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Chance encounter with stepmom leads to more.

"Dinner is almost ready, Martin. Put the plates on the table and fill our glasses. "

Reluctantly I moved aside, taking my finger out of her cunt slightly touching her clit. I licked my finger tasting her pussy juice.

"I can give you more juice, if you like. I have to pee first before we sit down. Please watch me pee. I want to see the expression on your face. "

Francis sat on the kitchen chair spreading her legs. I kneeled down to ensure I had a good view at her pussy. I saw the wetness on her lips. Francis spread her cunt lips to give me even a better view. A few drops of her pee came out as if she was teasing me. A few extra and then a small stream of her delicious pee came out of her cunt. The sight was incredible and I wanted to taste some of it. I moved closer so I could catch some pee with my tongue. Her cunt was wide open and her pee came out slowly. That gave me time to catch some more and taste it. Francis stopped peeing and I licked her pussy lips. The mixture of her juice with pee exited me. The taste was arousing. My tongue went over clit and down to her pussy hole. I moved my tongue deep in the pussy. Her juices were flowing now. My tongue went in and out her hole. I heard her moaning and her body was moving on the chair. She would come any moment now. I moved my tongue over her clit for her final thrill.

"I'm coming, Martin, I'm coming. Get your tongue in my pussy, please!!"

Francis came so intense that she almost crushed my head between her thighs.

"Oh, Martin, this is so great. I feel so good. I love you."

"I love you to, Francis."

I moved up again and saw Francis smiling. A smile of happiness, I would say. Her eyes were closed and her heartbeat made her big breasts move a bit. My cock was still erect and I had to stroke it while looking at that magnificent body. Francis opened her eyes and saw me masturbating. Her smile grew bigger and that gave me more power. After a few more strokes my sperm flew over her breasts. Francis rubbed it over her tits and took one to her mouth. She started to lick my sperm from her tit. The other tit was offered to me. Both were now licking a tit to clean.

"That was very nice of you Martin. You may do that again, any time, any day." Francis said to me. "Pour us another glass of wine while I fill the plates. We need to eat and drink some, so we have more energy later this evening."

Her wish is my command I thought, so I went, still the taste of her juices, her pee and my sperm in my mouth. I emptied my glass of wine and had a look at the fireplace. I put some extra wooden blocks into the fire. The place was already warm but as we wanted to stay naked the room needed to be nice and warm.

We both set at the table to enjoy the dinner. Francis made a delicious dinner. It was such a perfect combination of pasta, noodles, meat and the rest. I opened a second bottle of wine which we drank completely. We only talked about general things in life. We didn't want to save or change the world at this time. Life was nice to us anyway. After the meal we sat on the sofa in front of the fireplace. We had a coffee, a glass of cognac and a cigarette.

I kissed Francis on her cheek. Her smile made me melt away. She's gorgeous, both inside as outside. I kissed her again. Francis kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue wanted to come inside. I opened my lips and our tongues mingled in her mouth. I took a zip from the cognac and let it flow in her mouth. She swallowed it all and returned the favour. We were warm and getting horny. Francis dipped a nipple in her glass and wanted me to lick the liquid. The cognac warmed my mouth while my hand was caressing her big breast. I put my glass aside as wanted to touch both of her breasts and I needed both hands for that. Although I would like to have four or more hands as her breasts were so much bigger.

The feeling of her tits in my hands was so arousing that my cock was getting bigger and bigger.

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