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Marcus finds relief from a Nymph.

I draw the scissors back, sharp metal on skin, set it aside, then rip the rest of the fabric apart with my hands.

She's shaved. Round, slightly dark labia that matches the olive color of her skin. Her bound legs are drawn sufficiently apart that the pink inside of her is open to my eyes and, after a moment, again my hand. She is, as she had longed for her rejected Anthony to make her, soaking wet beneath my fingers. I move though the soft inside of her, find the knob of her and draw my fingers on and around it. She sucks in breath at my touch. Her ass moves in the damp bed, recoiling, coming back.

Says: "Jesus, Tommy. I didn't know you had this in you."

"Full on Rambo," I tell her. Fingers moving. "You like this?"

"Yeah," Jenn tells me. Her dark eyes fixing on mine. I find her vagina, push two fingers half-roughly inside her.

I am touching the inside of my roommate's body.

Jen grunts at my entry, sucks in breath, says, "Yeah. Goddammit, I do."

Then I withdraw my fingers and my hand from her inside. Bend down, take in the rich, sour, ammoniated smell of her. And finally bury my face in her pussy, breathing her, breathing on her, tasting her with my lips and tongue. I probe her, licking inside her vagina, then moving to touch her clitoris with my tongue.

Jenn inhales hard as I move my tongue in a circle inside her, teasing on her clit, says: "Fuck. Tommy. You are the best. Roommate. Ever."

I stay buried inside her, her wetness soaking my face, my tongue pushing harder against the knob of flesh at the top of her cleft. She raises herself into me. Her breath gets ragged, dissolves into short, rough pants. "Fuck, Tommy, you're gonna make me come..."

And I stop.

I sit up, look down at her swollen labia.

"Oh, god, Tommy," Jenn practically begs. "C'mon, let me come."

I smile at her.

"When I tell you you can," I tell her.

She writhes in her ties, in frustration.

Says: "Oh, fuck you, man, I'm dying here, you asshole."

"You don't control it, kid," I croon at her. "I do. You're gonna do what I tell you. You're gonna come when I tell you you can."

Jenn bucks in her ties, says, "Come on, Tommy, my cunt's on fire. Jesus, I don't think I ever said 'cunt' to him."

"Say it to me then. Tell me what you want me to do to your cunt."

"Oh, god, go down on me again."

"Go down where?"

"On my cunt, asshole. Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt."

And bursts out laughing.

She seems, for the first time since I walked in the door with my celibate pizza, happy.

"Not yet," I tell her.

By now, I'm majorly hard. I kneel up beside her, pull my shorts down over it. Then, with one hand, angle it downwards, to move its shaft along the soft skin of her cheek, then her lips. Ever compliant, she brings her tongue out to touch my uncircumcised glans and it is like she has touched an electric circuit, a shock of sensation washes up through my belly, down into my balls.

"Oh fuck, Jenny," I tell her. "I gotta tell you. I kinda like this too."

She smiles, lifts her head enough that she can take me inside her mouth.

I'm enveloped by warmth, the soft, slow movement of her tongue.

I move to straddle her and now am able to push, slowly so she does not choke, but very deliberately into her. She takes me in, letting her tongue slide down along the underside of my shaft. It feels amazing - as if I am moving along a slowly undulating carpet made of soft flesh. I push into her, withdraw, push in, withdraw again.

After a moment, she makes a murmured sound and moves her head aside, which I read as discomfort (I am beginning to get the hang of this, this pushing of the boundary of forcing her to the place that turns her on but not beyond) and I lift myself out of her and turn to the delivery rather than the reception of pleasure.

But it is still, for me, pleasurable (this is what I am beginning to understand), to slide my hard-on down along her body as I lick the skin of her sweet-perfect breasts, take her nipples between my lips, suckling on her, then using my teeth to pull them - not entirely gent

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