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Bobby sees his mother as she really is for the first time.

He started to apologize, but stopped. Something in Sallie's eyes and smile told him it wasn't necessary.

Sallie was excited by her nephew's obvious arousal. She liked the feeling of being desired by him. She really wasn't his aunt anymore anyway. She had thought about him many times since the night she let him take pictures of her exposed panties while pretending to be asleep. She had always wondered what would have happened if she had woken up and caught him.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked.

"Yes. Oh yes, very much" Roger eagerly replied.

"Would you like to see more?"

"Yes." Roger's voice could barely whisper back.

Sallie slowly sat her glass on the worktable. She started to unbutton the next button on her blouse. Then she stopped unbuttoning. "Would you like to do this for me Roger?" she seductively asked.

Roger could only again whisper back "Yes". It was the answer Sallie wanted to hear. She wanted to be undressed. She wanted to be undressed by Roger. She stepped forward to him and felt his hands reach up and his fingers unfasten her buttons. She ran her eyes down his firm chest and over his belt. She could see his swollen erection ready to burst through his pants. His cock had grown so hard so quickly that it was crooked and she wanted to straighten it for him. She knew it must be terribly curled crooked and uncomfortable. She wanted to feel his erection straighten in her hand. Roger undid the last visible button on her blouse. She lifted it from her jeans and her hands undid the bottom button on the tail. She did this not just to help Roger, but because it let the back of her hand graze over his bulging hard-on. Roger felt her touch and his hands slid Sallies blouse up, pulling it over her shoulders and helping it fall to the floor. Now he could fully appreciate the soft green lacy cradle holding her generous breasts.

Their eyes met and they both moved forward leaning into each other's warm lips. A soft tender kiss continued as Sallie parted her lips wider and Roger eased the tip of his tongue along her lips. Their tongues began playfully touching back and forth. Their lips rubbed and stroked each other. Their passion grew stronger and stronger as Roger's hands drifted up her chest to take a breast in each hand. He sucked her tongue into his mouth and let her suck his into hers. His hands found her taunt nipples. Her hands tugged at his belt, then undid his button and lowered his zipper. She drew back for a breath. "Roger, take my bra off please".

Only too eager to please, Roger pulled the thin straps down each shoulder and reached around unhooking her bra. "Ooh, that's much better," Sallie, cooed.

He could feel Sallies hand sliding down inside the waistband of his underwear. "Let me feel that big cock Roger," she moaned.

Her fingers hooded the head of his cock then slid all the way inside his underwear until her wrist disappeared and her fingers wrapped around his hard excited shaft. "Oh Roger, you're so hard for me."

The feeling of her hand sliding up and down his shaft drove him wild. It felt incredibly erotic. His kisses trailed down her neck. She felt that wonderful scratchiness of his slight beard as he kissed down her chest and over the top of her breast. "Lower Roger. Lower baby." His carousing lips made her ache for more.

Sallie leaned her head to the side and closed her eyes disappearing into the ecstasy his kisses were bringing her. She felt his lips gently kissing, then purposely nibbling, and finally pinching her tight as his tongue explored her breast. The tiny pinpricks of pleasure felt wonderful as his slight beard aroused and lightly penetrated her nipple awhile sliding over it. "Suck my nipple Roger. Please suck my nipple baby." She pleaded.

Finally, she felt his tongue pushing against her erect sensitive nipple. She wanted her nipple in his mouth. "Yes baby. Yes. Suck it baby. Suck it. It's been so long."

Roger loved her nipples.

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