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A young man with CP finds love through his sisters friends

I get the idea to try sucking one ball into my mouth for some "special attention," and pull my mouth off his prick, replacing it with my other hand.

I do manage to get one ball into my mouth for some tongue licks and a bit of suction. The hand holding his prick keeps a gentle up-and-down movement.

I am working on switching to his other ball when my hand feels his prick swell up and start pumping jism into the air. My mouth is nowhere near being able to collect his juice! The hand on his prick lets go and, flailing like a second baseman about to commit "Error, E4," I manage to catch just a bit of his cum. It is only enough to spread over most of one breast.

My Master has come a little awake in these moments and I get to hear a few (probably very tender) words in Russian. I soothe him with a few bars of Brahm's Lullaby and tell him to suck on my breast, the one without his cum on it. After a few moments, I suggest he switch to the other.

Give the guy credit: he realizes the different taste and comes fully awake. "Slave, what's going on?"

I've dodged at least a slap or two!

"Please, Master, I wanted you to taste yourself. I liked your taste before, and I thought you would like it, also, Master." No harm in throwing in a few extra "Masters," right?

I get a little more Russian, a hand attaching to a breast, and an edict: "It's not time to get up yet."

Kolya goes back to sleep practically instantly. It takes me a few moments to indulge in a giggle and a bit of snuggling to get comfortable before I join him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter Seventy-Four: Circus, Part IV

Morning comes and Kolya amuses himself with a sort of massage on his slave. That is, his hands really become familiar with my breasts, my pussy, and my butt. My trainers have taught me that a slave takes comfort from wherever she can, so I am not offering any resistance to this exploration.

Kolya checks his smartphone and announces that our next activity is in the resort's pool. My chain is unlocked from the bed and my Master and I head off to the pool. We meet the others along the way, each slave being led by some type of leash. Nobody has any clothes on, which makes it easy to get into the water as soon as we enter the Spa Area.

A few of the Russians start doing laps, and Pat joins them, her chain dangling around her waist. Her PE work with me had always been in the gym, so I had no idea she was such a strong swimmer.

The rest of us paddle around, splashing each other, and just enjoying the water and a relaxed attitude.

When Sergei has completed his laps, it is clear that the activity is complete for all of us. Each slave finds a few towels and we dry our Masters with gentle pats and rubs. Dmitry seems to enjoy this attention, becoming proudly erect. A few words in Russian from Sergei provoke laughter among all our Masters, and they lead us back to the main salon, where a breakfast buffet is waiting. Again, our Masters eat first but take good care to feed their slaves. There is quite a bit of banter among the Russians, and I think I hear some of our names spoken, but the words flow so rapidly that I cannot be sure.

In a moment, all is clarified. Sergei makes the announcement. "Slaves, your Masters have been fairly well pleased with your service, but it is always true that the next slave will probably be better. So, we have traded among ourselves and you now have new Masters. I'm sure you will strive to show your new Master the proper devotion. Do you understand?"

As if we had rehearsed, my sister slaves and I all fall into Position One and announce, "Yes, Master, devotion to the new Master." I wasn't actually anxious to get rid of Kolya, and a slave always fears that the new Master won't be as kind or nice or careful as the old Master. It really depends on which end of the whip you're facing, doesn't it?

My new Master is Aleksei, the tall Master with the standard riding crop who completed the round of spanking on my ass.

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