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A young nurse meets her new patient.

She had to fucking try.

Jeremy watched her expression as she ran through options in her head. Her face was so unbelievably cute when she wasn't scowling. She was almost pixie-like. And she was also oblivious to the fact that she had resumed grinding against him while she was thinking. He enjoyed the feel of her very tight pussy moving slowly back and forth. And then she stopped. She was again aware of her body and was trying to control it.

She tried to stop moving, and she tried to think about other things, but there was no ignoring the desire to scratch. So she tried to distract herself by talking.

"Have you done this before?" she asked, trying to look bored.

"This exactly?" he replied. "No. But plenty of other things."

"You like to tie girls up?"

"Yes, and I like to be tied up with them. But you knew that already, from the ad." Rory had done some searching and found Jeremy's personals ad online. He was looking for a girls to share bondage with. And Rory had been looking for someone to tie Jillian to. To force her to have sex with a man. To show her that she didn't really want that anymore, that she wasn't really bi, that sex with a man was disgusting and painful, that she should come back to Rory and be happy again.

It had been a stupid idea, it would never have really worked, at least not to the point of driving Jillian back into Rory's arms.

Rory fought more tears -- tears of loathing and self-pity, tears of the fear of being alone. She squirmed, wiggling her waist to try to get more comfortable. Jeremy sighed and closed his yes. This was heaven.

Then she stopped. She hadn't meant to do that. When she got lost in her thoughts, she got in trouble. She had to stay focused. She looked at the clock. Twenty-three more minutes.

"Why do you like it?" she asked, sniffling.

"Like what?"

"Being... tied up."

His shoulders made a motion that looked like an attempt at a shrug. "Never thought that much about why I like it. I just do."

"Were you ever tied up and raped? Is this some way of coping with that trauma?"

Jeremy rolled his eyes. "No. And you're not the first to suggest that. No, I had a boring, simple, suburban white upbringing. But at some point, the idea of being forcibly tied to a sexy woman got in my head and I couldn't shake it. To be in a position where she was forced to have sex with me, but not because I was forcing her."

"Rape without guilt," Rory commented, focusing hard not to move. "Hm."

"Or it could be just physical -- when I'm tied up, there's no touching or caressing or kissing, and aaallll the erotic sensations are concentrated in one place."

Rory's walls tightened around him a moment as she tensed up, trying to resist the urge to move. Jeremy shivered at the sensation that perfectly exemplified what he had just said.

"Or maybe it's insecurity, doc. If she's tied to me, there's no chance of her leaving, of her rejecting me. She has to give herself to me. Do you think that's what's going on in this twisted head of mine?" He was mocking her. "Whatever it is, it's no less sick than whatever you were trying to accomplish by sending me to your girlfriend's place."

Rory, who was already looking away from him, tried to look even farther away in shame.

"Did you hurt her?"

"Not physically, no."

"Did you use the powder on her?"

"The itching powder? No. I did something different."

"What were the pictures for -- the digital pictures you wanted?"

"A code -- she had to figure out the combination to a lock so we could get the key to the handcuffs."

"How did that make her... Did she have to fuck you?"

"No, I was on top. And I could only reach the combination and the key if I puuuushed a little harder to reach them. And it took a good bit of reaching." His eyes seemed to be calling up memories of that afternoon. His lips curled in a smile.

Finally, Rory could take it no more.

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