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A gay story.

My wide eyes locked on it.

"I just wanted his opinion on the dress," Cindy said, almost whispering into mom's ear, trying to calm her.

"Well, wait till I have it on though," mom spat out, twisting her head to glare at Cindy.

"I'm going to go get dressed," I mumbled and walked away.

My cock was as hard as a spike. I closed my bedroom door behind me and rubbed it through my jeans. I needed to jerk off, but I did not have time and feared getting caught. I changed in to dress pants, a shirt and tie, then went to the bathroom to shave. By the time I was doing that mom and Cindy had already returned downstairs.

Mom was sullen when I joined her and Cindy in the living room. She was sitting across from Cindy in a chair, her arms folded on her lap. I dared not meet her eyes as I stood beside the couch.

"Let's go; I'm getting hungry," Cindy said as she stood up.

Looking dour, mom followed us to the door. She had not changed out of the dress, which both surprised and excited me. It was a little tight on her, mostly in the chest, but that made it more appealing to me.

I could tell that Cindy did not feel even the slightest bit of compunction for what she had done upstairs. In fact, I was certain she was almost as happy about it as I was. She caught my eye as we walked to the door and gave me a sneaky smile, then winked. I was sure what it implied, but was alarmed by the thought that she had deduced just what my true feelings for my mother were.

I sat in the back seat of mom's car on the trip to the restaurant. It was the polite thing to do since Cindy was a guest, but it also meant I could avoid mom just that much.

By the time we had ordered our food mom's mood seemed to have lightened. She became talkative and I noticed that Cindy was less meek around her. The change in mom's mood lifted my spirits too. Previously, I had no appetite and would have been just as contented to have stayed home and surfed the Internet. Now I was glad that we had gone out.

While we were waiting for our desserts to be brought to us mom announced that she was going to the washroom. She excused herself, leaving me alone with Cindy. I grew tense and craned my head about the restaurant, trying to avoid any conversation with Cindy because I was convinced I knew what she was thinking. When she spoke I felt a rush of unease fill me.

"So, did you enjoy the show?" she asked, leaning closer.

"What?" I asked, jerking my head back towards her, trying to seem perplexed.

"Colin, I have a son who's a few years older than you and I've lived a full life. I know when a man's interested. Upstairs, in my room, I wanted you to get a chance to see just how good your mother looks," she said.

"I know she's pretty," I said, although I doubted that would satisfy her.

Cindy smiled and shook her head. She gave my hand a gentle squeeze, then eased her hand away. Her eyes were on mine. They had a sympathetic look to them. "Yesterday, when she had those pajamas on, it was then that I was sure of your feelings for her -- although I suspected it before that," she said.

My flushed cheeks felt like they were on fire. I could feel my hand tremble and my brow was growing damp. I wanted to say something to try to convince her that she was mistaken, but knew it was futile. Instead, I gave her a guilty shrug.

"Like I said, I have a son. You can assume that means whatever you want, but I'm not talking to you like this to try to upset you or threaten you, Colin. I just want you and Becky to be happy. I know she loves you very much and needs you even more now that your dad's gone."

"I know," I said.

"I managed to talk her into not wearing a bra tonight. It wasn't easy though." She paused and laughed. "To be completely honest, I think she's hot too. Haven't you noticed how I'm always trying to touch her?"

"Yeah..." I said, grinning.

"Her breasts feel fantastic. I hope you get to find out for yourself someday -- if you haven't already." She winked at me.

Cindy looked over my shoulder and leaned back in her seat, looking nervous.

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