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She led me down the hall and up some stairs. The second floor looked more like a small hotel than a spa, expect cleaner and nicer. After taking a right, the attendant stopped at a door and motioned me to go in. I opened the door and walked into a very cozy looking lounge, complete with a huge plasma TV, couches, recliners, a table with food on it, and a king sized bed with drapes. Angela and Stephie were at the table, chowing down on ice cream. Both acknowledged and smiled at me. I sat with them, as they pushed me a bowl of chocolate ice cream, my favorite. I began chowing down on the chocolatey goodness, talking to the girls about how our spa day was.

For the third time today, I gave Stephie a look over. Instead of changing into her normal clothes, she had stayed in her robe. I looked down at her feet and was surprised to see she was wearing a pair of high heels I had never seen her wear before. They were silver heels with easily undone straps and tall enough to make up for her lack of height. Apparently, she had gone with having her toenails painted black, something she never did as she liked bright colors. It was kind of sexy for some reason, so I wasn't complaining in the least bit.

Then I noticed that Angela was dressed about the same. She also was wearing a robe and black high heels and her silver toenails were still the same. She had let down her radiant hair and it flowed smoothly to her shoulders. Both of these girls looked lovely, then there was me, in my regular outfit. I felt like something was going to happen, but I was surprisingly calm knowing that. However, I did not see what was coming in the least bit.

Stephie put down her spoon and straightened herself. Something was definitely on her mind, and she looked over at her mother expectantly. Angela noticed and gave her only daughter a puzzled look.

"What's wrong sweetie, don't you like your ice cream?" Angela asked.

Stephie gave out a big sigh and looked over at Angela. "Mom, I want to know what you were doing last night with Taylar."

I dropped my spoon and almost gagged on the current scoop of ice cream in my throat. Had she heard us last night? It wasn't impossible, seeing as we were so loud.

Angela was calm, but serious. It was like she had been asked a business question, not about if she had been sleeping with her daughter's best friend. After a pause, Angela spoke up. "Honey, I gave Taylar a massage last night and yes, we did have our intimate moments together."

Stephie didn't seem surprised, which meant she knew it happened, she just wanted to hear it from her mom. "Then are you a lesbian mom?"

Angela's expression softened. I felt bad for her, having to explain to her daughter something like this right now. "Yes and no honey. Yes, I like women, but I love your father more. Your father knows this, but he also knows I'm committed to both him and you."

Stephie's expression did the opposite, it harden up and she looked like she was about to punch something, or someone in the face. I felt like I didn't belong in the room, so I tried excusing myself, but Stephie lifted up a hand, telling me to stop. Stephie got up from her seat and walked over to her mom, seemingly fuming. As she walked over, Angela got up from her seat, facing her daughter. I closed my eyes and looked away when they met, expecting to hear the sound of Stephie slapping her mom across the face in a fury. Seconds passed, yet I didn't hear it. Instead, I heard something shockingly different.

I looked up and almost fell out of my seat. "What the hell?!" I exclaimed. Stephie, on her tiptoes, was mouth to mouth with her own mother. Not the sweet little kisses mom and daughter share, but full on making out, tongue and all. I was so confused at this turn of events. I thought Stephie was going to bitch slap Angela for sure. Once again, I felt like I should leave the room and got up to do so.

Stephie and Angela stopped.

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