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First time sucking for wife.

She buried her nose in it, making it seem like she didn't suspect anything. Out of the corner of her eye though, she saw Aiya check under the covers and quickly round up some clothes for afterwards. She didn't notice that she was holding her breath until after the 'click' of the lock on the bathroom.

'You're doing this on purpose!' she thought as she started rubbing herself as the water began running. She was going to be next, and she was going to make sure she took her time. It was unfair that the other girl got all the fun, even if it was in her sleep. "Aiya... I'll get you back for this someday." She said as her panties became transparent with juice.

"Shit shit shit shit shit!" Aiya swore quietly stepping into the shower. Her cock was dribbling precum from it's tip, the shaft pretty much as wet as it could get. She looked at her member, "Why? I play with you in the shower at night. I play with you in the morning. And this is how you thank me?"

The water cascaded down it as it stood, now unrestricted, to it's full height, almost reaching the underside of her breasts. "If Tasha didn't wake me up in time... Damnit!" She would've shouted if she didn't think that Tasha would hear her. Even though she was upset at her penis, she was stroking it the whole time. "And now you can't even let me enjoy a peaceful Friday morning!"

Interrupting her rant, a moan escaped her lips.

"God damn you! Why do I have to think about that luscious ass of hers?!? Uh... If it weren't for you, ohhh, I would be able to live a normal, God yes, life!" She knew though, that if she didn't have it, she wouldn't have had half as many problems as she did growing up, but at the same time, she wouldn't have discovered the forbidden pleasures of being a hermaphrodite. Thinking this, her expression turned soft as the pleasure dissolved any last hard feelings.

"That ass though... It felt so real... My hands on her hips, pulling her back, pushing my cock into that tight little pussy... Oooooo..." Another moan interrupted her. "Although, I am glad she woke me up, if for no other reason, oh yeah, than to remember something like that."

Her eyes closed as she leaned back, her cock pointing skyward as her hands moved in synchronization up and down the length of the shaft. The usual sensations washed over her as her final moan ushered in her climax. Cum poured from her cock as she watched, most landing on her breasts with the odd bit landing on her face and hair. Ecstasy was all that she felt at that moment, and lost in her hormonal urges, she wouldn't have cared if Tasha knew at that moment.

"Aiya..." The blond called as she heard the moans from the shower as her own orgasm rocked her. Her underwear soaked completely through, yet at the same time, she was cursing herself for what she was doing. It was completely wrong, and she knew it, to be taking advantage of the other person's dilemma, but she honestly didn't care at this point. All her life she had been a shut-in, left to her own toys and devices, and now, she was finally able to find some release, and it felt good, if for only this moment.


Aiya had made up her mind as she left the shower that she was going to have to tell Tasha the truth. There was no way that she would be able to continue living like this. It would be best to be honest and truthful to at least get it out of the way. What happened afterwards though, she was sure would be for the best. The blond would more than likely want a change of rooms, and she could speak to the ones in charge of housing at this campus to make sure she could room by herself. That would solve any current and future problems. But first, she was going to need a hard drink to be able to sit through this. She had never done something like this before, but knew from close run-ins before, that it would have to be done and soon before things got out of control.

Tasha was still reading her book when the brown-haired one exited the shower in a clean pair of clothes, sporting her usual loose pants and tight t-shirt, her ample breasts being prominent thr

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