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Mike is manipulated by his stepsister's hot friend.

"Matt, you can't do this here, please-"

He kissed her into silence, hearing and unmistakable soft moan that followed, and felt her hands clench at his shirt. His cock throbbed in his pants, demanding to have what it wanted, what he wanted. Breaking the kiss he looked down at her, her own gaze frosty brown, "Why are you denying what you want? You want me to touch you, you want me to kiss you,...", he kissed her again, "To fuck you. Why deny it?"

Her eyes widened a bit at that last and she finally wriggled free of his embrace. She stepped around the counter, brushing nervously at her hair but he could see her composure seeping back into her demeanor. She looked up at him, her eyes afire with an emotion he couldn't quite place. "We need to get this done. I have a ton of things to do and my mother in law is due in shortly to make some canap__s so..." She smoothed her hair again and pushed the forms at him from across the counter. "Excuse me." She added curtly and stepped through the door in the back.

He gritted his teeth, stifling a low growl. He picked up the pen and began filling out the forms. He left them there on the counter, before she came back. He drove to his office and sat in the parking lot looking down at the aching tightness in his pants. The hard on refused to die, even though he was furious. What the hell was wrong with her?! Why was she so resistant to him?! He gritted his teeth again, slamming his hand against the steering wheel when his cell phone rang. Aha, she was calling him. He smirked "Hello there darlin'," he purred into the phone.

"Hello Sir, I see you sitting there in your car and you look upset. Anything I can do to help?" the temp piped up in her girlish voice.

It wasn't Lydia, damn! He searched the immediate area and found the temp standing a few feet away from the car. He hadn't even noticed her there, he was so consumed with rage and lust. "Yes, you can help, come 'ere." He motioned to her, and hung up, dropping the phone in his pocket. The girl slid into the passenger seat, her smile widening when she saw his fully erect cock. He didn't wait for her to say more, merely grabbed a hand full of her hair, pressing her lips against the tip. She didn't resist, only moaned. This pissed him off more. She may resemble Lydia but she certainly didn't sound like her. As the girl went above and beyond her job description, he pictured Lydia's face. He could still taste her on his lips, could still smell her. He moaned as his cock throbbed in the girls mouth. His cell phone rang and he reached into his pocket to silence it, his hips beginning to move of their own accord as he fucked the girls mouth. Oh she was good, but not who he wanted. He wanted "Lydia.." he murmured.

The girl lifted her head, "I'm sorry Sir, what did you say?"

He pushed her head down, again as he felt the familiar tingle in his balls. He was about to cum. He hissed as the pressure intensified. "Oh god Lydia!" he moaned as he came, still clenching the girls hair. He released the vice grip on the girls hair and leaned across her lap to the glove compartment for the wipes he kept there. She sat up, wiping at her mouth and smiling. He took a moment to really look at her, she was a pretty young thing, couldn't have been more than 23. If he were younger....

"Sir, my name is not Lydia, who is Lydia? Your wife?" She took the wipe he was offering and cleaned off her gorgeous full lips. She reapplied her lipstick and glanced at him, waiting for an answer.

Matt, opened the car door and stepped out into the cool morning hair.

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