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She unexpectedly obtains a slave.

He was cumming a lot and it was difficult for me to swallow it all but I sucked and swallowed for all I was worth and tried to swallow as fast as he could shoot it. The cum coating my tongue tasted wonderful and I really did my best to milk every drop out of him. Some of his cum dribbled out of my mouth onto his pubic hairs.

Eventually, his orgasm subsided and I reluctantly let his cock fall out of my mouth, giving his cockhead a few licks and kisses. He lay back on the sun bed, breathing heavily. "That was fantastic," he told me.

I looked over to Ralph and saw him lying on his sun bed with his small cock in his hand and some cum on his belly. Peter on the other hand stayed hard, so I placed my legs on both sides of the sun bed, desperate to feel him inside my slick, wet pussy. In this position I could lower myself, guiding his shaft with my hand into me.

As soon as the tip of his cock entered me, I went crazy, screaming; his fat cock was the thickest I ever had inside of me. I lowered myself inch by inch and it felt better with every inch inside of me. It was like nothing I had ever felt before -- so full, impaled deep inside. I couldn't stop cumming and cumming. He hadn't even started to fuck me but I just rode him, eyes closed, losing myself in the feeling of being stretched. I became an animal, just focused on his cock, grinding back and forth as if I was stuck on his body. I was so wet, the obscene liquid sounds were so loud as I moved in circles and up and down.

Peter must have liked it a lot too because he was moaning my name again and again, until he thrust upwards and groaned. He was so deep inside me that I felt every spurt as he came. Screaming uncontrollably with each spurt, the feeling triggered convulsions inside of me, I had another orgasm that almost made me fall off his sun bed. We managed to stay in this orgasmic state for a few minutes; Peter kept pushing his cock in and out of me. I almost had a second orgasm by riding his cock as I felt him go limp.

Ralph was just watching the whole scene and was very pleased by what he had seen. His small cock was rock hard and he was certainly up for his reward. As I lifted myself of Peter's cock, I was tightening my pussy muscles to prevent his cum leaking out of me when I walked over to Ralph. Ralph placed his head down on his sun bed so I could sit on his face and he started to lick my pussy. I tried to tighten my muscles as long as possible until Ralph pushed his tongue deep inside of me, covering my whole pussy with his mouth. Just as he did this I relaxed my muscles and all of Peter's cum found its way into Ralph's eager mouth.

As he tasted Peter's cum, Ralph started to lick even faster and harder. Ralph's tongue was so deep inside of me and he played with my clit by biting it together with my outer lips. This was really hot for me, sending me over the edge for my fourth orgasm of the day.

All three of us were very tired after this session. Ralph and I went to our room to take a shower and relax some more while Peter stayed at the pool and dived in to cool off.

In our room Ralph was really sweet; he washed my body and we kissed a lot. After we both toweled ourselves dry we went to bed to relax, cuddling against each other. We didn't talked a lot but we both knew this was what we really wanted; we were both happy with what just happened and we would enjoy this a lot more often with Peter and other men too.
After about an hour of cuddled sleeping together, I woke up at the sound of the shower running. I decided to do what I already had in mind on the sun bed so I walked into the bathroom. Peter was in the shower and his toiletries were by the sink. His shaving set was in it so I took it and moved into the shower stall with him. He didn't say anything when I entered and I placed him in just the right spot, squeezing some shaving foam onto my hand and bringing it to his crotch. He knew instantly what I was up to and he showed no sign of resistance.

It didn't take

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