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New strategies are formed.


"Oh God!" was all that I could say, as I thrust my hips even higher, as if burying my cock in her pussy. She continued to pump me faster and faster.

"Make him shoot! Make him shoot!"

"Uuunnnngh ... pump my dick out in the open. Show them ... my ... cuuummmm!" I blasted a broken wad of cum high in the air. Some hit her thigh, some hit her breasts, and some landed all over my stomach.

"This might be the best two days of sailing we have ever had." my wife said in a matter of fact way, as she wiped up the mess using a tissue. "Are we going to the game or to the beach?" she asked, referring to the tickets we had to see the Toronto Blue Jays that afternoon.

"The game doesn't start until 3:05 this afternoon; so, we can spend a few hours on the beach before we take the ferry to the city."

"Ok" she replied "Let's go for our run and then I'll put some sandwiches together. We can have lunch on the beach."

That being decided, we hustled around the boat to clean things up, had a quick breakfast and then headed out for our daily three mile run. Shortly after we returned, we found ourselves heading back to the nude beach.

Feeling like professional nudists (after one day's experience), we spread out our sleeping bag and casually stripped off our clothes not trying to hide at all. We giggled as we slapped the sun screen on each other, particularly on each other's lily white behinds.

It was a very hot and muggy, July day. The crowd was already starting to build because it was Saturday, and a perfect day to try to cool off by the water. There were many more couples around than on the day before; so, I was in my glory checking out all the naked women. They came in all shapes and sizes, some with all over bronze tans, and some rookies like us, with distinct tan lines. There were big boobs, shaved pussies, hairy arm pits, flabby lumps, rippled abs and everything in between. I LOVED THEM ALL.

My wife was actively searching as well. She was checking out the men, knowing that they weren't all gay today. She sat up with her arms out behind her for support. Once in a while, she would also bend her legs and put her feet flat on the sand exposing her crotch more openly to the passers by. I still had yesterday's problems of 'dick drip' and instant 'pudge' whenever I would think of my wife lying naked for all to see and knowing she was loving it.

We swam periodically, to cool off, and I would get the 'ol woody when my wife would hug me in the water. I once said "The hell with it..." and walked back to our spot with a solid dick pointing the way. Nobody seemed to notice, until I actually sat down and a woman, a few spots over, winked at me. I smiled and turned beet red.

After lunch, we packed up and headed into town to the baseball game. Throughout the game, we spoke to each other in a kind of secret code.

"Boy it sure is hot today. We would be better off at the beach instead of the ballpark." I said to the two guys beside me. My wife gave me an elbow shot to the ribs.

Later, my wife got talking to the woman beside her who was complaining of the intense sunshine. The woman was wearing a mesh top and said something about weird tan lines. My wife responded by saying she hated tan lines. I gave her a shot in the ribs at that one.

The game went into extra innings and ended just before 7:00 pm. We took the ferry back to Centre Island and checked on the boat. It was still very hot and humid; so, I suggested a walk on the beach and maybe a swim. The wife grabbed my butt in one sweeping slap and said, "You just want to gawk at the women some more."

"There might still be some well hung guys around." I said in a teasing tone.

"Last one there is a pervert!" she said as she pushed me back into the cockpit and started sprinting toward the sand dunes. I was behind her in a flash (so to speak) and we raced each other in stripping off the few clothes we had on.

We did not have the sleeping bag this time and the crowd had diminished significantly; so, we decided to walk along the waters edge.

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