away from Erin's breasts keeping the soft mound suctioned to her lips. As she kept pulling back, the breast eventually couldn't go any farther and plopped out from Sarah's lips. She stared at the delicious, pink nub and then ran her soft tongue across it slowly and tenderly. Erin's breast glistened with her wife's saliva. Trails of saliva ran down all sides of her breast similar to how lava flowed down the side of a volcano that had just erupted.

Sarah continued to grind her pussy against Erin's thigh. She could sense an orgasm coming on. As she wrapped her lips around Erin's nipple again she started to grind faster on her wife's thigh. Soon her hips were no longer just gliding, but she was thrusting. She lifted her hips about half an inch with each glide and thrust them to Erin's thigh before gliding again.

Mandy, meanwhile, had invaded Erin's mouth with her tongue. Erin's teeth were smooth against her tongue just like her lips were smooth against her own. Erin had an arm wrapped around Mandy's back while her other arm was tucked up under Sarah's arm with her hand resting on Sarah's nursing head. Her fingers were buried in Sarah's blonde locks and she was massaging her wife's scalp which only further encouraged Sarah to keep sucking while she ground her cunt on her wife's flesh.

Mandy's exploring fingers had found their way to Erin's juicy cunt. Her pubic hair had started to grow in, but there wasn't much. It felt like soft, peach fuzz which Mandy loved. As she ran her fingers through Erin's peach fuzz she grazed her fingers along her clit. Erin jerked a bit which caused her to pull away from their kissing as a gasp escaped her lips. Mandy grinned devilishly and ran her fingers over Erin's clit again. Then, without warning, Mandy pressed her fingers against the bundle of nerves and began massaging it. Erin lifted her head and dropped it back to the bed as a loud, prolonged moan erupted from her core.

Sarah ground her hips harder and faster into Erin's thigh. She sucked on Erin's nipple with fervor. She had her hands wrapped around Erin's soft mound and she was squeezing it so Erin's breast was pointed where the nipple lay so Sarah could focus directly on the sensitive, pink nub. Mandy planted tiny, quick kisses all around Erin's jaw line. She lined the center of her neck with kisses and then began kissing all along her collarbone. Meanwhile, she was continuing her clitoral assault on Erin. Erin's voice cracked as she let out more moans. Her pussy was growing hotter and wetter with each passing second. She could feel an orgasm coming and she desperately wanted the release.

Sarah ground her hips several more time until she couldn't take it any longer.

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