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Kari and Lynn enjoy some quality time.

The whole time I could not get the vision of her out of my head. How was I going to work on her back without letting on that I saw her, or how beautiful she was?

After about 30 minutes she exited the bathroom wearing her pink bath robe. She walked to the living room where I saw sitting on the cough watching t.v. I could not even tell you what was on for I was day dreaming about her. She smiled at me and said she was ready to try again. My throat was dry, but somehow I managed to voice a reply without sounding like a awe struck little boy. I had her lay out on the floor face down. As she lay down, she removed the robe from her upper body, as I was behind her she felt she didn't have to worry about me getting a peak.

I managed to work the tight muscles of her back, and eventually pop her back without incidence. I did however have to do some fancy maneuvering so that she was not aware of the raging hard on I had in my pants. When I was finished with her back I stood up and allowed her to put the robe back on as I turned my back to her, and off she went to her bedroom to do her homework.

The next few days I still had the vision of her in my head. I started to figure out a way to see more of her from my new found peep hole. I decided to do some more work on the outlet. I purchased some led lights, wire, and a dry wall cutter. When she was at school one day I preceded to cut the hole around the outlet a little bigger. Checking the view from the other side to ensure that I had an unobstructed view, and could still stay hidden from view as I peeked I wired the led lights to the main bathroom light switch. When the bathroom lights were on the leds' were off, and when the bathroom lights were off the leds' were on giving off a light blue glow from behind the face plate of the outlet.

When she got home I told her there was a surprise in her bathroom for her. The bathroom lights were on, so she asked where the surprise was. I told her to turn the lights off and she would be able to see her surprise better. After giving me a quizzical look she flip the switch and the blue light shown from the socket. She squealed with delight, threw her arms around me and thanked me for the cool new backdrop.

The next few days consisted of me standing by the outlet peering in on her as she readied for school. When I was modifying the outlet I noticed that I could see the laundry room light from the outlet on her side, so there I stood in the dark watching primp. Watching her rub her hands across the young, unspoiled flesh that I desired so much to touch.

As luck would have it she came home one day practically limping. She said that she twisted her ankle at practice. I told her to go run a bath, and that I would look at it after she got out. As she ran the bath water she open the door to her bath room and asked what I had done to the shower head. I told her that I had replaced it with a new one. The one she had was fixed in place whereas the new one had a hose attachment for the shower head and had three different massage settings. She thought that was great and thanked me as she closed the door.

I could hardly contain myself as I waited for a few minutes to ensure that she would come back out of the bathroom. When I was satisfied that she was not, I walked down to the laundry room to take a look. There she was again standing facing the wall, dipping one foot into the water. Now I could see the whole tub.

She lowered herself in to the water. It was obviously hot as she sucked in a sharp breath as she sat down in the tub. I watched her tight little butt disappear beneath the water. As she lowered herself deeper in to the tub the water came up around her breasts. Encircling them and eventually stopping just as they got to her nipples. Because the water was hot they stayed soft.

She sat there for a few minutes just letting the water relax her.

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