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Brother gets with sexy sis.

It was a hot day in May and I intended to spend the rest of my afternoon in the pool outback.

Now topless, I reach for the button and zipper of my pants. Pulling them down, I feel a slight breeze against my bald pussy and let out a small woo sound. Ignoring the nagging feeling in my gut, I try not to think about if I had opened the window this morning or not. I take my discarded clothes and throw them in my hamper as I walk over to my dresser bare-assed, (I dont wear underwear often). I hear a small noise behind me, almost like a cough. I grab my knife from on top of the dresser and swing around, ready for a fight.

"Easy, tiger." I freeze. I know that voice.

"Tyler what are you doing in my room?" I say. Tyler was sitting on my bed, watching me. I look down and cover myself with my hands and arms. He stares at me, looking up and down my body, I see something change in his eyes.

"Well, I was coming over to tell you something but now I'm more interested in enjoying the view." He laughs at me and motions me to come to him. Not knowing really what else to do, I walk over to my bed and stand a couple feet away from him. He pulls me closer to him and grabs my arms, "Let me look at you."

Semi-reluctantly I drop my arms. Tyler puts his hands on my hips and starts massaging my turn on spots with his thumbs. He's starting to turn me on and I don't know where this is coming from. "Ty." I let out a soft moan. He pulls me forward to get me to straddle his lap and he kisses my neck. "I want you Charlie."

He grabs my ass with both his hands and lifts me up then quickly turns around and he lays me on my back. Kneeling over me, he bends down and kisses me deeply. Our tongues dance together and he starts massaging my clit. I moan again.

"Ty. Why are you teasing me? What about Mary?" My head was spinning at the rate of how fast things were happening.

Tyler looks at me, "I'm not teasing you. I'm playing with you. This is teasing you..." With that, he backs up quickly and bends down, with my pussy parallel to his face. I feel my face heat up and my body feels like its tingling, is he going to do it?

He kisses me lightly then runs his tongue across my pussy real quick. He looks up at me. "Tastes just like the first time." He licks me again. It feels amazing, like the first time; I think to myself as he continues.

"Ty.. Oh my god, Tyler!" I moan as he causes me to reach orgasm. My muscles tighten and my heart starts pounding harder. He stands up. I see how hard he is, the crotch of his jeans bulging out, almost as if it was asking me to release his cock from the denim prison. Tyler looks me in the eyes.

"You might want to get dressed. Your grandmother could be home at anytime." I shake my head at him, "You want me to put on my clothes? I'm confused. You eat my pussy and make me feel so amazing, just to tell me to get dressed after you make me cum? I see how hard you are, yet you want nothing more? I think it's time for you to go.." Offended and hurt I pull my blankets over me.

Tyler closes my door and locks it. "I didn't know if you wanted more. I had to stop myself before completely assaulting your pussy. I almost just lost it. You came so hard and so sweet, I had to fight the urge of pulling my dick out and shoving it up in your tight warm pussy without your permission. Yes I want more. I want to feel you cum all around my big, hard cock. I want to make you scream my name. I want you Charlie." The burning desire in my core just quadrupled.

I smirk at him and cock an eyebrow, "If that's the case.. Come have me." I throw off the blankets. "I want you naked in my bed in 45 seconds." I challenge.

Tyler was already down to his boxers when I said this. His rock hard cock was poking through the hole in the front. "You like my cock?" He asks as he pulls them off.

"Yes." I whisper.

He lays down next to me and trails his fingers over my pussy, drawing imaginary swirls.

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