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A daring rescue, a night of passion, a special visitor.

Besides, a small part of him liked the terror in her voice, the fear in her eyes. A small part that is linked directly to his cock, twitching even now at the memory. The Knights Templar cast no shadows, at least not the kind he fears. Whatever his sister may have become, he will never trail along in her footsteps again.

"Come, sister."

She follows with no hesitation, a delight he will never get used to. When he takes her hand, she doesn't pull it away, even when he tugs hard enough that she loses her balance, staggering against him. Wrapping his arm around her waist protectively, he holds her steady, whispering in soft tones, even if she has no need for soothing.

[She shoves hard against his shoulder, righting herself. Haughty, she glares at him. "Keep your hands to yourself, brother." A sniff of disdain. "I don't need your help."]

Reaching the door to her cell, he opens it for her, guiding her through with the slightest press of his palm to her lower back, fingers just grazing the swell of her arse.

[She scowls as she shoves him aside, pushing open the door. She turns to face him, frustrated and angry, and looking to blame someone.]

Gently, he directs her to the bed, unbuckling straps and discarding armor. She watches, and there is no protest.

[Once in their shared room in the small cottage, she points to the floor, and he goes to his knees, long years of obedience making a habit of it. He still fumbles as he rucks up her skirt, want and shame making his fingers tremble.]

Soft but insistent, he pushes down on her shoulders, easing her to kneel between his spread legs, throbbing with an intensity he has never felt. "Suck me, Lena." Pulling himself free of his trousers, he positions her mouth over him. "Open your pretty mouth and suck my cock, sister."

["Eat my cunt, brother. It's the only thing you're good at besides being a meat shield." Sneering, she stands over him, shoving his face into her sex.]

She'd used him, taking and taking, never showing an ounce of love. Never being the sister he wanted to adore, but only the sister he needed to fuck. It figures it takes being an Erased for her to be able to give.

["Mmm. Lick me harder." Although she is groaning, it comes out as a command, her fingers curling into his hair. "What will your fellow Knights Templar say if they knew their new apprentice spends his leave time between his sister's legs?"]

The heat of her mouth burns him, a clash of guilt and glee. "Relax your throat, sweetheart, or you'll choke." Her compliance is instant, and he slides deeper, until she has taken his entire length, and all that he is. "That's it, darling. Just like that."

He rubs his thumb over the jagged scar on her forehead, minutely flexing his hips as she holds him. He pulls her off just enough to let her breath before sinking back into the tight embrace of her throat.

[She snarls out her release, one foot to his shoulder to kick him away, onto his back. Long practice has taught him to let her take, or she will happily leave him wanting. She drops down to straddle him, sheathing his straining cock in one swift, slick movement.]

"Stand for me, Lena, and take off your robe." She is methodical and efficient as she follows his command, each clasp falling in its turn. "I want to do all the things you never let me do, sister. Touch you in all the places you never let me touch." Sliding a caressing hand down her flank, he nudges her thighs apart with a knee. "Bend over and put your hands on the bed, love."

["God, you're a sick fuck, brother. Why you want to touch me there is beyond me." She slaps at his shoulder, smirking until he moves his hands back to her hips, riding him fast and brutal.]

Dribbling the thick fluid of a warmth balm between the cheeks of her arse, he marvels at the lack of protest, not the slightest whimper, as he presses his finger slickly into the tight pucker.

She doesn't fight him when he adds a second finger, so slowly easing into the

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