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My lust for Raven spirals out of control.

Damn, this guy is hot I thought to myself as I daintily extended my hand to be led inside. My heels echoed as I walked across the small tiled entry, which is something I would have to get used to I figured.

"So about last night?" Ben said as he turned to face me.

"Yeah...." I replied as I looked up in to his big brown eyes.

"Well I really enjoyed myself and I'm really glad you came over here tonight." He said rather sheepishly which only added to his attractiveness.

"Well I had a great time too." I informed him as I stepped forward and touched his hand.

And that was all that was said, Ben reached down and swept me up with one of his massive arms, lifting me up to him and we made out like crazy. He held me effortlessly in his arms and I soon had my arms around his neck as our tongues intertwined.

"Oh god, you are so fucking hot!" I moaned breathlessly when I finally came up for air, he lowered me down, my head was spinning and I was slightly unsteady in my heels.

"You're pretty damn hot yourself." He told me as he ran his massive hands over my tiny torso.

"Thank you." I purred as I reached for his massive cock and rubbed it through his chinos.

"Hey, let's get some dinner first. I want to get to know you." He told me as he edged backwards away from my reach.

"OK....." I said both happy that he wanted to take me on a date and sad that I wouldn't have that magic cock inside me immediately.

Dinner was a typical busy student place over near the uni, we ate and chatted for a long time. He was a really nice guy and I could feel myself liking him more and more as the night went on. When he suggested going to a club I jumped at the idea, something I couldn't have imagined doing only days earlier.

Once we entered the club Gigi really came alive, I realised she was a much more confident person than Gary ever could be. I strutted my little black dress clad ass into that place like I owned it, I had a huge black stud on my arm and I wanted everyone in there to know that I was his little fuck toy. We got some drinks and did a lap of the smoke filled club before we made our way over to a crowded dance floor, I could see the guys checking me out and it only made me hotter.

We drank and danced for a few hours, having an amazing time and as the night progressed so did the suggestiveness of my dancing, I thought that if I rubbed or ground myself against Ben any harder I would wear a hole in my dress. I could feel his massive erection pressing into me but he still hadn't made a real pass at getting me home again.

"I can't do this any longer," I whispered into his ear as we left the dance floor, "I need you to fuck me so badly right now I'd even do it right here." I told him flatly.

"Let's go." Ben said with a huge grin as he led me through the crowd to the cab rank outside. I strutted out of that club with a huge smirk, everyone whose eyes I met knew I was being taken home to be fucked by this huge black stud and I was revelling in it.

We were all over each other in the back of the cab, I tried to put on a good show for the driver, moaning like a slut in heat as Ben ravished me. The cab finally arrived at Ben's house and it wasn't a moment too soon as I was about to pull Ben's cock out and beg him to fuck me in the cab I was that horny. I had been handling his massive piece through his jeans for most of the ride, the monster felt even thicker than I remembered and I couldn't help but compare it to my tiny cock that was tucked between my thighs.

Once inside the door I took the lead and tried to rip Ben's shirt off, I explored his chiselled abs with my hands before kissing and licking my way down to his belt buckle. I slowly lowered the zip as I looked up at him through my long eye lashes, electricity shot through me as my tiny little hand wrapped around his dark meaty pole and worked it free.


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