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The Hotel Window.

sue4you: I can't believe after 15 years with the same boring man, I found you!!!!!!!!

hot4sue: I know baby, my wife hasn't seen my cock hard in three years... hell she hasn't even seen it soft.... Do me a favor take your wet panties hold them up to your mouth and inhale the sweet smell of your wet pussy for me....

sue4you: oooo you're sooooo nasty. I have to be very careful, the boss on Sunday is like 70 or something, and he'd probably have a heart attack if he knew what we were doing. Besides I cannot, absolutely cannot lose my job. Oh God my husband would kill me.

With that she took a camera from her purse picked up her panties from the desk and turned in the direction of the ladies room. I picked up the phone dialed the intercom and said, "I'm 64 not 70 Ms Cansederal. Put the camera back on your desk and step in my office immediately." She stopped cold, as the ladies room was along the same wall as my office, I could see the look of horror and fear creep over her face. She just stood there as if frozen, unable to react. I dialed the intercom a second time. "I can call the police and have you arrested on several federal computer security violations if you prefer," I said reminding her that her husband would have to bail her out. Her face was ashen but she slowly started to walk in the direction of my office. The camera had fallen from her hands but she was gripping her panties so tightly even in the dimly lit room I could see her knuckles were white. As she slowly approached my office, I immediately began the task of looking into her records: emails, chats, web history nothing was off-limits. My position afforded me incredible reach most of which was well within my discretion as corporate security manager some maybe not but I was determined to cut this bitch down to size. In less time then it took her to walk the 30 or 40 feet to my office I found the first piece of information I needed.

"I can explain, please Mr. Monstruo, please if you would just give me a few minutes..."

My reply was short and to the point, "SHUT-UP."

The words hit her like a slap in the face but she said nothing. I continued typing as she stood in front of my desk. Maybe 5 minutes passed till I finally looked up and said, "so Ms Cansederal, in addition to breaking every regulation we have and acting like a over sexed whore, I see you're also a cheating little slut. Perhaps I'll send a copy of this transcript to hot4sue's wife. Let me see, oh yes, here he is Ben Tricheur."

She started to cry but I told her that wouldn't help.

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