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Harper will try anything to get her chance at love.

She smiled, walked over to her closet, got out a sheer robe, slipped into it, and with her heart thudding, she started for the bedroom door and the young man waiting in her living room.

Doreen forced a stern look onto her face, even though she was elated by the look she'd seen in they young man's eyes. "Robert, what were you doing just now?" she asked as she strolled toward him.

Bobby was even more confused now than he'd been when he first got to Miss Ingalls' apartment. She'd undressed in front of him, almost as if she wanted him to see her, but now she was acting like she was angry. "I...I...what do...do you mean, Miss Ingalls?"" he stammered, his voice hoarse.

Doreen reached the sofa and stood looking down at the young man, who was now red-faced and staring at her wide-eyed. "Robert, were you watching me get undressed?" she asked.

"Ah...Miss Ingalls...I..." Bobby stammered.

"You were, weren't you, Robert?" Doreen asked.

Bobby nodded slowly. "I...I...guess I...I was," he stammered. "I...you...you were in front of...the...the door and all and..."

"Robert, are you saying you think I undressed in front of you on purpose?" Doreen asked.

"Ah...I...I don't know, ah, Miss Ingalls," he croaked. He was totally confused. What was she doing? Why was she acting like this?

"What ever would make you think I'd do something like that, Robert?" Doreen asked.

"I...I don't know, Miss Ingalls," Bobby replied. "I...I'm sorry, I...I shouldn't have said that. I...I'm sorry."

Doreen could no longer maintain her stern look. Her features softened, as did her voice when she asked him, "Did you like what you saw, Robert?"

Bobby, shocked stared at her. "Ah...yeah...I...I did," he stammered.

"I'm glad to hear you say that, Robert," Doreen said. "Please, come with me." She took Bobby's hand, pulled him to his feet, and led him to her bedroom.

Bobby still totally confused, accompanied the assistant principal to her bedroom without protest.

When they were in Doreen's bedroom she took off her robe, pulled the young man into her arms, and they fell on the bed.

Now Bobby knew what the woman wanted. He avidly opened the bra clasp between the woman's breasts and, when her gorgeous breasts were bared, he began caressing them and moving them over the rest of lush body.

When the young man began caressing her, rapture rippled through Doreen. She shuddered and began tearing at his clothes, too.

Bobby felt Miss Ingalls removing his clothes and, while she did, he sucked on her nipples until they were stiff and straining; then his hands, lips, and tongue trailed fire down her body and ventured through her pubic forest, to her vagina. He peeled her bikini off, then plunged his mouth against her pussy and began lapping it.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!!" Doreen cried, her back arching, her hips rising off the bed. So far Bobby was performing every bit as well as she hoped! God! His mouth on her pussy felt so good!

Bobby abandoned the assistant principal's pussy and removed what few clothing remained on him. Then he slid up next to Miss Ingalls and kissed her, his tongue probing into her mouth. He was desperate with need and couldn't wait. He rolled on top of her warm body and was thrilled when his cock slid into her warm cavern.

For a few moments, Bobby forced himself to be still, luxuriating in the warmth engulfing his cock, embedded deep in assistant principal's body. Her rigid nipples drilled into his chest. He covered Miss Ingalls' lips with his again and felt her tongue probe into his mouth.

"Take me, Robert!" Doreen urged, rocking her hips. "Come on, Robert, take me!" Her moving hips sent provocative sensations racing the young man's body.

Their bodies strained, flesh rubbing flesh, giving and taking, seeking the ultimate in pleasure. Each of them could feel their partner's passion building and growing as they neared the bursting point.

"Oh, God, Miss Ingalls, I'm gonna come!!" Bobby groaned, feeling the spasms begin deep in his body, knowing he would soon unleash his seed.

"Yessssss!!!" Doreen replied

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