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Trouble comes their way.

He pulled her to her knees, her skirt above her waist, her still covered chest resting on the ledge of the bench.

"Let's lose this," Ben stated, tearing the silken fabric of Jeannie's skirt from her miniscule frame.

"And this," Paul smiled, raising her bra over her chest.

The pair stood and eyed their handiwork.

"She's beautiful," Ben sighed. "Too bad she can't come with us!"

"She'll be back," Paul quipped.

The brunette kneeled behind Jeannie, teasing her nipples with his fingers, burying his nose in her neck and equally dark locks.

"This might hurt," he whispered.

Jeannie nodded. She felt Paul's fingers push into her asshole, probing her insides and stretching her for his next invasion. She moaned, trying to focus on anything but the pain.

Ben sat on the bench, watching as Paul worked Jeannie slowly. She watched him as he stroked himself slowly, focusing on his masturbation rather than Paul adding another finger to his onslaught.

"I'm saving this for you," Ben smiled.

She glanced upward, peering into his gentle brown eyes. His once calm, casual demeanor was now filled with lust, his eyes reflecting his desire to cheshire their time together and to try out every possible position he could dream up.

"Try not to tense up," Paul whispered, blowing into her ear and massaging her breasts.

The pain she felt as he began to apply pressure from behind her was immense, tears raced down her cheeks, her hands gripped the bench ledge tightly. "Please," she heard herself say, though Paul never paused or let up.

"Oh fuck," he panted. "She is tight!"

Ben laughed. "I told you, man, she's fuckin tight as fuck."

Paul continued to inch into Jeannie's ass, adding about an inch every passing minute. When it felt like he'd been applying pressure for an hour, he stopped, and Jeannie felt his pubic hair press against her ass.

"I'm in," he panted. "Fuck, Jeannie, fuck. Does it hurt?"

The girl cried. She'd ceased clinging to the bench and taken the hands that Ben offered her. She grasped onto the sitting male tightly, and lay her head between his thighs. Her eyes rolled and her breath came uneasily. Her small pupils focused on Paul behind her, and she whispered, "Yes, oh god, yes," unsure of what he had expected her to retort.

"I'll let you get used to it," he stated warmly, rubbing her back tenderly.

"It hurts so bad, it's so big," she groaned.

Ben and Paul laughed. "I've always prided myself on having a decent cock," Paul quipped and continued to rub the girl's back.

"Ready?" he laughed, knowing the girl would never be ready for what she was about to experience.

"Please," Jeannie whimpered.

"Go to it," Ben laughed, giving Paul the signal to begin removing his dick from the girl's ass.

"No, no, no," she sputtered as she tossed her head from side to side.

Just as she began to wonder if perhaps it might be all over, Paul drove himself back into her roughly and pulled right back out. He began repeating the thrusts in rapid succession, as he had only moments before in her swollen vagina.

"Hurts," she heaved.

Ben laughed, though he continued to rub his thumbs over the flesh of her grasping hands. He could tell she was in pain, and it brought a tingle to his pulsing cock.

The whole of the event lasted approximately ten minutes. Paul withdrew his hard cock after he'd cum inside Jeannie's ass, cum spewing out of the attacked orifice and dripping down the girls bruised thighs.

"Fuck that's sexy," Ben muttered as Jeannie touched a finger to her thigh. He guided the kneeling girl into his lap, placing her face just inches from his own. "I want you," he smiled calmly, assuringly to the brunette.

She felt his hand underneath them, rubbing his glistening cock and parting her labia to allow him entrance into her already moist genitalia.

"Sit down," he instructed her.

She did so, feeling his manhood fill her to the breaking point.

Ben raised her up, then slammed her back down several times; impaling her on his hard member.

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