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The day I was finally granted my wish bý mý wife & daughter.

Well that left me flustered. I had felt like I was in control, but now this gorgeous creature had given me a kiss. I was excited but nonplussed. She smiled at me again, pleased with the effect she had had.

'What do you think I should call the business?' she looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

'I am not sure, I haven't given it any thought.'

'I was thinking something like 'M.Monroe Services'. What do you think?'

'Yes. You could use a Marilyn type image as your logo.'

'I think you might be able to help with that too. Yes?'

'Might I?'

'Well yes. When I was cleaning your bedroom I found the evidence of your research.'

'Ah.' I had been looking at images of Marilyn on the internet, and I had printed off some of them. There was the famous pic of her with her skirt being blown upwards by a gust from a grating. There was also the Playboy selection, with her posing naked against a red background.

'Which would you recommend?'

'Well I suppose one of you with your skirt being blown would be suitably evocative of Marilyn.'

'You don't think I could carry off posing nude against a red velvet sheet?' She smiled at me mischievously.

'I am sure you could, but....'


'Well it would probably give your customers quite the wrong idea about the service you are offering.'

She smiled and looked out through the window.

'It's a gloriously sunny day, Alan.'

'Yes, it is. Are you going to sunbathe?'

'Yes, if that's okay.'

'Please help yourself.'

'I think my idea of heaven just now would be a nice lazy sunbathe with a glass of your delicious wine.'

'I think we can manage that. Have you brought your costume?'

'Yes. Why do you ask?'

'I suppose I wondered if you were going to do a Marilyn and sunbathe nude.'

She smiled, and with her head to one side and her right index finger against her cheek, she replied in an approximate imitation of Marilyn's voice.

'Why Mr Turner, what kind of a girl do you think I am?'

While she was getting changed I got out a couple of loungers and towels and placed them on the patio. I had replenished Marion's glass of wine when she re-appeared. She was wearing a red bikini. I suppose by current standards it was not outrageous or unduly minimal. I mean it covered all the bits it was supposed to cover. But neither was it very large, with a triangular section over each breast. Her body was firm and well toned with not an ounce of fat. I thought she looked gorgeous and sexy as hell.

'Are you going to join me Alan?' Marion inquired as I handed her the glass of wine.

'I've got some work to finish off, and then I will.'

'Don't be too long. I shall need you to apply sun lotion to my back.'


I disappeared to my office and did the minimum that I needed to do. Then I went to my bedroom to get changed, slipping out of my clothes and pulling on a pair of shorts. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had always taken great care to stay fit and avoid putting on weight. I thought I was looking okay for my age. I pulled on a tee shirt and grabbing my glass and the bottle from the kitchen I joined Marion on the patio.

She was lying on her back sipping her wine.

'Hi Alan,' she said, and wiggled her toes. She had painted her toe nails pink to match her finger nails.

'Would you like some more wine?'

'Yes please.'

I poured some into her glass. She smiled at me.

'This is lovely Alan. I could doze off.' She turned over to lie on her tummy, and undid her bikini top.

'Would you like to apply some lotion please?'

I poured some of the lotion onto her shoulders, and began to spread it with my finger tips.

'Do you want the backs of your arms doing?'


I covered her arms as they lay by her sides. Then I returned to her shoulders and poured the lotion down the centre of her back, spreading it in both directions. I reached the top edge of her bikini bottom, and paused.

'What about the backs of your legs?'

'Yes please.'

I began at her right ankle, moving up over her calf and then I slowly rubbed the lotion on her thi

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