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Married friends can no longer resist their desires.


None of the lads were too keen on the terms Helen had set forth, but if they didn't agree, that would be it for their big evening, and they seemed to be pretty sure we would never agree to anything at all again. "It'll be all right, Tommy. We get our fun, too, you know," Richard said. "Besides, we can always renegotiate the terms for the next time."

As if, I thought to myself.

Tommy reluctantly agreed.

We led the boys into the house. Each of us stood in front of our husband, adjusted their hands on our hips, and had them follow along, just like a parade. The simple touch of his warm hands on the bare skin above my bikini bottoms started heat flowing. I was almost as stimulated as the men were. Every now and again the man behind me would jostle me, and I felt his hardening erection. He was very turned on. I was his wife and he had this growing hard for me just walking along when he couldn't see me? This would be a very interesting evening.

It seemed to me that the other men, like Richard, were making chances to "accidentally" bump into their wives and demonstrate just how hot they were getting. Not just the men, either.

Helen made sure the men were all standing in front of their pallets, something like boot camp, I expect. "Right, now you blokes lose the trunks before the next phase can begin."

I watched Richard's hands go to the tie holding the waistband on his trunks, but he was slow about it. I suppose he found it difficult to expose himself in front of three girls in this way, but it likely had something to do with not being able to see exactly who he was exposing himself to.

"You know, Richard," I whispered to him, "I can't see how you're going to get through the rest of this with your trunks on."

That was enough to get him started, by reminding him of what was at the end of the rainbow. It got him moving, but his penis had flagged somewhat at the thought of all the attention he was getting, somewhat like a small boy who is suddenly the focus of his aunts' attentions.

We left the men standing there for a few moments, breathing in vulnerability: blind and naked. Liz had thought it might heighten their senses. We murmured among ourselves, somewhat surprised that there wasn't as much difference among our men as we'd expected. From what Liz had said, I always thought Thomas was hung like a horse, with Arthur possibly a millimetre shorter, according to Helen. In fact they were all three roughly the same size. I couldn't figure out whether it was the way they used the tools of their trade or the fever of their wives' imaginations that led to the discrepancy between what I'd heard and what I saw.
"Next phase. We know we get to see you, and a fine sight it is, but you don't get to see us. I have a timer here that I will set for five minutes. One of us will stand before each of you, and for five minutes you may feel us wherever you wish from the shoulders down. You may not go above the shoulders, to keep you from determining who you are touching. You may not remove any clothing. Are we agreed on this rule?"

The three men assented. The very thought of touching and feeling female bodies they could not see or identify - not bad bodies, either, if I do say so myself - was stirring all of them. Naked as they were, the stirring was quite obvious. Their stirring stirred me, too, and judging from the lip licking going on, the others, too.

"Right then. At the end of the five minutes I will reset the timer, and we will rotate, so that you will then feel the next one of us, with the same rules in place. When the timer goes off that time we will rotate for the third and final time, and you will remove the bathing suit of the person before you. After you have removed her bathing suit, you will lie down on your back, and your partner will join you. Again, you may touch anywhere you like, what will now be a naked body, but not above the shoulder, and your partner will remain on top. Agreed?"

By now, the men's little soldiers were standing fiercely at attention.

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