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Fragments of a week with Dawn.

I explained what happened and that I had calmed down quite little bit after talking with Uncle Henry. After eating we said our goodbyes, and headed home for bed.

After finally climbing in bed all I wanted to do was cuddle and go to sleep, but it seemed my wives had other ideas. I don't know what it is with pregnant women, but for some reason they were all very randy! It was a good two hours later, before I was finally able to get some sleep.

The next morning I was in a much better mood. I was whistling as I walked up to Grandpa. He looked at me surprised.

"Clay, what's got you in such good mood this morning?"

"My wives know how to solve my stress. Let's go talk to Red Cloud, and try to smooth things over before we head into Hill City."

We went to get fresh horses, and headed to where Red Cloud's people were camped.

Upon arrival, the first person we came across was Spotted Owl. Coming up to him, we asked to speak with Red Cloud. After going over to the fire where Red Cloud was sitting, I walked up to him and said."Chief Red Cloud, I came to apologize for the way your braves were treated after taking the prisoners to Hill City. It was totally unfair and wrong to lock them up! I only hope that they can find it in their hearts to forgive me, especially Spotted Owl and Tall Bear. I also need to speak with the families of the two braves that were killed to see if there is anything I can do to help them."

"There is nothing to apologize for. You did nothing wrong. You friend to Lakota. Braves were mad at first until told white man was changing the way he treats Lakota. In time all will change."

"I still need to speak with Tall Bear and thank him for saving my life. If he hadn't shot that man, I would be dead."

"The brave Tall Bear killed was his brother. Tall Bear wants to ask you if you will become brother to him."

That got me to really thinking. He killed his own brother to save me!

"He wants me to become his brother? I would think he would hate me for causing him to kill his own brother."

I looked at grandpa. "Uncle Henry I'm not sure what to do. Here is a man who killed his own brother to save another man. Then he honors me by asking me to become his brother. What do I do?"

"You honor his request!"

"I need to talk to Tall Bear about doing this. I still need to check with the families of the two braves that were killed to see if there was anything I can do to help them."

Red Cloud spoke up. "Both men were unmarried so families are good. If you hunt, many families can use more meat. Many braves were killed at Greasy Grass."

"We should've thought of that. Red Cloud I can have a few head of cattle sent here."

"Cattle animal not good meat. Rather have a deer, or elk, or even bear."

"Okay, I guess we should hunt. It is going to be a long winter so extra meat should come in handy. Red Cloud, I was told that two braves that were killed because their weapons were in poor shape. I cannot legally provide you with weapons, although some may tend to be misplaced near here. Maybe you should look around the area tomorrow." Grandpa gave me a funny look as I said this.

I then turned to Spotted Owl. "Will you take me to see Tall Bear? I need to thank him for saving my life and find out about him wanting me to become his brother and what it entails."

Spotted Owl led me to the lodge of Tall Bear. As we were walking, I asked, "Spotted Owl, I want to know when it would be a good time for your family to come visit with my family. I know Running Deer and Little Doe would like to see their family more often."

"I thought daughters were living as White Women. Their mother would enjoy seeing more of daughters as would I."

"Spotted Owl, I know Running Deer and Little Doe need to see more of you and their mother.

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