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Lucky guy makes love to Laurie at the beach.

Unlike her daughter, Christy knows what she is doing - and she is good at it. You feel your orgasm already fast approaching as she deepthroats you, making seductive gagging noises as she does, staring up at you.

Just as you are about to lose it, she pulls you out of her throat, taking a big gasp of air. You see her wadding up a ball of spit seductively in her mouth as she pulls her top down, releasing her enormous breasts. She cups them in her hands, forming a huge cleavage furrow with her big balloons. She then tilts her head down and releases a mouthful of spit into her cleavage.

She rubs her breasts together, getting them good and sticky with her slobber. She then sits up taller and begins using her lubed pillows to tit-fuck you. Her breasts are extremely soft, and they are so large they completely encompass your dick as she moves them up and down.

Her mouth is open in a broad sloppy smile as she vigorously pumps her pillows up and down your shaft. Finally you can take it no more, and you shoot your hot seed all over her face. She brings her breasts away from your shaft and deepthroats your still throbbing cock one more, slowly pulling back as she sucks deeply on it. With a finger she begins gathering your cum off of her face and sucking it into her mouth swallowing it.


"Thank you Christy, the meal was delicious." The hot MILF smiles broadly as she leans over seductively to take your plate, displaying her bosom.

"I'm glad you liked it. Why don't you go make yourself comfortable in the living room, and I'll go grab desert." You nod and head into her sparse but comfortable living room.

It's only a few minutes before Christy re-appears. When she does, your dick jumps in your pants at the sight. She's wearing a blue cocktail dress she wasn't before. It's extremely short, barely coming down past her crotch. The cleavage in the dress is so large that her breasts are almost entirely showing except for nipple. The top of the dress seems like it's more for support than coverage.

She is smiling with a full mouth of something. Her lips are puckered as she walks over, kicking off her high heels as she comes. She stands a few feet in front of you, legs straight and spread wide, hands on hips, smiling with her full mouth. She points at your pants, then gestures for you to take them off. You quickly comply, removing your pants and underwear. As you do so she turns seductively in a circle, running her hands up and down her body. She leans towards you and pulls her top down, revealing her entire beasts. She massages her large pillows in her hands, then approaches you.

In your sitting position her breasts are on eye level with you. She pulls your head into her cleavage and wraps your face in her breasts. She puts a nipple to your mouth and you gladly take it in, sucking upon it.

She slides down, pulling her breasts away from you, until she is kneeling between her legs. She puts her puckered lips to your now rock hard tip, and in one quick motion swallows your cock down to the base. A wave of pleasure washes over you as your cock rushes into her hot spit-filled mouth, then bends so it can puncture past her soft palate and down her tight MILF throat. Still holding your entire length inside her throat, she caresses your balls in her hand. Then, she tilts her head and slides down further, so her nose presses through your pubic hair to the skin beneath. Her mouth gapes open and she uses her hand to help push your balls into her mouth, where they fill it to bulging. Her tongue wraps and swirls around your balls as her throat clenches around your cock.

She holds position for several seconds, then makes a gagging noise, and pulls herself off of you. She takes a big breath as her dick slides out of your mouth, opening her throat to oxygen again. "Follow me Big D" she says seductively as she rubs a bit of spit off her lip with a finger.

You do so, standing and following her to a large bedroom with a king sized bed.

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