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She planned to babysit my wife but ended up in diapers.

After we had been seeing one another for 3 weeks, Ben asked me if I would marry him. I was quite shocked by this because of the short time we had been together, so I told him I would think about it and let him know the next day. That night I barely slept, but I knew I must keep my promise and give him the answer the next day. Finally I decided I would say yes, but years on I realise I had only said yes so as not to offend him. Yes, I really did like him very much, but did I love him? I suppose I tried to convince myself that I did, he was so easy to get on with and indeed was a really lovely person.

The next evening I pondered over what to wear, I had a lovely black, wet look dress, very short, very low, very sexy and very daring. I decided I would wear that; perhaps let Ben go a little further on the evening that I was to say yes to getting married. Susan, who had been a hairdresser before joining the RAF, curled my long blonde hair, it looked wonderful. I put my makeup on very carefully, put on my dress and some high-heeled black shoes that I had bought the weekend before. I checked myself in the mirror and I knew that I looked very sexy, was this the right thing to do? Well, it was too late now to make any changes, as I was already late for meeting Ben.

I met him in the NAAFI, and could not keep from blushing as all his friends jokingly whistled at me when I entered. I sat down with them all, had a few drinks and then Ben asked if I would like to go for a drive. I knew this was his way of getting us out of there so he could get my answer. We said our goodbyes and then left and got in his car. I knew as we drove off that he intended to stop somewhere soon to get my answer. After about 10 minutes he stopped the car at the end of a secluded lane. He held me in his arms, kissed me gently and asked if I had decided. I told him that I had and that my answer was yes. He immediately pulled me over to him and held me hard pressing his lips passionately onto mine. His hand slipped easily down my dress onto my breasts and this time I knew I was not going to stop him. I could feel his hardness through his jeans, his cock just bursting to get out. As he fiercely kissed me his hand was getting tighter round my breasts, his fierce fondling of me was awakening all my desires. I felt really hot and wet around my pussy, and I knew at that point, that tonight we were going to fuck, and I wanted to with every ounce of my body.

He put his hand up my dress, I was wearing just panties as it was a very warm evening, I felt his fingers go up under them and then I felt them enter my very wet pussy. God, I was bursting with passion and could not believe how wonderful everything felt. I let my hand go over the zip of his jeans, I undid the button and then slid the zip down, his cock was just bursting to get out of them and I could hear Ben breathing very heavily. He lifted up his bottom so that I could slide his jeans and underpants down just enough to get hold of his hard, throbbing cock. I got hold of it, but was feeling a little embarrassed and unsure of what I should do next. Ben got my hand and gently put it onto his cock, rubbing it up and down. It was so hard that I thought it was going to explode. He started to pull my dress over my head and there was no way I was going to stop him; I was enjoying this far too much. Once the dress was off, Ben's head was immediately down over my breasts, his mouth over my nipple which was hard and erect. He nibbled and sucked at it, I could barely take the excitement that engulfed my whole body. As he sucked and nibbled at one nipple he fingered and tweaked at the other and I was overcome with desire, I wanted his hard cock inside me, yes I wanted him to fuck me and I wanted it soon.

I was still rubbing his cock, but now it had become fiercer and quicker.

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