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The man of my dreams becomes much more than a dream.

uckled as she said, "we can't get to the bottom of the problem when it's hiding, can we?"

Joslyn was forced to laugh at the truth of Maybeth's comment.

Maybeth slid the small table over to the side of Joslyn's chair. She took the towel off the table to expose several items. Looking at Joslyn Maybeth smiled and said, "What is your pleasure?"

Joslyn looked at the items on the table. As her eyes scanned the items Joslyn felt her jaw go slack in surprise. The two items farthest from her were huge when compared with the others.

Maybeth saw the expression on Joslyn's face. Touching Joslyn on the arm she said, "After your reluctance has been conquered and you are sufficiently aroused Joslyn you will be able to take these fellows with ease."

"There is no way those would fit in my ass," Joslyn said with more force than she thought possible.

Maybeth was smiling as she ran her hand slowly up and down Joslyn's arm. "Have you ever run a finger in and out of the ass while taking a shower?" Maybeth asked.

"Well, of course I have. I wanted to be squeaky clean for my man!"

"Has your man ever stuck his finger up your ass while he is eating your pussy? Did his finger feel like a miniature cock as it continued to slide in and out of your 'shitter'? Did your asshole try to prevent his finger from leaving? Did your pussy excrete more of your love juices as this was happening?"

Joslyn opened her mouth to say something but Maybeth held up a hand to forestall a reply. "Don't try to answer with words. Instead, answer with your body. Your chest is in full bloom, your pussy is pouring out its oil and your scent is heady."

"You cannot deny your level of arousal. Your senses tell the whole truth. Your mind is the worst enemy. Given the correct stimulus our mind can help us to achieve greater pleasure or in this case it will deny you your intimate and worthy success."

Picking up the largest object on the table Maybeth held it in front of Joslyn. "This toy or tool is greater than its size. Your mind to telling you, no it is screaming at you... It won't fit, it will hurt, and it will tear me apart. Don't listen to your mind. Do listen to your body, it knows what it wants. Your ass wants to be invaded. It wants to feel the next level of orgasm."

"Now I will hold this tool lightly against your asshole. I will make no attempt at insertion. Your body will make the decision for you. Just go with the flow of your body."

Maybeth sat on the floor in front of Joslyn. Her back was straight and her legs were bent as though she was going to assume a lotus position. As Maybeth's hand approached Joslyn's ass Joslyn saw proof positive that Maybeth was nude under the caftan she wore.

Joslyn was entranced by the sight of beauty centered between Maybeth's legs. Curly brown hair covered the apex of Maybeth's legs. Nestled in this growth of hair was the prettiest flower Joslyn had ever seen. Deep red outer lips were moist with droplets of liquid. Further toward the center of this flower were two more lips. These were a deep crimson pink. The edges were fluted and covered in a clear liquid. The vision that came to mind was that of a flower picked right after a rain shower. The tube was so full of liquid that the flower had to bend over to relieve itself of the extra burden.

A feather light touch brought Joslyn back to the present. The large object in Maybeth's hand had touched Joslyn's asshole. No attempt at insertion was made. The picture that popped into Joslyn's head was the tip of a tongue slowly circling her asshole. There was moisture present and the tip of the tongue was chasing it around in circles. 'Of course there's moisture', Joslyn thought, 'My pussy is dripping the same as Maybeth's.'

Joslyn's rosebud winked as she finished her thought. Another wink, then another. The tip of the object in Maybeth's hand changed tactics. Now it was flicking back and forth across her asshole.

Joslyn felt the beginning of an itch.

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