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Ginny is haunted by a desire to become a milk sow.

"There was," he said. "No greater turn on than fucking another man's wife and knowing that he was aware of it." His greatest thrill was spending the night in the marital bed with a woman while her husband slept in the spare room.

His wife had found out about his exploits a few years ago and had sent him packing. Chatting to him gave me a great insight in the mind of a cuckold. He told me that he had seen grown men cry seeing him with their wives and yet it excited them as well. I could not fully understand how a man could love his wife, be very jealous of the whole situation, and yet get enormous sexual release from it. But as Alex said "Why should I try to understand it. Just enjoy the sexual freedom that it allowed."

As time went on Alex became very helpful in 'conditioning' Mark, as he called it. He would tell me to play on it; masturbate Mark as I told him things I would like to do with another man. From that I would be able to gauge just how far I could get Mark to go and how fast I could do it. Alex emphasised the importance of taking things slowly. "Lead him by his cock slowly yet firmly," he would tell me. "Once the noose was around his neck he would be yours!"

I followed his advice and soon became surprised how easy Mark was not only taking to the idea but also confessing things that he would be prepared to do. Alex had also told me how enjoyable it was to have a husband clean up after him after he had finished with his wife. "And if he is prepared to clean me up as well all the better!" He added.

I never got as far as bringing that particular aspect into our fantasy but the thought of seeing Mark with another man's cock in his mouth was very appealing, more so if it was covered in my juices as well!


To be honest I never saw it coming; I should have, I know, but Jane had subtly reeled me in, so subtly that I hadn't realised that I had swallowed hook, line and sinker until I had been landed on the river bank!

Although I had noticed a change in her I had never realised where it was all leading to, I just thought that it was her opening up sexually with age. In hindsight, the change in the bedroom talk; the change in the way she dressed; change of hair colour and the sudden sexier outlook should have flagged itself on my radar a long time ago but it's always easier with hindsight isn't it? The saying that a way to man's heart is through is stomach is a load of rubbish. The way to a man's heart is through his cock!

Jane had taken hold of mine and led me like a lamb to the slaughter. When she had got me into the hotel room on that fateful night I was a cuckold waiting to happen.


It was inevitable that Alex and I would get together eventually. I knew after a few weeks that I wanted to take things further with him and that if I was going to cuckold Mark then he would be the man to do it with. To be fair on Alex he was never pushy even though he was clearly interested. In Alex's favour was the fact that he lived just over an hour away.

From email chats we gradually got round to talking on the telephone. Alex gave me his number with the promise that he would never call me first. The agreement was that I would call him when I wanted to chat and he would call me back. He did not to want to compromise my marriage. When he did ask if we could meet up for a coffee sometime I was quite hesitant at first. Even though we were chatting and emailing each other regularly it was a big step to take and I knew that if we did meet it would change things. One night, during one of our 'fantasy' talks in bed I told Mark that I was going to have a coffee with an admirer from work and then expanded on what I might do with him afterwards. Mark prematurely ejaculated in my hand. I knew then that it was time to make a move.

Two days later Alex and I met up in our local shopping centre for a coffee.

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