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Hazing fun.

"Yes please Auntie Diane Bennett, your tits are enormous," I panted like a sex starved pervert.

Diane picked me up, then sat me on her lap. She unbuttoned her red pyjama top. Diane wasn't wearing a bra. Diane rubbed my face into her breasts. My lips were around her nipple, drinking her creamy, breast milk. Diane smoothed my hair as I gulped down her milk.

"Oh!!! sweetheart, you are so kinky, You loved my ugly sister Jenny Bendle as well didn't you Charlotte sweetheart," Said Diane softly.

"She used to like a good humping did juicy Jenny." said Joan cruelly.

"Ah! Jenny was so loving and cuddly, pity about her large tongue though," said Diane.

I had now switched to Diane's other breast. Diane wiped her milk from my mouth with her dirty, paper hank. The topic of Jenny Bendle would not go away. I was disgusted with myself that the mention of Diane's dead sister was making me feel randy. Diane's milk was overflowing and dripping down my chin.

"Who loved Jenny Bendle then, sissy Charlotte loved my sister, yes you did sweetheart," teased Diane.

After I had milked Diane dry, Diane gave me a sloppy, wet kiss on the lips, Her red lipstick tasted delicious. Joan Harries came over to me, sticking her large nose into my mouth. I got very excited. Joan then snotted into my mouth. Diane giggled like a schoolgirl.

"How could you fuck that fat, ugly lisping, cow Jenny Bendle, when you were also screwing my late sister Beryl Sullivan, you dirty, kinky, fucking transvestite," Said Joan in a cruel voice.

"I loved them both, they were both fucking slags," I cried.

Joan laughed hysterically. Sonia made lipstick stains all over my face. Diane put her finger up Joan's large nose, then fed me a slimy, green, Joan Harries bogie, which calmed me down. Joan put her fingers down her throat and vomited her breakfast onto the coffee table. It was steamy and lumpy. Joan picked the stinking mess up with her fingers, forcing it into my mouth. To my surprise I was enjoying it, Diane Bennett nodded with approval. I devoured every drop of Joan's vomit, even licking the coffee table.

"Come on Charlotte sweetheart, let Auntie Diane carry you up to my bedroom," said Diane.

Diane Bennett's bedroom was a shrine to her dead husband Roy. There were blown up posters of Roy on every wall. Pictures of him in frames were staring at us from all angles. His clothes remained hanging up. Diane sat me down on a chair next to a large mirror. Before I continue, lets put you in the picture about Roy Bennett. Roy died in bed aged 46, over 20 years ago. He had been reading a book. I went to the funeral and can vouch that Diane was very upset. I have never seen a women with so many soaking, snotty, paper hankies. Diane was now in love with me. She insisted that I wore his personal possessions. Roy's gold watch was put around my wrist. His wedding ring was on my finger. Diane even wanted me to wear Roy Bennett's glasses, which I found very spooky. We then both got into Diane's bed. I was on the very side that Roy had died. We both kissed heavily. I could feel the presence of Roy Bennett in the bedroom. I licked Diane's nose, then put my tongue into her mouth. We kissed passionately.

Joan and Sonia came into the room to watch us.

"I love you sissy Charlotte, I was so annoyed with Roy leaving me all alone," said Diane with tears in her eyes.

"You are gorgeous Auntie Diane, your husband was an ignorant bastard, your better off without him," I replied stroking Diane's blonde hair.

Diane started to cry, but nodded her head in agreement. I was kissing her all over her tear stained face. I then tore open her pyjama jacket, scattering the buttons everywhere. Her breasts were on show for me again.

"Listen to me Roy Bennett, I 'm going to have very rough sex with your gorgeous wife, so fuck off Roy and fuck her sister Jenny instead," I shouted at the top of my voice.

"Make love to me sweetheart, I hate Roy and love you so much," cried Diane.

I pulled Diane's pyjama trousers down, ramming my stiff cock between her legs, into her hairy

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