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Wife gets a new take on "wild".

While Ted continued to kiss Shelly's clit, he pumped his cock up and down against the inside of Shelly's leg.

Shelly grabbed Ted by the back of his head and pulled him up for a kiss. Ted let his arm slip out of her and moved up toward Shelly's face. As Ted's body slid up, he felt his cock penetrate Shelly's pussy. When Ted's lips finally met Shelly's lips, he'd found that he'd completely buried his cock into her. Shelly fucked Ted relentlessly.

Shelly kissed Ted over and over while shoving herself over Ted's cock. Ted responded in kind by ramming himself into her.

Eddy looked like someone who had been left in the cold but the routine offered Eddy an opportunity to do something that could drive Tim over the edge.

As Shelly fucked Ted, she rolled over on on top of him and fucked him in earnest. Shelly pushed her hips up to the head of his cock and then drove her body down over his cock again and again and again.

Eddy separated himself from the two of them, positioned himself on his knees, and proceeded to "pretend-fuck" Shelly from behind. Eddy was behind Shelly. Eddy grabbed Shelly's hips while his dick slid up and down between her ass cheeks. At some point, Eddy looked down and decided, "Why the hell not?" Eddy's huge cock rested at Shelly's ass while he waited for the signal.

Shelly continued to drive her pussy over Ted's cock. Tim watched as Shelly pulled herself up until only an inch or two of Ted's cock was inside her only to let her weight drive her body over Ted's cock again. Every time she pushed down, Eddy's cock slid up between her ass cheeks and stuck up in the air over her back.

Tim thought to himself, "She can't be serious." But he had no idea what she had been doing over the past six weeks.

Shelly continued to fuck Ted until she came. Shelly's orgasm was the signal that Eddy was looking for. Shelly continued to drive herself over Ted's cock until she collapsed in ecstasy on Ted's still hard cock.

Slowly, Shelly, raised herself up again and waited for Eddy to pick up on the cue. Shelly was up on her knees and still had about half of Ted's still-hard cock in her.

Eddy backed up, pointed the head of his cock at Shelly's ass and slowly pushed himself into her.

Shelly responded by backing herself up and sliding her ass over Eddy's cock. As she backed up, she could feel Ted's cock slide into her as well. Eddy hastened the process and drove himself fully into Shelly's ass while Ted did the same.

"Shelly doesn't like it up the ass." Was the thought that crossed Tim's mind as he watched his wife get fully penetrated in the ass and pussy at the same time. "Jesus," Tim thought to himself, "she's got twenty-eight inches of dick in her..." Just as the math went through Tim's head.

Shelly cried out, "Oh, GOD!" and came again for the umpteenth time.

"Dear, God!" Shelly cried again. "Just FUCK ME!" With this instruction, Ted and Eddy alternately drove their cocks into Shelly's ass and pussy.

"Oh, oh, OH, OHHHH... FUCK!" Shelly yelled as she came repeatedly. "UNGGGGGHHHH! GOD!! FUCK ME! FUUUCCCKKK MEEEE!!"

Ted and Eddy continued to ram themselves into Shelly while she came time and again.

Tim watched as he cursed into his gag. He screamed. Tim was pissed off and turned on and feeling completely hopeless as he watched his wife getting double pumped by these horse-cocked men. Tim struggled, yelled, and eventually passed out. He leaned over in his unconscious state and fell over onto the floor.

Eddy craned his head backward and saw Tim fall. "Oh, shit." Eddy said as he backed up and pulled his cock almost completely out of Shelly's ass. "Should we do something?" Eddy asked.

"Yeah," Shelly replied, "Fuck me. To hell with him."

With this, Eddy resumed ramming his cock into Shelly. Eddy leaned over, put his hands on her back, and eventually slid his hands over her ribs. Eddy's hands grasped Shelly's breasts as he leaned over and kissed her neck. "We love you, Shelly." Eddy whispered into Shelly's ear as he continued to pump himself into her ass.

"Wreck me.

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