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A gay story.

But where were they even going? Jaya grabbed at the Sneasel's arm, begging to know what was going to happen to them, but he shook her off, sending her stumbling back into Maxim who could do little more than stop her from tumbling straight onto the cold, hard floor.

His head swirled and the chains connecting their manacles clinked as they were poked and prodded down the corridor rather than led, the Sneasel forcing their heads down whenever he thought they were being a little too interested in his surroundings. Maxim didn't know where the Pokemon thought they were going to go anyway - it wasn't as if he even knew what was up and what was down anymore. And Jaya would rather stay in a cosy cell than face the tremor of whatever city they'd been carted off to.

Maxim growled and twisted as their jailer forced them into a small room off the main corridor, Jaya stumbling over her own paws as she tried to follow close on their heels so as not to be yanked by the chains. Only two wooden contraptions, to his surprise, graced the bare room, though his thoughts ran wild with what they could be used for, none of them pleasant. They were innocent, too innocent - just sitting there like they were waiting to be used. He snapped and lunged for the other Pokemon, though his blow fell short and Jaya squeaked as she was stood on, the younger, stronger Sneasel easily knocking Maxim back.

"That was ignorant."

Despite their complaints, the two found themselves swiftly pushed face-down on the contraptions, large and flat like a table. The clasps and chunks of wood at each end soon gained purpose as they clacked down securely over their wrists and ankles in turn, locking them in the set of stocks on their stomachs with nothing to protect them. Maxim wheezed, craning his neck to look at the Sneasel with eyes so wide they could have popped out of his skull.

The jailer bowed his head, pressing his paws together as if in prayer.

"You will confess."

Maxim gritted his teeth: likely story!

"Maxim?" Jaya whimpered as the Sneasel walked out of their line of sight. "What's going to happen to us?"

He swallowed, closing his eyes as the room lurched around them. What did the Sneasel think they'd done? Was poaching something of such great punishment these days?

"I don't know, Jaya," he forced out, eyes sliding traitorously away. "I don't - ah!"

She stiffened.


Shuddering, the Eevee flinched as something cold, wet and slick flicked up the underside of his paw. He wriggled his paw, trying to pull it away and finding it quite neatly tucked into place. But he couldn't for the life of him work out what was stroking over both of his feet, paws too vulnerable in such a position. He would have expected the strike of some obscene implement, not something...ticklish.

He screwed up his muzzle, ears drooping. A tongue? What in seven heavens...

The creature intent on licking his paws bleated and trotted around to his front, white tail twitching as it butted its head affectionately into his shoulder. Maxim gaped, though clamped his mouth shut again as another of its kind took its place, tongue slithering between his toes as his paw jerked.

"Goats? This is what you're going to do to us?"

The Sneasel sighed heavily, though the sound was lost as Jaya erupted into an ear-splitting peal of laughter, rocking back and forth with enough energy to make the stocks tremble.

"This is the way of justice. Confess and all shall come to an end."

Maxim rolled his head and swallowed a curse, chin thunking into the wood as he shook. The goats, for there was surely more than one, showed him not a scrap of mercy, tongues flicking wickedly over his exposed paws and curling between his toes. He chuckled against his will, gruff laughter bursting unbidden from his lips, much like the confession the Sneasel desired.

He twisted - he would not confess! Not if this was the best the darn Pokemon had to give.

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