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No one can decide when they have an epiphany.

You pull back as I grow to my full length, keeping as much as you can inside your mouth. Finally you hold the base of my cock as you take me in and out, still enjoying the heat of my organ in your mouth. You suck me for a while longer, using your hands very well; wrapped around my cock, cupping my balls, reaching around to pull me towards you. I touch your head and clench your hair from time to time letting you know not to stop.

While you're still wrapped up in your work, I pull your head off of my cock with the tip of my dick just across your lips and you look up into my eyes. I see the lust there, the need for more. I enjoy that image for a few seconds; you under my cock enveloped in lust. Before you can get back to sucking me, I pull you up, toss you back on the bed and rip off your panties. You gasp as the cold air teases your pussy lips and the thrill of having your clothes ripped off courses through your whole body. You help me take your bra off in one quick motion and await the next development.

I grab the soft ropes and push you tightly onto the bed pulling your arms up and together. I tie both of your hands tightly and pull them above your head. You arch up and take my cock back into your mouth as I secure the rope to the bed. You're mostly helpless now. Restrained and restricted just enough to give up control but not pleasure. I kiss you hard and pull away. Taking my time but always moving, I kiss my way down your body, stopping to pay attention to particular areas; your shoulders, your breasts but not the nipples quite yet, your navel, and the sloping curve that dives from your hip to your moist center. I grab a pillow and lift up your legs until the pillow rests under your hips. There is no doubt by either of us about where I'm heading. I want to envelop your pussy with my mouth.

I tease the lips then slide my flat tongue across it. I make sure to give attention to every inch of skin amongst the wet folds of your lips. I put pressure in just the right places and tease at the right times. This is a change from the animalistic dominance that I displayed earlier, but no less erotic. You know that if you just let go, you'll cum in my mouth. I know this too and slide my wet finger into your vagina. It is soon joined by a second. My mouth is now on your clit and I stimulate inside and out until you climax, gushing sweet sticky fluid into my mouth, on my face. I ease you down from your orgasmic high and climb your body until I reach your gasping mouth and hear your shallow breath. Your restraints don't allow you to grasp me but you moan into my mouth as we kiss and I share your juices with you.

I climb up your body until I'm on my knees to your side. I have you look straight up as I slowly slide my cock across your lips and tongue. I turn your head to the side and enter your mouth. You take me in as far as you can and I take note of how much of me you fit into your mouth. Then I tell you to be still and I start to slide in and out, slowly thrusting my cock between your lips to the back of your hot mouth. I grab your breast, lightly squeezing your nipple just how you like and I revel in the sensation of your tongue and lips on my cock. Your mind races with images of how erotic this must look. You with your hands tied, your arms pulled above your head and this hard veiny cock having its way with you. You feel used and you love it. I take care not to thrust too deep as I pick up the tempo and fuck your face. Finally I withdraw my cock and lean down to kiss you again.

I quickly slide down and place the tip of my dick at the wet opening of your pussy and apply just a little pressure.

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