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Does Cupid try again on Valentines Day? (conclusion)

No, Vern would not get the pleasure of accompanying her to the car tonight.

Gina switched back to the black and white telnet screen and apologized to BigDomUSA, this afternoon's online partner of choice, for the interruption. He had paid her well for her online services today, and she hated leaving him for 2 minutes while she talked to her boss. Now he was idle, apparently distracted by "real life" matters as well. She read back through the scene and shivered slightly at the predicament she was in, naked and bound on her back with her wrists and ankles tied to the two bedposts at the head of the bed. The awkward position placed her knees along side of her head and her ass and sex high in the air with her body weight being supported by her shoulders and upper back.

She scrolled back through the text as BigDomUSA idled, blushing as she read through the part of their chat when he ordered her in real life to go to the bathroom next to her office and remove her panties. She remembered how she felt as she clenched her balled up panties tight in her hand, her heart pounding with nervous excitement as she walked out of the bathroom toward the fax machine, following BigDomUSA's commands precisely. With a deep breath she had picked up a blank piece of paper and dropped her wet panties into the recycle bin by the fax, on top of all the confirmation reports. She had moved swiftly back to her office, relieved that none of her coworkers had seen her little deposit.

A few minutes later she felt a wave of humiliation rush through her body as she heard the whispering and then laughter of a few of her male coworkers by the fax machine. She watched as they rushed by her office, snickering like schoolboys as they went out to the smoking area by the lunchroom. Stepping into the lunchroom to buy a Coke, she looked through the large windows to see Robert closing the trunk of his car and shaking his head, laughing with his buddies as they smoked. She knew her panties, dripping wet and scented with her musky arousal, were now securely in her coworker's trunk.

As she hurried back to her office, she wondered if Robert and his friends suspected the panties were her's. She realized that her tight skirt would reveal to anyone who looked closely that she was not wearing panties and she made a mental note that she would not leave her office for the rest of the day unless she absolutely had to, at least until Robert and his friends were gone. They would most certainly be looking closely at the butts of their female coworkers, trying to discover whose panties they had found in the recycle bin!

Gina jumped out of her semi conscious dream state and sighed, seeing that BigDomUSA had idled out and was logged off the telnet talker. She knew it was her fault that he had lost interest and she made a note to give him a 30 minute scene for free the next time he wanted to use her online. Such was the duty of the online "Virtual" whore. She smiled politely to the cute young cleaning crew member as he stepped into her office to empty her trash can. "Thanks Dan'" she said, staring at the name tag on his shirt.

"No problem Ma'am, looks like you are one of the last ones here again tonight."

It was true that she was often at the office late, not working as much as playing on line and chatting on her favorite talkers. Her home life was nice, but her husband didn't understand her obsession with chatting on line. Though he enjoyed how excited the chat would make her, and how intense their lovemaking would be after she had been online for hours, he couldn't help feeling inadequate in some way, like he was failing to fulfill her sexual needs.

But this time she was not staying at the office to avoid going home.

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