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Ever wanna fuck your stepmum?

Demi walked over to the bar counter and picked a wafer thin cigarette case, opened it and took one. She offered him. He declined and told her that he had quit two years ago. She lit the cigarette with a phallic-shaped lighter. He noticed her rubbed the lighter knowingly with her fingers as she sat on the bar stool.

"Did you mean why I invited you here? Why? Didn't you like what you saw this morning?" She asked blowing perfect smoke rings in the air.

"I like it but what do you like about me?"

"Why did you come here in the first place? To fuck me or what?"

"Curiosity and I've got nothin' else to do tonight."

She stubbed the cigarette in the ash tray.

"Sex is better if you've got nothin' else to do, you agree?"

Robert pushed his jacket sleeve on his left wrist and looked over her Patek Philippe watch.

Demi stood. Sexual passion throbbed in her body and she's not the person to be turned down. She shrugged off her nightdress letting it fall down on her ankles. She remained standing waiting for his reaction. She was all womanly, long limbs, big-breasted and a 'come and get me' pussy.

He turned sideways, hooked his thumb on the front pocket of his Levi's, face flushing. Have he had enough pussies lately?

"What's the matter, no interest?" She hunched her shoulder.

"You're strikingly beautiful Demi." He said facing her again, his blue eyes assessing her nudity.

She walked over to him and pushed the jacket off his shoulders as if there was an unspoken agreement.

"Nice jacket." She said looking at his blue eyes, a pool of desire. She flung the jacket on the floor. Then she took hold of his hands. They were old hands but felt strong, and so with the other parts of his body as she felt them.

Age suited Robert.


Boyish grin.

Tousled blonde.

Startling good looks.

"You still haven't lost your charm, Bob. What's the secret?"

"It's in the genes."

"Right here in your jeans?" she said and intimately groped for his cock. It wasn't exactly in the arousal state.

"Do you need Viagra?"

Robert narrowed his eyes and laughed. "I live in a farm, eat natural fresh food, stay out as much as possible from polluted places, drink moderately, ride my horse, ski, chop woods, swim and make love. I still don't see the need for it, not just yet."

"I'm interested in making love, we making out 'equal' sex."

"Demi, I'm no longer sixteen and I'm not desperate to get laid."

"Are you trying to say you're rejecting my offer for a one night stand. Please don't blow the whole thing. I seldom get the urge and I made preparations hours before you came in. At least allow me to open your jeans and let me hold your cock, for a minute or two. Would you?"

He was speechless. Demi broke the silence.

Demi was a prize catch.

"Well?" She said staring at him bright-eyed and optimistic.

She couldn't stand anymore how he looked at her. She knew she had him.

Her hands held his face; kissed him long and hard, hot tantalizing kisses, pressed her body against him, and then groped him again. This time he was in the 'gropable' state.

His jeans were not belted. She twisted out the waist metal button then popped out the rest down. Robert wasn't wearing underwear. He didn't bother, especially if he's wearing Levi's 501. She drew the pants down halfway his massive thighs and he kicked off his shoes and finished getting off the jeans.

His cock was 80 per cent erect. Surely he didn't need the damned Viagra.

Demi smiled and she raced on unbuttoning his shirt.

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