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Lost and Found, the conclusion to Adam and Amy's love story.

Now go to Jim's room." Stepping into the house my eyes widened as I felt Lynn's grab my backside as I passed her. "Nice butt slave boy." she teased.

Entering Jim's room I saw Beth sitting on the edge of the bed. Jim sat cross-legged on the floor before her. Beth still wore the outfit I'd seen at school, a white blouse and tight denim skirt. Lynn was dressed identically. Damn, they looked good. Lynn, taking her place beside Beth, pointed to the floor in front of her, and commanded "Sit." I did.

"This is your second, and final night of punishment." Lynn offered. They both smiled at the look of relief on our faces upon hearing the words 'final night'.

"But tonight you get fair punishment. As I said last Sunday, what we've planned for you two is no more than simple justice." After a pause to let her words sink in, Lynn continued. "If you take this seriously, if you're good, obedient slaves, there MAY be rewards."

[Rewards! Rewards? I want rewards! Rewards are good!] Shut up brain.

"Remember, you don't say anything, you don't touch anything... unless we tell you to. Now stand up."

As we got to our feet, the girls stood as well, standing close in front of us. Beth spoke.

"For showing up, and so far acting like men, you get a reward."

Beth pulled Jim's arms around her, then steered his head down to meet her open mouth. In spite of myself I started to stare, but Lynn gave me the same treatment.

Driving her tongue into my mouth, Lynn visited my tonsils for a long, long, wonderful time. Then she invited me back to her place; I did my best to be a welcome guest. I lost track of time, the feeling of her tongue twisting and cavorting with mine blotted out every thought in my head. Minutes later she withdrew from our kiss and embrace.

Abruptly Beth and Lynn exchanged partners. It was a heavy-duty shock because Lynn and I had been somehow "a couple" up to this point. Suddenly I had an armful and mouthful of soft, sexy Beth. Dear sweet Jesus she WAS soft and sexy. She tasted like nectar, and she kissed like she'd had the devil for a teacher. My penis began to seriously firm up. Beth commence grinding her pelvis against my erection; a hard, unrelenting rubbing.

Curiosity pushed it's way into my thoughts. I thought about Lynn. She was giving Jim the same treatment. The image of her hips grinding, her belly working against his hips was seared into my brain. She looked so sensual that my knees felt weak. In the next instant my brain managed to figure out that must be just how Beth's hips look as they work against my body. That image totally turned me on.

Just when I didn't think I could get any hornier, Beth reached between us to fondle my erection. Soon she adjusted my angle so she could ride me even better. My hands began to slide down to her ass. I was desperate to feel up, to cup her cheeks, to pull her into me, but just as I got reached denim, her head shook "no" which stopped me.

Maybe a minute later, Beth gradually broke our soul kiss. Looking into my eyes, flashing her increasingly familiar evil grin, she very slowly began to undress me. Glancing right, I saw Lynn had Jim bared to the waist, and was now unzipping him. I caught his eyes for the briefest instant; we were both turned on out of our minds. My feelings about Lynn weren't any less, but Beth was absolutely revving my engine.

When my shirt was off and fly undone, Beth plastered herself into my chest. Her hands landed above my shoulder blades. Making eye contact, she slid them together down my back, into my underpants, and over my buns, slipping my pants down in the rear as went.

Her hands moved to my abs. They slowly slithered into the front of my underwear, one hand brushing each side of my penis before spreading apart to finish dropping my pants off my hips. She then slid her body down my front, intentionally rubbing her breasts over my erection as she finished removing my clothing entirely.

Beth and Lynn then stepped back and made a show of looking over "the meat" as we endured standing at attentio

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