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Dude ranch offers cattle or llama drives on bicycles.

I looked up and saw Paula, tears falling down her face, there was such sadness in her eyes.

"Did he hurt you.?" She managed to stammer

I kissed his head and held onto him, I looked up at Paula, "He was a gentle as he could be."

She fell into a crumpled heap by the couch sobbing, every now and again I heard the word sorry. My mind was numb now, I had no thoughts I was simply beyond exhausted.
When I woke I was in bed again, Paula was asleep next to me, I listened, the house was silent. It was useless looking for a clock here, Josh refused to have that many in the house and since we were naked but for our collars we didn't have watches either. My strength had returned to me now although I wasn't planning on testing it with a work out in the gym, I figured my body would get me to the kitchen, as I poured coffee for myself I heard noises coming from one of the other rooms, as I opened the door, Josh was sat with a pad making notes and although I couldn't see to well it looked like a drawing of one of the toys he try's out on us.

"Come on in and bring another coffee with you if you don't mind."

So two cups of coffee gained me entry to the room, Josh watched me as I sat a look of concern showed on his face as I involuntarily winced before I sat down.

"You came to my rescue again, Paula told me everything when I woke in your arms."

We both looked at each other, this was now the forth time that I had prized Josh's demons from him, I felt a presence and looked up, Paula was stood at the door, I waved her in and she sat next to me. She looked at both of us, she had heard us talk and wanted to know more, a silent plea in her eyes and on her lips.

It was Josh that started, we all knew about Josh's insomnia it's part of the reason none of us could last here more than a week, Josh's demands on our bodies was a constant. However Josh had found that there was a side effect to his insomnia, medically it was called depression, we all called it his demons,

"do you remember when I sat you down and told you never, ever to come near me when I'm playing the piano.?"

Paula nodded, Josh looked at me and I continued, "I heard him playing one night and came down to join him, he was playing the piece your heard earlier, as soon as I touched him he snapped. His demons were in control that evening as he took me."

Josh stood and the quick movement caught us both unprepared, "tell her the truth."

Paula looked at both of us, a realization dawning on her.

"He raped me."

I looked again at Josh, that night had tormented him for years now, perhaps it was best it came out to another of his girls, but there needed to be drastic action now, if all this was to come out then it had to be on equal terms, I asked Paula to stand, uncertain of why I asked yet she did as I asked, I turned her slightly and pointed to the tattoo on the side of her ass and then to mine.

Thankfully Paula had given me the information on the cruise "Answer me this, tell me what this says"

Josh looked at both of us then at the tattoo, "slave" was his only answer.

"Then how can you rape something you own, we gave you our bodies when we all entered into this agreement, you own us Josh, we are yours to do with as you will, take us as you want or simply love us as much as you can."

Josh sat back down, Paula joined him and took his hand in hers, what she said next damn near broke both our hearts.

"I've known you eight years, I have willingly been your slave for seven of those and as Mary said will be for the rest of my life. Seven years ago I was here on my second visit, you had made me come so much I passed out again and even though I felt you put me to bed, I didn't have the energy to thank you, I slept, I woke to you playing the piano it was so beautiful."

I felt tears roll down my face as I realized what she was saying, Paula was the first out of the bed last night, she knew of Josh's demons and if it had

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