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Elisabeth has fun showing off on the beach.

She patiently waited at the back of the line to meet Santa.

"I believe you're next little girl," Santa said to the 22 year old woman, the only person left waiting to entertain an audience with the giver of gifts.

"Well, hello Santa. Aren't you surprised to see me?" Samantha said to Santa, thinking it was Richard.

"Why yes, Santa's always happy to see you and have you sit on his lap," came Santa's standard response.

By this time Samantha's mind was dirty and her panties soaking wet. She sat on his lap and rested her head near his ear.

"Santa, do you think I've been good or bad this year," Samantha said while tracing her tongue along the lobe of Santa's ear.

Santa froze. Jerry wondered what the hell was going on. He wasn't sure who this woman was or what intentions she had.

"I'd have to check the lists again," came Santa's labored reply.

"Oh Santa, I know I've been a bad girl," Samantha whispered, "I'm thinking I'll get nothing for Christmas this year."

"You still have time to get on the nice list. It's almost two weeks until I climb into the sleigh."

"Two weeks doesn't give me very long then Santa," Samantha replied as she gently stroked the inside of Santa's rosy red thigh.

"I'm sure you'll find some way," came Santa's annoyed response. This lady was definitely a pervert. In all the years that Jerry had played Santa, never had he been sexually advanced by anyone. The idea that Santa turned this lady on somehow even sickened Jerry, but nevertheless he was instantly aroused. It must have been the taboo nature of the whole thing that intrigued Jerry.

Samantha never heard the annoyed tone in Santa's voice. Instead she moved her hand over Santa's now bulging red suit and began to tease his inflamed cock head.

"Do you like, Santa?" Samantha taunted.

A roaring of laughter erupted from the jolly good chap, "Ho, ho, ho. Santa does like."

"I'll be waiting in the sleigh. It'll be a fun ride to the North Pole I'm sure," Samantha said as she left Santa's lap and escaped to Santa's dressing room.

Samantha, alone in the dressing room, disrobed and caressed her naked body eagerly awaiting Santa's decent from his throne. The elves were long gone, but Samantha did not care. After two weeks of being gone she was horny, and wanted, what she believed to be, her husband's member. There was insufficient lighting in the dressing room, but Samantha had always relished in the mystery of darkness.

Santa entered still fully dressed and full of Christmas cheer evidenced by his bulge and wrinkle of his nose.

"Don't move. I want to be nasty with Santa. Is that alright with you?" Samantha questioned.

"Yes" came the gruff voice of Santa.

Samantha reached out, caressing the bulge with one hand and running her other hand through the snow white beard.

"This is fucking incredible. I'm glad that you took this job."

"I'm just spreading Christmas cheer," Santa offered merrily.

Samantha dropped to her knees and fumbled with Santa's zipper. It was Samantha's idea that all of this should be done with his suit still on; it would add further to her enjoyment of the fantasy. Finally Santa's cock was free.

"It feels different than I remember. I guess the suit makes it appear smaller." Samantha offered before taking the cock into her mouth.

Different than she remembers? Jerry was sure that he didn't know this woman. The thought only lasted for a few seconds as Jerry began to enjoy the warmth of Samantha's mouth. Whether or not he knew this woman, she was skilled in giving head and Jerry wasn't about to do anything to interrupt her performance.

"This is so dirty. I'm not sure what the attraction is, but I'm really fucking horny for you," Samantha was getting hornier by the second. An orgasm for her was in the immediate future.

"How would you like to fuck this naughty little girl, Santa?" Samantha now dripping was encouraging that glorious moment when she could have Santa orgasm inside of her.

"Ho, ho, ho! That sounds delightful,

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