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From lust to romance.

I gulped, feeling the smooth phallus slip inside me.

Her thrusts were gentle and smooth, her expression firm and unwavering. With each movement the cock slipped a little deeper, each thrust a little harder and faster. She was building up to her rhythm, and her movement while watching me for signs of distress. But it felt good; the smooth act of submission always did.

I drifted into her beat, savouring every slap of her skin on mine and delighting in the bounce of her strap-on against my prostate. My loins sizzled, my cock twitched with the thrust of her toy into my arse.

"That feels so good." It really did. I savoured every powerful thrust of her cock, every sinful slap of her thighs, every twinkle in her eye and every movement on my ankles. I whimpered, squealed and murmured at her rampant rodgering; she grunted and panted. Daniel's wide eyes breathed in the sight before him, gently stroking his cock, already erect again: the joys of being eighteen apparent.

My ass was being plowed. Without mercy or relief; she was fucking my butt like a woman possessed. My erect dick leaked pre-cum constantly, the clear viscous liquid rolling down my waist and pooling on the mattress below.

She barked in her mother tongue; her friend passed her two condoms. She threw one onto my hairy chest and passed one back to her team mate, gently withdrawing her cock from my butt. I rolled the see-through sheath down my cock as I missed her strap-on; I wanted to be filled again and Daniel lined up behind me instead, slowly pushing his cock into my open hole.

I groaned as the real cock occupied my mind, rubbing against my prostate as she swung her legs over me: the harness discarded obscenely on the floor of her hotel room. Her wrists grabbed mine and pressed me into the mattress, seizing control as she positioned her cunt over the tip of my condom-covered cock.

It was the grunts behind her, of Daniel, plowing my arse with his teenage cock that I felt and adored. The plundering of a straight man by choice by another man was a mindfuck; the fact he was fifteen years my junior made it even hotter.

Julia impaled herself on my cock as I was pounded by Daniel; every penetrating thrust vibrated my body and made my loins dance with delight. He was a good fuck; pressing firm and hard as he rammed into me. I wanted more; I longed for him to go faster, go deeper and plunder me. I wanted a cock in my mouth and another two in my hand. I wanted to be taken and degraded in a debauched orgy of bisexual lust.

My mind wandered - Dmitri, Lee, Emit and a dozen other men stood watching: staring and commenting on the filthy sight in the hotel room. They teased and condemned. Taunted me, as one of them fingered my fianc__e to orgasm. She was taken too, in front of me, satisfying her to howls of climatic lust before I ate the cum pouring obscenely from her cunt. I was coated in spunk, a thick glazed sheen coating my hairy body as man after man took turns with me, fucking me like a ragdoll until I could take no more and succumbed to came with an orgasmic scream that troubled the dead.

Only it wasn't a crowd of my friends but Julia and Daniel; her bouncing body and Daniel's long thrusts had brought me to a deafening climax with a fierce tingling satisfaction that I rarely experienced.

It took a few moments for my body to function again, my desperate pants giving way to total exhaustion. Julia and I kissed briefly; we cuddled for a bit longer before I dressed and stumbled towards my room.

"You lucky bastard!" Dmitri exclaimed when I finished telling him about my evening. "You lucky, lucky bastard." I was indeed, but there was something troubling me. I just couldn't work out what.

The following day, I received a naked picture message from Julia on my phone of her and her strap-on. "Win. Or else your arse gets it."

I had to smile.

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