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Daddy and I at the ballpark.

"arrrrgh," Janet exploded, "oh my ..." she looked up with confused eyes into Dinah's caring one. The orgasm shot through her, lights flashing in her eyes. Mark had slowed his licking and fucking, till he was barely touching her but Janet's orgasm continued until she lay still, whimpering slightly. Dinah stroked her face and hair until Janet's eyes opened and focused again. "I didn't ... know ... it could feel ... like that," Janet said as she caught her breath.

Dinah continued to stroke her face, "You OK?"

"Oooooh yeah," Janet said, still recovering, just beginning to move her legs again. "I'm just tingling ... all over."

Mark stood up, his cheeks, chin, neck shiny with Janet's juice. "That was great," he said, "you came so hard, almost cut off the blood supply to my finger," smiled, holding it up. Janet smiled up at him meekly. Mark leaned down and kissed her, she tasted herself on him. Wiping off his face with the back of his hand he then gave a long lingering kiss to Dinah. "Thanks babe, that was two great breakfasts. I gotta get washed up and get going. I'll see you guys this evening." And he disappeared into his cabin. The sound of water splashing in the sink was closely followed by the sound of the passageway door opening and closing.
"He did it again!" Janet exclaimed, "How can he do that, I was gonna ..."

"I told you yesterday, he really enjoys it. And I have a plan for tonight, if you want to join in." Dinah told her. "Today I was thinking we could do a dive this morning then do some shopping on Bora-Bora. The crew is dropping whoever wants to see the Island off before they start for the dive site. They'll be back to pick us up late this afternoon."

The two women dressed in their bathing suits and after a light breakfast they donned their dive gear and plunged off the stern of the boat into the crystal clear 80-degree water. The dive was, as usual for this trip, spectacular. Colorful corals, sea slugs, and fish flitted about the underwater wonderland. They even saw a manta ray, it passed within 30 feet of them as it headed towards where ever it was going.

When their tanks reached 800 psi they headed back to the boat where the crew helped them off with their gear. They showered, dressed in light sundresses, then joined the remaining passengers on deck. The boat hauled anchor and headed for the public dock of the small town, passing a huge cruise ship anchored in the bay. The boat briefly tied up at the dock to fill the water tanks and allow the passengers wanting an afternoon on shore off. "It's 12:00 now, I'll pick you up at Bloody Mary's at 6:00. Ask anybody where it is; they'll point you there." Said Pierre as the passengers filed off.

The two women wandered through the town holding hands, stopping to look at the tables and blankets vendors had set up along the road. Upon their arrival in town the streets had been crowded with tourists from the cruise ship but at 2:00 they had all headed back to the dock where launches from the cruise ship shuttled them back and the streets returned to their normal sleepy selves. The shops were more or less empty now and Janet and Dinah purchased souvenirs for their friends and family. At 4:00 they hitched a ride in the back of a pick-up truck to Bloody Mary's, their feet dangling off the back as they rode. The truck stopped, the two hopped off, thanked the driver and walked up the sandy path to the famous bar/restaurant. As soon as they sat down two young men sidled up and offered to buy them a drink. The two men were on holiday from university and were using their best pick-up lines as they flirted with the two older women, who played along with the flirting. The one who had attached himself to Janet kept hugging her and putting his arm around her shoulder, stealing glances down her top at her breasts. Dinah kept her would-be beau at a distance but couldn't resist giving him glances at the sides of her breasts through the armholes of her top.

At 6:00 Pierre came in and began rounding up his passengers.

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