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The only shackles are those in the mind.

"Why," I demanded, "didn't you tell me you were a cop the first time? I wouldn't have had to do all this investigation."

"It's called snooping when someone like you does it and what business is it of yours, anyway. We're trying to be private. That means we don't go around telling everyone our business."

We were passing the barn at this stage and I was quite surprised when Fred stopped, pushed open the barn door, and pushed me inside. Before I had a chance to say anything he followed me in and switched on a light. Then all I could say was, "Wow!"

Now I knew what they'd been doing when they renovated the barn. It was a bachelor's pad, basically one enormous room that was divided into kitchen, lounge, and bedroom. When I say divided, there weren't any walls, just spaces between different sets of furniture. Taking a guess I assumed that the door at the rear of the barn would be the bathroom.

I looked around, quite amazed at the way it had been set up. I knew some guys who'd kill for a place like this. Then a thought struck me.

"Why did you bring me in here?"

"A bit of privacy while we get on with your punishment."

"What do you mean? What punishment?" He surely didn't mean what he'd said earlier.

"We discussed this earlier," he reminded me. "I believe we agreed that it would be consensual rape. Do you want to take your clothes off or would you like me to do it?"

"My clothes are not coming off," I retorted. "I'm leaving and you can't stop me."

It turned out I wasn't and he could. He just picked me up and carried me over to the bedroom area and dumped me on the bed.

"I assume from your answer that you want me to undress you," he said, getting right to it.

It had been a pleasant day, weather-wise, and the night was calm and cool. I'd dressed accordingly, with a t-shirt and a light jacket. I had also intended to climb a tree and swing from the branches like a monkey and, again, I had dressed with that in mind. Jeans, tight jeans, I had decided were an appropriate for climbing a tree.

Fred had my jacket, t-shirt, and (blast him) bra off without any problems. All he had to do was haul those things up over my head. No buttons or zips to undo. Just peel and toss. Likewise, my sneakers he just peeled off my feet. I was going to have to undo the laces before I could put them back on. Then came the jeans.

If I'd been watching him trying to peel the jeans off someone else I'd have been rolling around the floor laughing. My jeans were really tight and if you don't know the knack they're rather hard to put on or take off. No. Come to think of it, even having the knack they're rather hard to put on or take off. Without the knack they're damn near impossible and Fred was finding this out the hard way.

He'd flicked open the button and unzipped them with no problems. After that he grabbed the waistband and pulled them sharply downwards. His hands went down and the jeans stayed right where they were. He took a firmer grip and pulled harder, then said a rude word very loudly. His grip had slipped again and he broke a fingernail while the jeans hugged my bottom and swore we'd never be parted.

The situation probably wasn't helped by the fact that I was sniggering at his efforts. Yes, I know it was me he was trying to strip, but it was funny watching him.

"I take it you haven't had many opportunities to help ladies undress," I said sweetly, being rewarded with a rather nasty look.

He put some thought into the situation before he made his next effort. He pushed me flat on my back on the bed, took the waistband on either side and pulled, shaking slightly as he pulled. It seemed as though he was trying to shake me out of them. Unfortunately, this time he was having some success. Inch by inch he managed to peel those jeans over my hips until my bottom finally popped out of them. Smiling triumphantly he went to pull them down my legs and couldn't do it.

I could have told him that wouldn't work.

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