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What I would do to you if you were here.

"Mmmm....Larisa feels good, Liandra," he murmured huskily, cupping one of the plump breasts, and caressing it. "She'll feel good against your body too, soon enough." Larisa's hand was massaging his crotch, making his cock grow even more. He growled and pulled her even tighter against his body, dry-humping her. "I want you naked, Sweet Larisa. I want this little Slut to see what you look like bare." Larisa gave a sultry look toward the imprisoned girl, and moved away a bit, slowly slipping off her top, and then her pants, sliding her hands over her body as if she were very familiar with it, and fond of herself. Clothed, she was beautiful, but naked, Larisa was magnificent. Her breasts were round and firm with quarter-sized dusky areolas and even darker nipples, just perfect for sucking. Her mound was almost bare, except for a slight strip of fur for trim. She was toned and perfect. She ran her fingers slowly along her body, causing both sets of eyes to follow her movements.

"Steven....let me undress you," Larisa said hungrily and he was beside her again in moments. Before he quite knew what had hit him, she had him stripped down and was sucking his cock as if it were the tastiest candy cane she had ever put between her pouting lips. She moaned and took him deep into her mouth, and Liandra couldn't seem to pull her eyes away from the scene. She only knew she wished she were there, sucking Steven right along with the other woman. It didn't seem odd to her at all that the man who had 'rescued' her was having sex with someone else before her eyes, and all she wanted was to join them. She squirmed a bit on the table, as the cream worked its evil magic on her body again. Steven was groaning as Larisa continued to pleasure him with her mouth, his hands on her head urging her on, head back and eyes closed. He opened his eyes and looked over at the bound victim, and smiled a sultry smile at her.

"You'd love some of this, wouldn't you, my Whore? You want a big cock to suck on and taste.....to feel it fucking your mouth, don't you?" He groaned again.

"Yes, Master. Yes I would."

"You'd do anything to have this right now, wouldn't you? Anything at all. You'd suck off a gang of men if I told you to, because you're just aching for a taste."

"Oh, yes, Master...please..."

Steven laughed, an evil sound in the huge room, and then felt his orgasm cresting suddenly. The feeling of power over his helpless toy was intoxicating, and he loved each moment of it. Larisa rose and stood before him, smiling and wiping her lips delicately with one hand. "Delicious as always." He laughed and took her by the hand, leading her over to their plaything. Giving her a nod, he moved to one side of the table and the woman moved to the other. Simultaneously, they began to touch Liandra slowly and softly, their hands caressing her breasts and nipples, then moving downward to slide along her inner thighs, almost, but not quite touching her dripping wet slit. Slowly, each began to do their own thing, and soon the poor girl had a mouth on each nipple at one point, while fingers explored her folds, teasing her clit again and again, just to the point of orgasm, then refusing to allow her the release.

Liandra was sobbing softly by this time, as she squirmed about on the table, begging them to allow her release, but still she received no mercy.

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