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Tom just wanted to explore but Vickie was out to lay claim.

I try to pull my head away and I move nowhere, he has my head squarely stuck in place, squeezing my cheeks and inspecting my face. I look at him, wondering what the hell he is thinking, bewildered. His hand then slides around the back of my neck, brushing through my hair and taking hold, he draws me in closer to him, his other hand pushing me in at the shoulder end of me, and this is when he kisses me.

My lips don't move at all - his lips are the only ones moving about. I mumble, through pursed lips, my protest to this predicament and lift both my arms out of the spa and push at his large chest in an attempt to free myself from this beast. Moving my head back away from him is equally as futile as he has the back of my neck tightly gripped. I'm so helpless and weak, there's nothing I can do. I ball my right hand into a fist and hit his chest a few times and receive no reaction, just more kissing. My penis is now hard for some reason, perhaps it's the sensations of touch - intensified by the drug he slipped me and the alcohol. I keep trying to stop this, but it's useless.

I try some more and then I finally kiss him back. I did try - I don't want this but it's no use in fighting any further. I'll give him what he wants - I hope it is over soon. I open my mouth ever so slightly and he massages my lips. He is very deliberate and dominant in where he wants to go with this whole kissing thing, he slips his tongue out here and there, invading between my lips and licking at my own tongue. This is nothing like the way I kissed the girls that I've been with before. He's so into it, so decisive and passionate. I'm flattered by his desire for me - this is so very strange, being kissed by a man, a man much older than me no less.

He no longer needs to forcefully hold me by the neck, my head just stays there, my face pressed up against his, kissing away as he slides his hand down my back - oh god, it feels electric - his hand is so large, it traces the curve of my spine down the arch of my back and slips down into my underwear. He grasps one of my fat round cheeks, caressing and squeezing it whilst we kiss. It feels really nice and sexy as he holds me and without thinking I drape my arms around the back of his neck, pulling myself in closer and tighter. Both his hands are now exploring the entirety of my body. I'm getting really hot and flustered, my face burns and my heart rate has increased.

It keeps going for a good number of minutes, I lose track and then he suddenly lets go - my heart sinks, not wanting it to end.

I quickly snap out of it moments later, shaken up and nervous, I speak in a very cracked and high pitched voice. "I-I'm not gay. This isn't for me. Sorry." I edge myself away from him, putting as much distance between us as is possible in the spa.

He smiles and looks at me. I feel sick. "Oh, this isn't for you? I'm the one that ended the kiss, sweetheart. Besides, you're more like a girl, which doesn't make it that gay now, does it?" What the hell is this guy's deal?

"Err, I-I," I stutter, struggling to find my words. "Fuck you, man. This is sexual assault!" It was all the courage I could muster. I had to say it.

He is taken aback, shakes his head and looks down for the first time ever. "Alright, alright, I'm sorry. I've misread the cues and have come on a little too strong, I suppose. Let's not get too hasty and involve any form of law suit or anything like that. I sincerely apologise. Hey, look, I've got a lot of money. If you follow me up to my suite I'll make sure you're adequately compensated." He has changed the tone of his voice and genuinely looks apologetic.

Hmm. He did say something about him being a business man before. And adequately compensated does sound rather good - I hadn't even considered filing a law suit. "OK, fine."

We quickly dry ourselves with the fresh towels supplied at the spa hut and I put my clothes on as fast as humanly possible.

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