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The popular beach resort yields some wid women.

"I'm never gonna finish until I get rid of these beers!" She said as she stubbed out her smoke. She had used Remi as a urinal in the past and he was expecting it when she demanded his throat immediately. He knew not to fight it, just concentrate on breathing and eye contact. He saw her eyelids flutter and a smile creep across her face. Deep down a warm sensation and growing fullness. Her contented sigh and look of relief was so intoxicating Remi thought he might cum right then and there.

When she was done she sat back. He pulled away and daintily covered his mouth to let out a burp. The taste was unpleasant, and the cigarette smoke wasn't helping.

"Stand up bitch" Lara commanded. Shakily getting to his feet he instinctual did they tend in his pants. "Hehe, good morning to you to! Now strip."

He was always embarrassed to bare himself in front of anyone, always ridiculed for his girlish figure and little baby prick. But he knew better that resist and dutifully began to remove his shirt. As he got it over his head he saw that Lara had begone stroking her thick beautiful womanhood, bucking in her hand as she made hungry looks at her bitch. Part of him felt ashamed, for the desire that drove him to this degradation. But that shame was shouted over by anticipation. He threw the shirt in the corner with the rest of her laundry, he knew he would be doing it all today anyhow. As he reached for the waistband on his workout shorts she interrupted.

"Ah ah!" making a spinning motion with the hand that wasn't busy working her cock. Taking light steps as to not trip on the remnants of last nights party, he turned to face the Tv, still looping the intro menu to an old western, her favorite, "for a few dollars more".

Putting thumbs in the waistband and sliding them down, bending at the waist and stepping out of them one foot at a time. Before straightening back up he hit power on the dvd player, hoping it wouldn't illicite a reprimand, but only half. As he went to turn around he felt his waist jerk toward her as she ripped his briefs away from jis petite waist with hardly any effort. Reaching out to steady himself, his momentum carried him towards her. His hands beside her head on either side of the old grey recliner. The feeling on his skin shot shivers up his back. Startled realizing he was now face to face with Lara. Her hand softly rubbing against his straining erection, coming to rest on his stomach as it reached the top of its stroke.

"Ooh! I felt that mister." She said breathily into his ear, her head now beside his as she leaned forward to reach down between his legs with the hand she was working herself with. Easily taking his testes in one hand, the other hand grabbing him behind the neck and pushing his head into her shoulder.

"Shh Shh shh, aren't we excited this morning?" and with that question clinched hard, forcing a gasp from Remi. A second, then two went by. As she relaxed her grip. Then just as suddenly, Clinched hard again.

"WELL?!" She growled in his ear. He could feel her breath on his ear.

"Y-yes, im sorry Miss Laura." He winced. Feeling his body tense then submit drove Lara into a mad lust. She gathered herself, deep down, giving Remi what he was after ( whether he knew it or not), was half the game to her.

"Ok, be a dear and help me with this sweaty shirt.

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