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Fantasy - vampirism, human sacrifice, dark magic, threesome.


"Even, you're out of your mind."

"You and Patti knew each other for a long time, but you finally broke through the final barrier while flying on a United Airlines flight from Kansas City to Boston. You two talked to each other, and if your children's stories are correct, tried to shove your head down the others mouth on that flight. Is that correct?"

"Yes it is."

"William met Jemma on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Phoenix. He was forced to fly first-class because coach was full. Jemma was the flight attendant. The only other people in first-class was an elderly couple sitting in the 1st row. After they ate, and had a few drinks, that couple fell asleep. William pulled a magic act with a United Airlines vice president, which awed Jemma.

He pulled another magic act after that, and had her panties in her mouth seconds later. They've been together ever since.

"I met Jennifer and Gordon on a Delta flight from Minneapolis to Fairbanks. There was no hanky-panky, but I think both of us knew something special happened during that flight. When I showed up at her door, 4 days after the crash, she was crying and screaming you're alive."

"So there you have it my friend, we were all meant to be in this project, because our lives were already bound together by airplanes."

"You are crazy Even."

"How many times have people called me crazy during my career, and I have proved them wrong? How many people said you can't amplify sound without having wires connected to the source? However, I made a fortune by perfecting wireless headsets.

How many people said that tapes were never going to be replaced by discs?

I made 10 fortunes proving them wrong. The companies I sold the patents to, didn't believe in the product. They sold it dirt cheap to the Japanese, who now have a corner on the market. Now those companies are paying a premium for what they should own, and I am still collecting royalties.

Why is everyone still calling me crazy?

Sound cannot possibly go around mountains, but I just made $60 billion proving them wrong, but I am the crazy person.

You and I are standing in this building, along with hundreds of other crazy people, who think on December 25th that round ball out there is actually going to penetrate the atmosphere, fly past the moon in 19 minutes and Mars in an hour.

The United States government is praying that we fail, because that will make everything they have on the drawing board obsolete.

The Russians are on their knees praying that we fail. They don't know half of what we have discovered in the last 8 years Stephano, not half of what we've patented. When they find out, they going to run to Siberia and hide.

Everyone in this building is crazy, including you. You were at the 1st meeting Stephano. You could have said I don't want to do the accounting, get an outside firm to do it. It would not have been an unreasonable request, except for the gun that was in your ribs, and your wife was holding it there.

She had no idea how long you two would be separated. I'm happy to say it worked out well for both sides, but there were terrible hardships along the way.

Only crazy people would think up, and do what we have done together, and this was definitely a collaborative project, because everyone was needed, to get this spacecraft to the point where I feel safe enough to say that each one of us will live long enough to find Earth 2."

"I believe you are crazy enough to find it Even. If you don't, I want you to 'Live Long, and Prosper'."

"If I wanted to prosper, I would stay here on Earth. Earth 2 is out there somewhere. Our intrepid group will live long enough, and continue to have enough children to find it. It's a big universe out there Steph, and unless someone leaves a trail of breadcrumbs for us to follow, we are just going to look at the findings our instruments give us, and go with our best guess."

"You're going to have my Laura onboard. You better take care of her, or I'll find you and take care of you."

"I want you t

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