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Suzanne's relationship with Gary develops.

She didn't dare look over her shoulder. Bright pools of lights from the street lamps made the shadows even darker, more ominous. Her breath came in nervous pants, as she tried to keep herself calm, even though her heart was beating at what felt like a hundred miles per minute. Her sweaty skin glistened whenever she passed through the light.

Nervously, Dawn crossed the street, peering left and right, acting as if she were only checking for cars when she was actually trying to catch a glimpse of whoever was following her. From the corner of her eye she saw a black shadow slip into the blacker shadows.

Not hesitating, not caring that her creepy follower knew she knew where they were, she broke into a run, her boots thudding against the pavement as her chest heaved with her frightened breaths. She crossed her left arm over her chest, to flatten her breasts, which hadn't seemed to be large whenever she had looked at them in the past, but now seemed to be huge, bouncing as she ran.

Dawn ran for a few blocks, finally stopping at a main intersection full of bright lights and some cars. She knew she was close to her neighbourhood and that this was still a residential area. She stopped and listened, trying to quietly gulp air into her lungs as she strained to hear those dreaded footsteps. Looking behind her, she saw nothing, an empty street that seemed peaceful and quiet yet eerie at the same time.

Confused, Dawn turned and started to walk again. Throwing looks behind her, trying to see if she was still being followed, she walked slower. As Dawn turned around, she hadn't realised that she had passed the busy area and reached a calmer, quieter area. She recognised the house across the street, all white with blue shutters.

Her body was drenched with sweat, her clothing sticking to her body. Tired, confused and more than a bit scared Dawn stumbled as the heel of her boot caught on the edge of a small pothole in the middle of the sidewalk. Gasping, she pitched forward...and would have fallen on the pavement if someone hadn't caught her by the upper arms and hauled her back up on her feet.

Turning around to say thanks, she looked up and locked eyes with the most ethereally beautiful man. His eyes were violet, set in a face the colour and texture of alabaster, maybe even paler. His black hair curled gently over his forehead and neck.

Dawn's breath caught in her throat and she fought to say anything at all to this gorgeous man. He spoke first instead.

"I'm sorry if I frightened you. I've...been following you for quite awhile...I...didn't want to alarm you. The least I could do was make sure you didn't fall because of me..." His undulating voice trailed off. It was a beautiful voice, it sounded like velvet midnight and silk.

Dawn couldn't take her eyes off of him; he was so beautiful. She barely noticed as his hand lightly grasped her wrist. "It''s okay...t-t-thank y-you." She stammered out.

After awhile, she finally realised that he was leading her somewhere but she couldn't figure out where, nor did she care. He led her into a dense copse of trees and out into an open field. The moonlight shone down on him, encasing him in a silver light.

He spoke softly into her ear, whispering. "Are you alright?" As his breath caressed her skin, she shivered. She could feel an ache between her legs, she could feel her body longing to be touched by him.

All Dawn could do was nod. He gently laid her down on the grass and in nothing more than a few seconds he had her undressed. He spread her legs and kneeled between them. He dipped his fingers ever so slightly into the sweet space between her legs, his fingers coming away wet and slick. He stroked her gently, caressing her. Her musk filled the small open space as her body responded to his gentle touches.

She closed her eyes and groaned as he slipped his fingers into her wetness. She was dripping, juices tickling out of her. He spread her legs wider and lowered his head. A few seconds later she felt his warm, wet tongue lapping at her.

Dawn had never felt like th

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