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Demi Moore balls Robert Redford.

He's very straight acting, hates dance clubs, loves rock and roll.

Since I'm straight acting and love rock as well we seemed to hit it off immediately. We talked about Zepplin, Floyd, and Anne Rice over sushi after the concert. Then, a couple of weeks later we talked about dating. Only a couple of months passed when we finally slept together. Because I was a virgin, I didn't know exactly what to do but him being the experienced one guided me through the whole night.


He lay on top of me, his white mixing with my coffee colored skin on the bed sheets. That beautiful cock piercing me with every thrust. Consumed with pleasure, I wrapped my legs around his waist engulfing his tongue with my mouth as he fucked me. He knew from that first moment I was his and his alone; I wouldn't be going anywhere.


Now a year later here we are going to my late grandfathers cabin in Wisconsin. Until now, I had never brought anyone here because I didn't have anyone to share it with. Now that David was my life partner, I decided that it was time to use the cabin my Grandfather left me to spend some special time alone.

Lovingly, he caressed my bald head and ran his hand down to the stubble on my chin. "Body heat is better than blankets sweetheart, however, I'm not sure how warm it will keep us in weather that's twenty degrees below zero." I melted as his blue eyes met my light browns.

"Oh David, I'm sure we'll be fine," as I grabbed his waist and dropped my hands down to his ass.

Later that evening after I finished putting the food in the fridge, I walked behind him and rubbed his shoulders then kissed his neck. He moaned as I left a mark below the heart tattoo to the left of his chin then turned him around to face me. As soon as our eyes met, I kissed him long and hard; his manhood rose as I pulled him closer. I put my arms under his sweater and tickled his side with my fingertips. As he whispered dirty nothings in my ear, my nipples instantly responded.

To add to the spice, I whispered, "let's test the body heat theory shall we?"

I led him to the bedroom and pushed him on the bed.

"I love it when you're rough!" he said with a chuckle.

As I pulled the sweater over his head, I stared at his body; his tattoos were glistening with sweat, his nipples so hard they could cut glass. I licked them and played with the rings. His breathing accelerated when I stroked his cock through his pants.

"Shit Andre you are such a tease, don't make me wait!" he said in a playful tone.

Quickly, I pulled the zipper down and unleashed the most beautiful member I'd ever seen. The head was swollen and purple, the cock piercing shone brightly. Like a porn star, I took it all into my mouth and looked up at him; his eyes were closed, his mouth gaped open. As I made slurping noises, he bucked back and forth into my mouth. I gagged a little and caressed his balls while touching his hole.

Seemingly when I poked him there, he pulled me up and I fell on top of him. I sucked and nibbled on his tongue as he caressed my back through the shirt. In one movement, he rolled on top of me and pulled my sweats down. My cock stood at attention as he traced my navel with his tongue. I ran my fingers through his hair and opened my legs wide. As I felt him circle the tip of my cock, my toes curled.

"Damn David, oh baby..." I breathed as he continued to devour my cock. Getting me ready for penetration, he licked and sucked my hole leaving his own "lube" there for easier entry.

Now, I wanted him to ram his cock inside and show me no mercy. I put my legs atop his shoulders as he probed my hole some more with his finger. As I heard the sound of the condom wrapper, I braced myself for his sweet violation. He started slow, then asked me if I wanted more.

"Yes, baby!" I said in a whisper.

I looked into his eyes as he penetrated me further.

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