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What he overhears leads him to act quickly.


"Wow..." I whispered. Jess heard me and laughed.

"Can you help me, Darling?" Jess was asking the now naked Tiffany. "We can use my clothes as a blanket as well." So Tiffany trotted over and helped strip my old high school sweetheart down to her skin. Such gorgeous fucking babes! Jess' snatch was no less snatchy than Tiffany's: a pair of goddesses, I hoped my dick was up to the honor of making them both cum all night long.

"What about the Mad Hatter? Playboy Bunny, go help him take off his clothes, too. I want to see the Caterpillar." So Jess smilingly came over and helped me strip, my freed dick springing up towards the warm night sky. We carefully laid the clothes down on the grass, all of which was looking as trippy as hell because of the shrooms, and lay down together naked.

"Hello Mr. Caterpillar," Tiffany said, starring straight at my erect dick.

Jess laughed and said, "That's not the Caterpillar, that's his cock, Tiff!"

"It's Alice, Playboy Bunny. And it most certainly is the Caterpillar!"

Jess and I laughed and she said, "It's not the Caterpillar, it's the Mad Hatter's cock!"

"Ah!" Tiffany said taking my dick in her hand and licking it, "So it is! How long and hard it is, isn't it, Playboy Bunny?"

"Fuck yes, Alice... My pussy's getting wet just looking at it, how's yours?"

"Yes, mine too. I think I shall suck on it now!" And with that 'Alice' took my cock into her mouth and began giving me expert head. The model's mouth on my cock was driving me wild, and my good friend Jess kissed me as her friend blew me. I looked up at the stars as Tiffany brought my dick to heaven, everything spun and swam in a lovely hallucinogenic symphony of harmony.

"I wanna taste Alice's pussy," I told 'the Playboy Bunny.' "I wanna lick your pussy, Alice. May I?"

"Yes!" We rearranged ourselves in a daisy-chain: my mouth on Tiffany's cunt, her mouth on Jess' cunt, and Jess' mouth on my cock. We continued like that for a while, it was fucking amazing! I groped the girls' tits and bodies, as much as I could reach, as we all got each other off pleasantly.

"I wanna fuck you Alice! Here, stand up beside this tree!" I told her.

"OK, Mr. Mad Hatter. I can't wait to feel your cock up my cunt; I've always wanted this!" 'Alice' stood with her hands out on a tree, and thrust her ass out with a deep back-arch. "Shove it right up inside me!" Tiffany cried, tripping and horny as hell.

I did just that, feeding my sizable, ten-inch cock up into her tight, perfectly manicured model's pussy. Oh damn, it felt good! Jess stood beside me and I fingered her cunt as I fucked her friend. Both girls were wet as hell, and once again I wondered for another instant if the shrooms had been laced, the thought was instantly gone, and I focused on the task at hand, namely fucking this gorgeous cunt.

"I want you to suck your friend's pussy juices off of my cock now, Playboy Bunny!" And I pulled out, Jess knelt down, and she began sucking on my dick.

Just then I heard another voice from close behind us. It said teasingly, "What's going on here? Ohhhh, I see! Lemme in on somma that!!" It was Claire, a friend of mine from college. I hadn't even known she was at the party. She was another hot little piece of ass, let me tell you! I could barely recognize her face, I was tripping so hard. But I could at least see that she was as hot as hell: also blonde, big titties and shapely bum, short pink tube-dress, black, funky, buckle-up schoolgirl shoes.

"The Cheshire Cat!" Tiffany cried, looking over her shoulder at the new arrival.

"Yes of course, the Cheshire Cat!" Jess chimed in.

"If the Cheshire Cat will accept the Mad Hatter's cock up her arse, then we may bid her welcome, so long as she takes his mayonnaise up her shit-hole," Tiffany explained. Jess and I shared a real laugh at Tiffany's crazy, slutty trip. Claire's mouth was agape.

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