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Authentic, autobiographical, schizotypal and brutally honest.

I managed to make sure that Mike got a good view of my sister and mother naked. It really turned me on to know that Mike was on the other side of the wall getting turned on and probably masturbating while he watched us change.

When I was 18 I drove to Long Island to visit my relatives for a long weekend. I hadn't seen them in a couple of years, and I was really looking forward to the visit. I arrived and sat talking with my aunt and uncle on the porch for half an hour before Mike came home. When he finally arrived I ran over and gave him a big hug and kiss; I had missed him and it was great to see him. Both of us had really changed. He had grown at least six inches, had a muscular physique, and had really become a good looking hunk. I hadn't grown much taller, but I had developed a curvaceous 34C-24-35 body, shoulder-length auburn hair, and I knew how to highlight my physical attributes. I had been thinking a lot about my visit and was excited about exposing myself to Mike.

I suggested we go for a swim. Mike carried my suitcase up and put it in the guest bedroom and said he'd meet me downstairs. Less than a minute later the knot was missing and Mike was in position. Facing in the general direction of the knot hole, I slowly, sensually unbuttoned and removed my blouse. I had carefully selected my wardrobe to fit the performance I had planned. My bra was very lacy and feminine, and gave the desired sensual effect when I bent over to remove my sandals. Next I undid my shorts, and slowly let them slide down over my hips to the floor, causing me to have to bend over to pick them up. I was very turned on and could feel that my pussy was dripping wet. Next I slowly peeled off my bra revealing my breasts. As if I was glad to get out of the constraining bra, I massaged my breasts briefly with both hands. I left my lacy, high cut panties on to tease Mike.

I spent a few minutes opening and searching through my suitcase for my bathing suit. In the process I gave Mike views of my body from every angle. The knot was still missing, so I assumed that he was still watching intently. I had goose bumps thinking of Mike in the other rrom watching me and stroking his erect penis. After I found my suit, I removed my panties, sat on the bed facing the knot hole, and casually ran my finger along the outer edge of my dripping wet pussy. This had not been part of the plan, but I was extremely turned on, and in to exhibiting myself for my cousin. I inserted my finger into my pussy to get it lubricated, then focused my attention on my clitoris. With my legs spread, I massaged my clit with one hand and, for Mike's benefit, caressed my breasts and nipples with the other. Before long I reached a spectacular climax, which caused my body to shudder and become weak. I lay back on the bed with my legs spread to regain my strength. As I lay there I heard a slight knock against Mike's wall; I could only imagine what was going on in his room.

Feeling mischievous, I quickly got up, put on my bikini, and went to knock on Mike's door. He answered the door wearing only his bathing suit. There was a fragrance of hand lotion in his room, and I noticed a slight bulge in his bathing suit. I asked if he was ready, and we both headed down to the beach for the afternoon. I left the next day, and didn't return to the house on Long Island until this past summer.

I was married about a year ago, and I decided to take my husband, Byian, down to my aunt and uncle's house for the weekend. I coordinated our trip to coincide with a weekend that Mike would be there, both to see him and to carry out the show I had planned. Mike is still unmarried and, although he dates a lot, doesn't have much in the way of prospects.

The first night consisted of lots of food and drink, so my husband and I went to bed and straight to sleep.

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