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The impossibly gorgeous Leila meets her Adonis .

His tongue was not the only thing moving ether. I could feel his cock pulsing against my ass. It was harder then Algebra in the 3rd grade, and was starting to really move around under me.

As he kissed me I felt his left hand squeeze my right tit and then slip into my lap where he started pulling my dress up to expose my legs and black G string. He put his hand on my inner thigh, squeezed it a couple of times, pushed my legs apart and went straight for my pussy. I spread my legs for him, letting him explore where ever he wanted to. His fingers must have had a masters degree in nasty. They knew every way I wanted to be touched. I was wet, hot and really horny when I remembered Jan. "Oh shit", what was she doing? Was she watching Mark play nasty with me, I hoped so.. I let Mark have his way till I felt him start to slide a finger under my G string so he could get me flesh to flesh. I reached down, grabbed his wrist and whispered in his ear, " not yet babe. I'm going to suck you first." I slipped off his lap and got on my knees in front of him.

Jan moved over to the right side of the chair, smiled and nodded her approval as I began to run my hands over the pulsing mound in Marks' Wranglers. Pushing his legs apart, so I could move in between them, I unhooked his belt, unsnapped his jeans and pulled the zipper down. Not enough room I thought but I was going to have his dick and nothing was going to slow me down. I found the slit in Marks shorts and in less time then it takes to say, "Fuck, what a beautiful cock," I had it in my hand.

Seven and a half inches of thick, hard shaft with a perfect mushroom head. I squeezed it and licked a circle around the tip, slid my tongue down the base to his balls and sucked them, one at a time, into my mouth licking each as I sucked it in. I licked my way back to the top, paused for a second and rapidly flicked my tongue over the head until I felt it throb hard against my hand and then I sucked it fully into my mouth.

I was licking his shaft inside my mouth and moving up and down on him with slow direct motions so he could feel every lick and suck I gave him. I moved my left hand to his balls and started to gently squeeze and stroke them. I could feel the muscles in his ass contract every time I squeezed or sucked him. I was giving him the hottest, nastiest blowjob I could. I wanted to drink his hot cum.

With Marks' hard prick fucking my mouth, I looked up to see Jan striped out of her dress standing next to us in a red micro G string and red spike heals. She spread her legs and watched me suck Marks' dick while he kissed her tits and finger fucked her pussy. I wasn't ready but I came right then anyway, it was just too fucking hot. Like a scene out of a porno movie that I was in. In hell, I was the star, well the co-star anyway, with cum now running down my legs and all.

Something I forgot to tell you about me. Once I cum, no matter how, I want more till I cum again. I know lots of women that only cum once and they are finished for the night or week or worse yet they never cum at all, but not me. Most of the time I liked to have my pussy eaten and fingered until I cum then have a hard dick fuck me until I cum 2 or 3 or more times, the record was 17, rest for a while and sometimes do it all over again. My first orgasm is like an appetizer at dinner, it just makes me hungry for the main course.

I took one last suck on Marks' shaft and it made a popping sound as I released it from my mouth, like the sound of a cork leaving the neck of the wine bottle that had held it captive for years. He looked down to see why I had stopped sucking him but buy then I was up and stripping out of my black G string. I lifted my dress and spread my legs so they could look at my pussy. I watched Marks' fingers pump Jan as she licked her lips and looked at me.

Here I was, sucking a cock, nice as it was, and spreading my legs open for a couple I had just met in person less then an hour ago and I loved it.

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