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Pakistani wife.

The look of desire told me that he enjoyed what he had felt, and the wetness between my legs told me that I wanted more.

Before they left, they wanted to see what they were going to miss, if that was all right with me. I said turnabout was fair play, if I showed them what they were going to miss now they would have to show me what I was going to miss. The throb in their jeans gave me the answer.

So, since it was two to one, I said that one of them would have to show first. Paul opted to be the one, stood up, and slowly stripped. My breath caught in my throat as he stripped, as I never have had a man strip for me in a way that was to be sexy. I watched as he pulled his sweater over his chest, enjoying the hairiness and pretty well kept form.

I giggled as he pulled his sweater off completely enjoying his tousled appearance.

I gasped as he began to remove his jeans, and understood why his bulge was so evident. He wasn't wearing any underwear! And the first sight of his cock nearly dropped me to my knees. It was very firm, with a bulbous circumcised head. His balls were a handful, and he must have been a good seven inches in length and two inches in diameter. My knees were giving out. I sat down on the edge of the bed.

When he stepped out of his jeans, I was in a trance. I knew that I wanted him. To make love to him. And feel him making love to me. To have that cock fill me, and feed me a load of his cum. I was wondering what it would feel like to feel his cock slide into me, filling me, fucking me. What was happening to me?

He let me know that it was now my turn to make good, as he sat down in a seat near Peter. Slowly I stood up, on at first unsteady feet. I played with the belt to my robe, and slowly it opened. It fell to the floor, but I held the robe closed at the waist. I slowly pulled open the top part of the robe, feeling like s stripper, hearing stripper music playing in my head. I gyrated as I opened just the top of the robe.

I could see that both Paul and Peter were almost holding their breath. Did I have this much power? Did they have similar ideas of wanting to make love to me that I had of them? The music continued to play in my head, and my breasts were now bare, my nipples hard. Paul's cock gave a twitch as I caressed one breast and then the other. And they both moaned when I tugged on one nipple, stretching it taut. It felt incredibly sexy, and I was aroused as I felt my turgid nipple between my fingers.

I was imaging that one of them was stretching out my nipple, seeing just how far it could be pulled out from my boob. Ohh were my juices flowing!

I couldn't take it any longer, and I quickly opened my robe. Now it was their turn to gasp, as my pussy was very wet, and the scent of my arousal filled the air. I shrugged off the robe and slowly turned around, so that they could see my ass. And I did something I never did before. I bent down at the waist, and spread my buns apart, looking at their faces, and bulges, as they looked at my rosebud, and pussy, all wet and juices flowing down my thigh. My boobs were hanging down, and according to my husband look awfully damn good when they hang down like this. I slowly ran a finger from my wet pussy to my ass, and caught my breath when the tip of my finger touched my rosebud. Evidently all parts of me were feeling aroused. And judging by my captive audience's responses, they were on the edge too.

I slowly stood up, and turned around, as naked as Paul, and evidently just as excited. I sat down on the edge of my bed, and Paul who was sitting in a chair next to Peter as I put on my show, came over to me and sat next to me. I felt a shiver go up and down my body as Paul seated himself, feeling the warmth of his body so close to me, and knowing that we were both naked. I looked down at Paul's crotch and enjoyed the view of his erect hard cock rising from his groin.

The shaft was coursed with veins and I imagined that the blood was surging through them keeping his card rock hard.

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