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Mrs. Gomez makes him feel better.

Mr. Simmons spun next. The bottle landed on me.

I thought a bit. Gina wasn't a virgin when I met her. Another fact about her is that she is a real cock gobbler, though with a peculiar twist (at least it seemed to me). She loves to suck cock, but she is deathly afraid of anyone knowing it, so I figured I was finally going to get a dare on her.

"Have you ever deep throated anyone?" I asked

She looked at me like I'd just revealed the most awful thing in the world. "You know I won't answer that one." she said huffily.

I smiled. "So then your penalty will be to take off all your clothes and keep them off, like your dad. All of 'em. Your panties, too."

Giving me her 'most displeased' expression, she did as I'd dared her to, but sat down rapidly, crossing her legs.

Gina spun next. It landed on her mom.

Once again, her mom stood up. "I think it's time for some rule changes." she said. It was obvious that she could see the tensions building between her daughter and her husband, and also between me and Gina.

"First, we're all going to get naked, so we're all on the same page again." she said, starting to disrobe herself. I went to a corner and turned away from everybody, not because I had a nudity taboo, or anything, but I was afraid of the hard on I would be displaying if I studied Mrs. Simmons for too long. I left my clothes in the corner and quickly returned to my chair, trying to hide my semi erect member. Mrs. Simmons was already sitting down.

"So no more questions anymore. All right. Everybody's getting too upset, so let's just stop trying to find questions to shock and stump each other. If you've got a dare in mind, just spit it out." she said, spinning the bottle.

I interrupted. "But what's the penalty if you refuse the dare."

Mrs. Simmons looked at me with raised eyebrow. "Shame." she said. "Simply shame."

I thought about it and the people I was with, and decided that, yes, I would feel shame if I were to back out on a dare while the others went through with theirs.

I turned to Gina. "You OK with that?" I asked. She just nodded at me with an intense look of competition on her face.

The bottle landed on Gina. "Play with mom's boobs." She said to her dad.

"For how long?" he asked, nonplussed. " The rest of the night?"

"Oh, just touch 'em and kiss 'em." she said impatiently.

Mr. Simmons happily complied.

Author's Note: While Mr. Simmons is happily complying, now seems to be a good time to describe Mrs. Simmon's boobs. While Mrs. Simmons has a beautiful face and a fine ass, she is somewhat deficient in the boob department. Her daughter has C cup breasts. Maybe Mrs. Simmons were C sized when she was young, before kids, but now Gina's C's appeared to be about twice as big as Mrs. Simmons. They were shaped like pancakes, for lack of a better description. And her nipples reminded me most of chocolate kisses.

Mr. Simmons spun next, and the bottle landed on me. I was completely turned on by this point, and completely in embarrassed to be that way in front of my girlfriend's parents. Thank god for alcohol, I thought.

"Kiss your husband on the tip of his dick." I said, wondering if I'd gone too far.

I needn't have worried, Mrs. Simmons happily complied.

I spun next, with the bottle landing on Gina.

Not wanting to be left out she said, "Play with my boobs and kiss my nipples."

Not a dare I was going to pass up on,

Gina spun next, with the bottle landing on her dad.

He dad stood up, dangling cock and all, with his arms wide open. "Come give me a big hug, daughter. Let's make up and be friends."

She nearly knocked me over, rushing to meet her dad's embrace. She gave him a peck on the lips, but I swear I saw a bit of tongue, even in that quick kiss. Fathers and daughters, I thought. Go figure. But I'm glad they've made up.

Mrs. Simmons spun and the bottle landed on Gina (is that coffee table slanted or something?).

"Can I come over and sit on your lap, like I used to do when I was little.

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