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Scientist Inherits His Niece.

"Men might be really interested in watching us do it to ourselves, but I've always been at least as interested in watching them, too! Yes, I'd really like to do that. Do you think you could arrange something? You know, so I could hide and watch while he's doing it? I think that would be simply fantastic!"

Ann's head was whirling. Lucy's readiness to listen to all her questions and to answer them truthfully, to accept all her revelations without betraying the slightest bit of condemnations, simply overwhelmed the young girl. She would never have believed that an older person could be so understanding, so tolerant, so close to her in spirit. Thus, when Lucy said that she would like to watch Dave masturbate, Ann felt it incumbent upon her to go along with the woman's desire, though earlier she would have found it unthinkable.

Lucy clapped her hands with delight when Ann said she would cooperate fully with her stepmother's desire. They checked the area surrounding the cabin and soon found a suitable spot for the demonstration, a small, grassy oval spot almost completely cut off from view. A brushy rise several yards away would afford Lucy and excellent vantage point, allowing her to look into the oval and see everything, yet concealing her all the while.

"This could be the most exciting thing ever!" Ann said when they had completed their arrangements. "Watching him do it and knowing that you'll be watching too, that's going to get me on fire in a hurry."

"Why don't you try fingering yourself while he's giving his show?" Lucy suggested. "I certainly will be doing just that, I can promise you! And I'm positive you'll find Dave will be much more enthusiastic about the whole thing!

Ann would not agree to that step, though it had a great deal of attraction for her. The girl could not fully accept the nature of self administered sexual pleasure, though Lucy's free-and-easy attitude was beginning to rub off on her and to affect her own thinking in drastic ways. As soon as the woman and the girl returned to the cabin, they separated, Ann going off to find Dave and entice him into staging an unwitting display of his sexual prowess.

She found him quickly enough and it required only a moment's work to get the boy in the mood for her well-laid plans. Ann's own appearance had a lot to do with his willingness. The girl was wearing her habitual summer costume, a pair of cutoff bluejeans, but these were cutoffs with a difference. The legs had been cut so short that the cheeks of her ass showed their bottom curve where they met the tops of her thighs. She did not bother wearing panties, since the cutoff would have showed the hem. The jeans fitted her extra tightly, molding every curve of her lusciously formed hips, and also following the suggestive bulge of her pubis and even dipping down into the cleft between her outer lips. Ann wore a T-shirt over the cutoffs. Her nipples made enticing dents in the thin knit cotton. Ann posed an exciting figure, one that would have aroused the lust of many a man. Young Dave, full of sexual energy and perpetually horny, was probably the least able of males to resist the attraction posed by his sister.

"Yeah, this is a great place," he said when Ann led him into the clearing she and Lucy had found. "This is a great idea, you know? I was thinking about going off into the hills to do some exploring, but I'd a lot rather shoot my load off a time or two!"

"I was hoping you'd feel that way," Ann said, scarcely able to keep her hand from disappearing into the front of her cutoffs. "I've been thinking about it a lot lately and . . . well, I guess it doesn't seem so wrong any more."

"Wrong or right, who give a damn?" Dave snorted, unfastening the front of his own pants and sliding them down his long, well muscled thighs. "Man, it gets to a point where I've just got to let it go or it seems like I'll explode inside! But I'm real glad that you're coming around, Sis. This is going to be all right!"

"Who knows, Maybe that Ellen will turn out to be another Shar

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