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Taylor completely breaks Summer.

I put a few more pieces of wood on the fire and they soon crackled and blazed into life, spitting sparks into the night air. Meanwhile I noticed Andy retrieving one of the bottles of wine from the coolbag and pouring out a couple of cups.

We sat down facing each other on the sheet, cross-legged, our knees almost touching and raised our cups in a silent toast, just looking at each other. We sat like that seemingly for an age as I scanned his face in the glow of the fire. His fine brown hair was swept back from his high forehead. His thin, sharp nose was framed by well-defined cheek bones. His chin jutted out a little under his soft lips which were surprisingly full and sensuous. I loved looking at his body, too. He'd been quite athletic at school and although he wasn't muscle-bound he had the taut musculature of a distance runner.

We both smiled when he caught me staring at his chest. "I love you, Mum." He leant forward, with one hand resting upon and squeezing my thigh, the other stroked my cheek tenderly.

"I love you, too, my handsome, sexy son." I cupped his hand in mine and pressed it to my face, kissing his palm then tickling it with the tip of my tongue.

Reluctantly he withdrew his hand, picked up the camera and stood up. "The fire should give me some unusual lighting," he said and threw some more wood onto the flames. "I wish I had a tripod!" He looked around and, noticing a large flat rock to one side, he exclaimed, "This'll do."

He set the camera on the rock and moved behind it, peering at the display on the back. "Yes," he proclaimed and clicked the button. He made some changes to the settings, clicked the button and ran round to stand close to me. I noticed a red light blinking on the camera as he pulled my head to his crotch then a loud 'beep.'

"Delayed shot setting," Andy explained. He went back to the camera and clicked the button again, rushed behind me and put his hands on my breasts. "Look up at me ...". Beep. The next shot had him pulling my blouse off - my face was hidden but my bra exposed. Then it was with the blouse completely removed and his hands down the front of my bra. I loved all this attention and was happy to let him do what he wanted and take as many pictures as he liked. It turned me on and already his erection was growing.

As he was setting the camera up again he told me to unfasten my bra and take it off just the right shoulder and to hold the left cup in place. I complied and he came behind me again and squeezed my bare breast as the camera beeped again. "Keep like that, Mum," he instructed and for the next shot he gripped my nipple and pulled my breast up and out, stretching it to a long cone. This was just a little painful but it sent a shock wave right down to my clitoris. "Lose the bra, Mum, and do the same to your left breast, pull it way out to the side." He took position on my right nipple and we both tugged them wide, causing me to gasp. He bent over and kissed me then turned me so I was at an angle to the camera while he took a picture of himself sucking on my nipple.

"OK Mum," he said as he put more wood on the fire, "this one, I want your hand on my dick through my shorts." He set the camera up and moved next to me as I reached out to hold the lump. "Now with your hand up the leg of my shorts..." I was pleased to discover he wasn't wearing any pants under there and my hand closed round the warm tumescent flesh. Then he wanted my hands at the top of his shorts as if ready to take them off, then with his flies wide open but nothing showing.

"Pull my shorts halfway down my thighs for this one Mum, face close to my dick .

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