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Raving Brits in Prague get more than they bargained for.

ou've been hiding that?" said my sister, her eyes wide and her tongue licking her lips, "that's got to be the biggest cock I've seen in real life!"

'Hey' I thought, 'got some bragging rights I didn't know I had!'

"Not bad, is it?" I said, holding my penis out at right angles from my body, "Want a profile shot?"

"Can see enough from here," said Sharon moving towards me once more, "Although it'll be even better if I can have a handful."

So saying she reached out and, pushing my hand away, she grasped my cock firmly.

"Jesus!" she said in awe, "That's thick! And long too! Wow Chris -- does it get much action?"

My eyes were riveted to Sharon's lovely body. She was leaning forward slightly to hold me and my view was down from above the cleavage of her proud tits...her nipples hard and merely inches from me...and down her smooth flat belly to her little patch of blonde hair. I could hardly believe how much of my sister I was seeing and just how much of a turn on it was.

'Does it get much action?' I thought, repeating Sharon's question in my mind, 'Bloody well will if you I get my hands on you!'

And the thought -- and Sharon's touch -- had brought steel back to my erection and I swear something had added an extra inch to his length!

"Are you excited?" said Sharon, now slowly rubbing her hand up and down my shaft and all I could do was to nod my head.

"So am I," she said, "Do you mind me playing?"

I shook my head as my eyes closed to better enjoy her ministrations -- this was good! How could I object!

For a little while Sharon continued to rub my cock for me, her tits swaying as she did so and her eyes fixed on my cock before she stopped moving.

"Can we go in the bedroom please -- yours or mine?" she asked, "We could lie on the bed then in comfort."

Who was I to turn down such a suggestion and with alacrity I found the door handle, opened the door and almost dragged the naked Sharon into her room.

Her prettily flower-patterned bedspread was cast aside in moments and both Sharon and I soon lay on the bed side by side. Both of us had queen sized beds -- another little 'luxury' courtesy of granddad's money and now Sharon and I had room to play.

Sharon looked at me; a huge grin across her face.

"Fancy a fuck," she said, "I've been so frustrated this last week I've been climbing the bloody wall."

"What -- you? Us?" I asked, "That's incest! What's wrong with your boyfriends? Can't they perform?"

"So what if it's incest! My boyfriends are a useless lot of fuckers!" she said with feeling, "Most of them shoot off even before they get in my knickers and those that have managed to last that long have all turned out to have weedy little dicks. Not like this lovely appendage!"

As she spoke she started to run her hand up and down my shaft and I had to slow her down for fear of becoming yet another one of those early shooters. Instead I rolled over onto my stomach and came face to face with her gorgeous tits.

"My turn," I said simply as I lowered my mouth to a fine upstanding nipple.

"Aaaaaaaahhhh!" breathed Sharon, "Oooooooo yesssss!" as I sucked hard and long, my hands now joining in to palpate and caress the silky smooth sexy swelling of her breasts,

It wasn't long before Sharon's body began to lift and squirm as she became ever more excited.

"Oh fuck -- come on, come on -- let me have him!" she groaned worming her hand underneath me to reach my cock.

I rolled back onto my back and in a moment Sharon was up and astride me holding my erection upright, not six inches from her pussy.

"I want him inside me -- now!" she said as she raised herself up and moments later I felt the hot pliant flesh of her already wet pussy begin to engulf my length.

"Ooooooh God -- that's better!" she sighed, sinking down onto my erection, "Oh -- I'm so filled now!"

I'd been so turned on by Sharon's naked display; her wanton behaviour and her eagerness to fuck that I'd ignored all considerations of incest. All I cared about was that my cock was being pleasured -- and wonderfully so!

Sharon's cunt was tight; if she'd been screwing b

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