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I describe what it takes to make me happy in a relationship.

"Been shopping, pet?"

She wriggled on her heels as she answered, feeling the tension in his voice. Her belly knotted a bit. "Yes, Master, I have been. A little."

She dared a glance up at him only to find him glaring down at her.

"I don't recall giving you permission to go shopping, pet. And I distinctly recall giving you instructions to get your work done while I was gone." She watched him with a growing sense of dread as he looked around the room, his eyes darkening quickly. "It seems that when I'm gone you do as you please." She winced as he looked down at her. She quickly lowered her eyes, biting the inside of her lip anxiously.

He walked from her, making a circle of the room, silently inventorying the work she hadn't done. She watched him, her belly tightening more as he went from room to room, his eyes and face darkening with each step. She stayed where she was, kneeling on the floor where he had left her, uttering a soft little whimper when she felt him close behind her, his boots flanking her hips.

"Any explanation, slave?"

He drew the last word out in a sarcastic drawl. Her heart skipped a beat as he spoke, knowing the inflection was intentional, the intention being to remind her of her place. It worked. It always worked. She dropped her eyes and whispered softly.

"I needed some new clothes, Master." As soon as she said it, she recognized it for the lame reason it was, but she was too late. She felt him snatch the playful hat from her head, eliciting a soft cry. He held it clenched in his fist and thrust it in front of her face, his powerful grip distorting the familiar shape, mashing the feathers.

"You needed this? My slave, who I prefer naked at all times, needed new clothes?" He growled deeply, softly, raising the tiny hairs on the nape of her slender neck, dropping the mangled hat in her lap. "When did you expect to do the rest of your chores, pet? Did you suppose that they would be done all on their own? That, miraculously, they would be done when you returned? Or was it that you were expecting me to do them?" He entwined his hand in her flaxen hair almost stealthily, tightening to a painful fist as he emphasized the word "me". She gasped in pain, the fire spreading through her scalp. He twisted her hair around his fist and shook her hard, wrenching a cry of pain from her. He spoke through tight lips and clenched teeth. "I expect an answer to my questions, slave."

"No, Master," she answered in a desperate, agonized whimper. "No, Master...please."

Growling softly, ignoring her soft pleas, he pulled her up by her hair, lifting her slightly off her knees. Giving a ragged cry, she tried to struggle to her feet, only to be pulled off balance as he dragged her over to his chair and unceremoniously over his left knee, pinning her peddling legs with his right. Reaching under her, his practiced fingers opened her jeans, button and zipper. Using both hands, he gripped her waistband and yanked the tight denim down and over the soft, round globes of her ass, shoving them down as far as her knees, pinning her further. Foregoing any gentleness, he gripped the crotch of her tiny panties with his large fist and tore them from her, lifting her up slightly, the material burying itself deep in her rear crevice and lips before rending and leaving her body.

"Master! Please!" she sobbed. "I'm sorry!"

"I don't think you are, pet. Not yet, anyway. But...you will be." Smiling tightly, he pressed his arm between her slender shoulder blades, pinning her down. She groaned deeply, knowing from years of experience that he meant business, recognizing the tacit signal that he was about to begin blistering her ass.

His spanks are hard and fast from the very beginning; none of the sweet warm spanks that he usually gave her when building her excitement. She loved those sweet swats, slow and even. She hated these - these wicked hot spanks, heat, pain and tears their only result. These spanks made it very clear that she was being punished, that he was angry with her and meant to make a point.


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