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Lulu is naughty at the mall.

" There's a hole behind the waterfall " said the Carp.

" Yes yes " she sang and hopped through.

" Who would have thought it " thought the Carp.

Inside the hole it was dark and cold.

" Here is no nice " muttered the Sprite looking around. There was no sign of the Gnome.

" Where is you? " she asked the darkness.

" Its down here " said an echo from before her. She frowned impatiently, and clicked her fingers, one, two, three, and tapped her foot One, two, three.

At once her finger nails and toe nails lit up and she could see where she was. It was a tunnel.

" not a nice place at all " she said to herself, then remembering the voice she scurried down after it...

... The dim tunnel ended in a small cavern which was muddy and damp. There were three other holes leading on and no sign of the gnome!

" What's all this? " muttered Pitterpat to herself, dancing from one foot to the other.

" Come along.. long.. long.. long.. " came the voice of the Gnome.

" Yes yes, " agreed the sparkling Sprite, " but which one is it, which one? ".

There was no answer other than a distant echoing grumble. Pitterpat shut her eyes and leaned closer to the three tunnels. It sounded like it came from the middle tunnel or the left hand tunnel, but she was not sure.

" Where is you?" she called down the middle tunnel.

" I'm down here of course " replied the testy voice, but it sounded like it came from the right hand tunnel!

She frowned her tiny brow and decided to try the middle tunnel. So as not to lose her way, she shook her right foot every now and again to shake loose some faeire dust, which glittered in the dark behind her as she skipped down the middle tunnel.

This tunnel was narrow and led down into the earth. Every so often there were rough steps and as she danced from one to the next, humming lightly to herself she began to notice strange paintings on the wall, funny looking animals and figures, hand shapes and spirals.

" Funny patterns " she declared and sped on. Where was that Gnome gone? After seventeen heart beats she had reached the bottom. One minute she was surrounded by the close walls of the tunnel, the next she was standing by a vast great pool of water.

" Eeek! eek!.. eek!.. eek!.. " she gasped, and stood looking around. The cavern was very dark, but something around a distant bend was casting a bright illuminating light into it. It was very very quiet. Pitterpat could hear her heart beat inside her, calling to her to start dancing again soon.

" Yes yes, " she muttered impatiently and shuffled her feet. The thought that perhaps she ought to get back to the dance crossed her mind, but she dismissed it with a wave of her hand and an impatient stamp of her foot, ( which cause a little cloud of faerie dust to explode around her ankles ). She was far to curious about this strange place. In fact, she was mystified. Being a Spring Sprite, she was intimate with water, but this silent mirror like lake was like no water she had ever seen. This was not spring water, nor summer water, or even autumn or winter water. This was something very new indeed. " Something new... " she declared quietly, and tip toed onto the surface. Instantly she plunged to her knees, and " OH! " it was cold!!!

She hopped out at once, and danced in small circles.

" What's this? what's this? " she wondered. The Spring magic had no effect on this water! She stopped dancing and stared at the wide ripples she had made, as they slowly expanded away from her. She looked down at her feet which were dull and blue, all the Faerie dust muted and dark.

" Got a bit of a surprise eh? " asked a quiet deep voice from above her.

" Yes yes, " she replied, then looking up met a pair of eyes, set into the overhanging rocky wall.

" Hello " said a mouth that opened below the eyes.

" Hi ho " she replied, stepping back to get a better look, " what is you? "

" I might ask the same question, " said the mouth, but I suppose since you are my guest, then perhaps I ought to introduce myself first.

Suddenly, with a crack, part of the rock detached itself and cr

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