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Husband gets wife to explore her sexuality at resort.

I had no problem getting one finger in through, and could probably have got two in with a bit of stretching, but I was pretty sure that a good-sized cock, even Charlie's average one, would have to break it a bit to get inside. I was now sure, at least, that she couldn't have had one in her, although I was equally sure she'd done plenty of fingering herself.

"Well, Becky, I can see that you've explored the inside of your vagina already, but I believe you that you've not been fucked before, and Charlie will be able to tell. So deal on."

"Sure you wouldn't like to try to open me with your fingers, Auntie?"

"Yes ... no ... somewhen else, for sure, but if this plan is going to work, my husband will have to believe you were a virgin, and he'll need to feel some resistance. I don't think you'll feel much pain, maybe for a few seconds, but you need to make sure you complain. Anyway, you need to start leading him on, and I want you to email me exactly what has happened every day he's in work with you."

What I didn't say, of course, was that if what she told me didn't agree with what Charlie told me, one or both of them would be in big trouble.

"Um, Auntie, don't you think you should get your hands out of my pussy now?"

I'd like to say that I'd completely forgotten so it was a total accident, but I couldn't, and maybe even I blushed a bit then. It didn't stop me from licking her juices off my hand, though, and it was clear that we both understood what each other was: I was a total slut, and she was intending to become one, having advanced her career along the way. We agreed that she would increasingly lead Charlie on, before giving in to his advances.

Over the next few days Becky teased Charlie by wearing clothes that revealed her tits when she bent in front of him, first in a skimpy bra, then unrestrained. Her skirts got shorter, and she eventually left off her panties entirely. One day I had a text from her saying she'd let him see her cunt and asshole when she bent over, and he'd persuaded her to invite him to her flat after work to talk about her future career. My plan was coming together. I was going to let Charlie take Becky's virginity, but I was going to watch.

By chance, this all happened when I was on my period, as was Jade and Chrissy of course as we were now synchronised. Unlike my younger son, who enjoyed fucking me when the red flag was flying, Charlie had never liked it, which meant that he hadn't spotted how cross I was with him because he hadn't told me anything about the progress he had been making with Becky. I didn't mind him fucking another woman, or even him fucking me when he was imagining he was in someone else, but only when he told me about it. So the first evening after my period had stopped, I decided to tackle him about it after dinner, when Tony and Jade were busy online, and Chrissy had gone back to her own house to a couple of nights.

"So, Charlie, how are you getting on with your new secretary?"

"Um ... fine, Susan."

"What do you mean fine? Have you managed to see her tits, or up under her skirt?"

"Oh ... um, yes."

"Yes? Is that all? I thought you were going to tell me all about it? So come on, give me all the details."

"Ah, well she seems to have taken some of the initiative. She stopped wearing a bra, and yesterday she wasn't wearing any panties."

"So, did you get to see her cunt, darling?"

"Oh ... yes, I did, Susan."

"You fucking bastard, Charlie. You promised me you'd tell me everything that happened each day, but you haven't, have you? I don't mind you lusting after her, or even fucking her, but you're fucking cheating on me again by not telling me what is going on. Maybe I should go and warn her about you, and that will be the end of it?"

I was really angry with him, and wanted to punish him, but the trouble was I also really wanted to watch him fuck Becky. I was wondering what I could do, when there was a knock at the door. I went and opened it, finding my brother Brian on the doorstep.

"Hi, Suz.

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