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Judi confronts her husband, with unexpected results.

Feeling a bit tipsy from the wine and completely intoxicated by his sweet demeanor, Trinity gave in and a moan escaped from her lips. Before long, the couple was groping each other, kissing, and ready for some hot and heavy action. "Let's get out of here," he said, pulling his keys from his pocket and grabbing her hand to rush her back to his house.

There's something about a steamy summer night that makes people take chances. As he opened her door to help her in, Peter John couldn't resist the temptation. How could he? Trinity's legs, smooth and brown, were too tempting as she slid in the truck. "Wait, he said, as he slid her around in the seat to face him and got down on his knees in front of her. "I have to taste you NOW. I can't wait any more."

Getting down on his knees, PJ began kissing his way up Trinity's legs, spreading them further. She sounded convincing in telling him to stop, for the full half a second she tried, before she gave into the splendid sensation of her new lover's soft lips kissing the tender warm flesh between her legs. She leaned back and he pulled her forward more, her full ass on the edge of the seat. Maneuvering her panties down her legs, he tossed them in the back seat and the light of the moon illuminated one of the most beautiful pussies he'd every seen. He wasted no time in diving in; eating her like she was dessert. It's a good thing he had a sweet tooth because her juices tasted like honey. He was lapping her pussy, licking, sucking, and feasting on her sexy ass. His tongue was in overdrive, licking from her clit to her asshole and back again.

Trinity was out of her mind. The idea of some strange passerby casually strolling up on them and seeing them in the middle of a very public display was turning her on. She grabbed PJ's head and held it to her pussy. She was chanting, moaning, purring like a kitten, it would have been very obvious to anyone who was interested that some hot and heavy exploration was going on in that vehicle but that couldn't have been what Ford meant when they were naming their truck.

Peter John was so turned on; he reached in his pants and freed his raging dick. He was doing his best to stroke it but he couldn't keep his hand off the glorious ass Trinity was grinding on his face. But within a matter of seconds, Trinity was pushing him away. One minute, she was telling him she was going to cum, the next minute, she was saying stop. Confused and sure she had only been seconds from cumming, he backed away and stood up, his dick leaking precum, hard and swollen. Trinity was rubbing her wet pussy and staring at him like he was tender young gazelle and she was a fierce lioness waiting to attack. He stroked his dick watching her, her legs spread, aroused, a look of lust on her face.

He was all too tempting, standing there, wanting her. "Fuck me, she said, and she beckoned him to put his throbbing dick where his tongue had been moments earlier. For a second, for the first few seconds in fact, Peter John thought that he has put his dick in a magical pussy. She was tight and hot and wet, but there was some sort of ridge in her pussy that was hitting the head of his dick and it was sending sensations through his body like he'd never felt before. That same spot was doing magical things to Trinity as well because every time he hit it, she would scream and moan and beg him to fuck her harder. "Yeah, you like that pussy, don't you? Yeah, oh shit, damn that dick is making me feel good. Yeah, work it in there hard and slow, just like I like it."

Her legs on his shoulders, Peter John was putting it down. They were both in a zone and loving every second of their passionate love making. Then, all of a sudden, he felt her tense up, he saw her shut her eyes, and he heard her say, "Oh noooo, I'm cumming."

Then, without warning, it was like someone opened the gates of a dam.

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