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Further descent into depravity.

Besides, the humans will need a break too." Cerulos scolded, causing Verdius to grumble and nod.

Everyone else laughed before Torrence turned to his family and the citizens of Cerulean.

"My wife and I will be gone for at least five weeks. Rest assured, we'll be back in time for the birth of Lady Daphene's child." He announced.

"Safe travels your majesties," Tealor said.

Everyone else waved and said goodbye as the royal couple and their entourage took flight.


It took them four days to get to the Enigma Cliffs region. Along the way they stopped in towns that could cater to their needs. Galeena made it an objective to meet as many of subjects as possible. Each day Torrence always sent out a scout to make sure the places they stayed at were ready for them. Galeena loved every minute of it, but was grateful for the breaks. As much as she loved flying on Verdius, she was always a bit sore from sitting in the same position for a long period of time. The weather was decent most of the time, although it did drizzle at times and even poured for several hours. The traveling party could fly when it drizzled and the humans wore water resistant clothing, but they had to stop in a small town when it started to pour.

By the time they did make it to the Enigma Cliffs region, it had gotten very windy. Galeena discovered that the region also had canyons and arid areas. Traveling northing, it took them three days to make it to the Emerald Mountains. Seeing mountains for the first time in years caused Galeena to get emotional. The area itself reminded her of New Hampshire and she wondered how her grandma was. Verdius, Torrence, and Cerulos could see that Galeena was trying to keep it together.

They were relieved to make it to the capital city of Chesterwood on their second day in the Emerald Mountains. Since the capital was on the route to their destination, they planned on stopping there. The city had an interesting layout because many of the buildings were like big tree houses, and there were only a handful of buildings on the ground. Everything blended in with the surroundings. Galeena figured it was for security reasons. The palace itself was a marvel of woodwork and stonework. The courtyard was part of a huge rock platform in which the castle stood upon. The royal family, their council, and a crowd were waiting for them. The entourage landed and after dismounting, Torrence and Galeena greeted their hosts.

"Welcome to Chesterwood your majesties. It's good to see you again. I trust your journey has been well so far." Garrison greeted them.

"One weather issue, but other then that, it's been swell." Torrence replied.

"Good, good. My wife and I will show you to your rooms, but Queen Galeena, let me introduce you to our boys and the council first."

Galeena nodded and was greeted by Garrison's sons, Torrin, age 12, Corrick, age 9, and Jenson, age 5. Torrin was the spitting image of his father, Corrick looked like his grandfather, and Jenson looked like his mother. The council was made up of five members, two dragons and three humans, headed by an elderly woman, known as Elder Hannah.

After introductions were made, the party from the Water Dragon Clan was shown their quarters. Torrence and Galeena shared the largest suite in the guest area and were assigned their own attendants.

"We'll stay a day to give the dragons some rest," Torrence told Galeena as they waited in the parlor of their chambers.

They were waiting for their hosts since it was almost lunchtime. Both had changed out of their traveling clothes and were cleaned up in fresh day clothes.

"That's good. My butt could use a break too," Galeena laughed.

Flying was fun, but she realized that she still wasn't used to sitting on a dragon for a long period of time yet. Torrence chuckled.

"Don't worry, it does get easier with time."

After lunch, Galeena spent the rest of the day resting and sketching.

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