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Spell causes Harriet to get aroused by dirty words.

It was red hot to the touch and there was already a fat glob of delicious precum gleaming at the tip, a treat which Bailey eagerly licked up. He slipped the stranger's cock between his lips and began sucking greedily, his mouth providing firm suction as his tongue twisted back and forth around the head, his warm lips and mouth slowly sliding back and forth as he skillfully sucked the stranger off.

Surbrina let out a cute little whine as she leaned forward, pushing her face as far as she could into the narrow slit as the cock on the other side began to thrust hard into her mouth. The wall creaked and the little booth rocked slightly as the person on the other side slammed their hips into the gap again and again, Surbrina taking the throbbing head to the back of her throat before it slid back a few inches and then finally plunged forward again.

Bailey was so distracted by what was happening on Surbrina's side of the booth that he missed the tell-tale signs of a rapidly approaching orgasm, so he was more than a little alarmed when the cockhead he was gingerly licking suddenly began to spasm in his mouth, spraying out a nice, hot load all over his tongue and the back of his throat. Unfazed, Bailey sucked harder, using his tongue to tickle the tip of the cock, coaxing out every last bit of the cum before he let the cock slip out of his puckered lips with a wet, satisfying 'plop!'

"Can I get fucked here?" Bailey asked, turning to Surbrina who was struggling to swallow an especially large load that had been shot into her mouth, the excess dripping slowly down her chin; the frothy white sperm contrasting nicely with her beautiful brown skin.

"Mmmhmm." She said, wiping cum from her lips with her thumb before slowly pushing it into her mouth and sucking it clean. "Just bend over and put your ass up against the hole, they will do the rest. Just don't expect them to be gentle." Surbrina's eyes flashed mischievously at that and Bailey had pulled the pink panties down around his thighs and backed his ass up against the hole in the wall.

It was nearly a minute before he felt something warm and wet, something Bailey immediately recognized as a tongue, slipping into in his pink, puckered little hole.

"Ahhh fuck!" Bailey groaned, feeling the tongue swirl around and around inside of the opening of his hole, the skilled rimming adding that much more warmth to his eager, hungry ass. He was already ready for dick, Surbrina had made sure of that, so the foreplay was just agonizing to him at this point.

After a minute or two (which felt like an absolute eternity to Bailey) he got what he wanted. He felt the warm tip of a cock pushing against and then easily sliding into his lubed up little hole before slipping deep inside of him. He obediently pushed his little ass backwards out of habit, but feeling that he was tight up against the slit, all he could do is brace himself with his hands on his knees and enjoy the sensation of the anonymous stranger driving hard into him from behind.

Whoever it was fucking him wasn't all that concerned with gentleness either. That much was obvious, what with the way he just crammed his dick into the tight, willing twink's ass, but Bailey didn't mind at all. He bit his lip, his eyes half closing as he felt the wall push forward again and again, matching the strokes of the cock slipping as deep as it could into his ass with the barrier there. He felt an intense tingling in his head, and getting fucked raw by the stranger seemed to be all the more intense because of the weird stuff Surbrina had made inhale.

His vision blurred slightly as he his fixed his gaze on the back of Surbrina's head, watching it bob rhythmically forward and backwards, it had an almost hypnotic effect on him, and all he could do was keep his ass pressed to the slit in the wall while wearing an almost retarded expression of pure pleasure.

There was a loud knock on the wall behind Bailey, a simple double tap as the cock fucking him su

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