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Melinda & Paul go on their honeymoon.

There had been a car accident.

And then ... for a long time ... Ana asked everyone over and over why everything had to change.

But she was distracted and grinning when she was out of her car. She made sure to carefully gather all the presents she got for her parents and for the Dalcas. Not only did each Dalca have a Christmas present, but she also brought a bottle of wine and small bouquet of non-romantic flowers.

There were a great number of vehicles all around with tire tracks in the snow. Ana did see her parents' car ... and a white limousine that might have belonged to the Williamsons, but all the other cars looked practically alien to her.

Oh shit! There was a static cling decal of Santa Claus in a 1950s inspired space ship on one of the windows. It was so comical and endearing!

Something about Christmas excited her like nothing else.

And, considering what she was hoping might happen on this day, well, Ana nearly skipped, which caused her to slip in the snow and drop a present. She crouched down, pinched the gift back up, and went on to the entrance.

So ... many ... stringed lights ...

A frame of rainbow sparkles!

Ana rang a doorbell. Ding dong!

The door opened. A great, bustling noise slammed into her face. There were people all around, drinking, eating, and listening to cheesy Christmas music that reminded Ana of old movies. Before Ana, there was a lean man wearing crisp black pants, a white shirt, a tie, and no jacket, not even a waistcoat. He nodded at her and said, "Good afternoon! Are you Ana Davis?"

Blushing, Ana said, "Yes Sir."

"Then please come in," the man said, reaching out to her with white gloved hands. "Would you like for me to take your presents and put them under the tree?"

"Oh, thank you." She carefully put the packages into his arms. Then she kicked snow off her boots and entered the building. "Oh, the wine and flowers aren't Christmas presents. They're like extra presents. Could you give them to the host, please?" She honestly didn't know where Mihai or Vlad were. So many people! And it seemed that they were following American rules, shoes on. No wonder Vlad wanted to have the floors cleaned afterwards. Also, Ana wanted to hurry to the food. Christmas food is often the best food.
"I'll go find him as soon as I can. Do you want me to come back to take your coat?"

It was a long, black coat that hid her calves, quilted with a faux fur lined hood. That hood was tilted back, letting her French braid of a hairstyle chill in the snowy air.

And she didn't want to take it off just yet.

"No thank you. I'll keep it on."

As the man, who might have been a butler, went off with the gifts, Ana admired the glittering foyer she was in. There were two staircases with red carpeted steps. The glossy railings had tacky yet lovable icicle lights hanging from them. In the center of the room, there was a shiny round table with a tiny Christmas tree on top. Another Christmas tree, a huge one, plastic and green, was glowing. There was a massive amount of presents under it, and that was where the butler went.

Was the floor black marble? Nice.

Her fingers anxiously fiddling with the zipper on her coat, a little uncomfortable in the indoor heat, Ana looked around and couldn't find a single familiar face for the longest time. She went off in search of the dining room, which was a long search. The place was huge.

The dining room was mostly traditional, with a wooden flooring and a grand fireplace that had red stockings hung on it.

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