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Janice is happily surprised by her husband and a friend

I took a step back from her to remove temptation. Now was not the time, but soon, very soon.

* * * * * *

The rest of the day I kept myself under control, but I had the most fun with her. We did go to a museum, and she surprised me at every turn with what she was interested in and the things she knew. I learned more in one day than I probably had over the last year, even including the time we had been dating. If I hadn't already realised how little I'd found out so far I'd probably have annoyed myself again. Making the effort to do things with her other than get naked and go to bed was extremely rewarding.

When we were all out of things to do in town, and faster than I thought since I had anticipated a lot of shopping, we went back to the car, adding the few bags to the boot. That dress that made Tess even more beautiful than I thought possible, and the new underwear for both of us would come in handy later on, but right now it was time to get going.

I drove us a little way out of the centre, having worked out a place we could picnic by the side of the river. It was a gorgeous spot and with perfect company and good home-cooked food, what more could we want? I carried the cooler for a little way until we found a spot under some trees, away from anyone else and in some shade from the sun which was surprisingly hot.

Spreading out a blanket, I encouraged Tess to sit between my legs leaning back on me, so that I could help to feed her all the things I had prepared. The food was for her pleasure, but I knew her reaction to it would be mine. She giggled as I fed her bits from my fingers, but I made sure I got plenty of food as well. She just sighed as I finished with the sandwiches and other savouries, and I nuzzled her neck a little, kissing softly to make her moan.

"You've done perfectly today you know," she told me. "I've loved every moment so far."

"Me too. I wanted to do something for you, and I put a lot of thought into getting it right."

"You do realise anything with you would have been good? I'm not expecting you to change your whole life for me, or do things like this all the time."

"I know that, but I want to change my life for you, I already have. It makes both of us happy, and I love pampering you."

I heard her giggle again, music to my ears.

"You're a big softie, aren't you?"

"I don't know about that. Not all of me is soft, especially not when you are lying against me like this!"

"Tease," she mumbled. "I hope I'm going to get that later, but just in case you are getting any ideas, I'm not up for al fresco sex."

"Me neither. I need to have you all to myself love. That said, I have been missing your kisses."

She turned her head and body slightly, smiling at me, and pressed her lips to mine. From that tiny contact we both let out a quiet moan, and she nestled against me, arms around each other and tenderly exchanging touches. Having her in my arms and our lips moving against each other was heaven, and the longer it went on the closer she worked her body against me. It fitted perfectly, as always, and I held her tighter, unwilling to let go.

It was her that moved away first, although she didn't go far. Her eyes kept staring at me, and the gaze was so intense, so full of love, it made me warm inside. She cared so much for me it showed and she seemed to be glowing in the muted sunshine, her highlighted hair shining where the rays broke through the leaves above us. She was my angel.

"We need to stop doing that Dan, you're making me feel like doing things we can't do in public."

Her slight blush at her admission she was as turned on as me made me grin, and I planted a quick kiss on her lips to reassure her.

"I feel like that too. How about some pudding as a distraction? Your choice of fruit or chocolate truffles, although I know which I'd prefer to feed you, and I did make them by hand."

"You can make chocolates too? Where have you been all my life?"

"I was waiting for you Tess."

I smiled, she didn't look so happy at what I said.

"I kept you waiting, you mean?

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