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Her lover approaches her in white silk.

"Oh thanks. I could have gotten it. I can't tell you how many times I dropped this thing. I don't believe it still works actually."

"No problem. I've dropped mine a few times too." Bobby said as he tried hard to look at her face and not at her crotch. It almost seemed like she was giving Bobby a free peek of her underwear, because she stayed in that position for longer than she needed too. Finally Bobby sat up. Suddenly Biff was standing behind Stephanie. His bulking presence startled Bobby.

"Oh hi," Bobby nervously responded.

"Hey pretty boy. You making a move on my gal?" Stephanie finally stood up and hit Biff on the shoulder.

"No idiot. He was being a gentleman and picked up my phone."

"I don't know. I saw him making goggle eyes at you." said Biff

"That's google eyes you dumb-ass!" Stephanie shot back. "Plus, what if he was interested in me. I bet a cute guy like him would love to fuck a wild cheerleader like me." Stephanie reached over and stroked Bobby's hair.

Bobby smiled at first, then stopped as Biff gave him the evil-eye. "Oh, I don't want any trouble here. You kids can go back to your table do what you want. I'm not really interested in your girlfriend." Bobby tried to ignore them and ate a few fries from his plate.

Biff looked even more perturbed now. "Oh, so now my gal ain't good enough for you? This piece of ass ain't your type huh?" Bobby slaped Stephanie on the rear.

"Come on Biff. Leave him alone." Stephanie said as she tried to go back to their booth. Bobby stoped her. "If you're so sweet on him, why don't you blow him under the table."

"You would like to see me suck his cock, wouldn't you? Well, maybe I will."

Bobby sat up, wide awake. Stephanie pushed Bobby over as she took a seat next to him in the booth. She reached over and stroked his groin.

"Hey you don't have to do this. I was just trying to pickup your phone. Or maybe I was trying to pick her up, pondered Bobby. Plus, if the waitress sees this, she might call the cops."

Paying no any attention to Bobby, Stephanie continued to snuggle up and continued rubbing his growing penis.

Biff barked back at Bobby. "Hey my old man's on the force. Vera knows that, and she ain't gonna call him. He pretty much leaves us alone."

Jennifer takes a seat next to Stephanie and whispers to her. "Steph, you don't have to do this. Come on lets go back to the table."

"Why don't you help me out Jen? This will teach Biff to boss us around. Plus, this is exciting. Look how big his cock is getting. We can't leave him like this." Stephanie slithered down under the table and placed her head between Bobby's legs. "You don't really mind do you..."

"Ah, what's you name?

"Bobby," replied Bobby.

"Bobby, don't worry, I don't bite." Stephanie said as she begun stroking his groin and kissing his aching bulge. She unziped his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock.

"Wow, he's pretty large." squealed Jen.

"Yeah, looks tasty too." Stephanie engulfed his cock in her mouth, circling her tongue around the tip. Bobby leaned back in his seat and moaned. Jennifer leaned in and took a quick lick of Bobby's cock too. The two girls take turns swallowing his cock and running their tongue up and down his shaft. Biff is still standing over the table watching and is delighted to see two girls blowing a stranger. "That's right whores. Suck his cock good."

Back at the counter, Vera is getting more coffee for Bobby. The cook leans over from behind the counter and tells her that he's going on a quick smoke break.

"Ya, sure, and is that cherry pie done yet?" exclaims Vera.

"Oh, si," responds Manny. "The pie is right out of the oven." Manny holds up the pie to Vera. She nods and walks over to Bobby's table.

Vera makes her way around Biff whose standing in front of the table. "Hey, what is going on here?"

Biff is startled. "Hey Vera. My girl is just enjoying a late night snack." Vera looks over at Bobby and sees the two girls sucking his cock. Bobby has his head back and eyes closed, so he doesn't see Vera.

"What do you think you girls are

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