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Sister-in-law needs help getting pregnant.

Molly cooed as Jang got to the head; her small hands feeling where it flared up from the rest of the cock.

"Like this?"

"Mmmm...yes...that's" The redhead was beginning to lose her composure. "So we?"

"Yes we." Jang explained. "A group of girls that love 3Cs...can I use that term? We read about them, write about them, compare them...dream about them. At times I wish I was one."

"No you don't."

"No?" The woman stopped her exploration and looked at Molly.

"Really." Molly sighed, the moments' magic lost. "This...thing...dictates my life...what I wear, where I go, how I eat, even my schedule. You don't want something like this."

"I do." Jang licked her lips. "But since I don't have one...I'll have to enjoy this one."

Molly had a rebuke on her lips, yet that never came. Instead Jang threw herself at the redhead's dick. She attacked the massive member before her; lavishing the head in kisses as her hands rubbed it lovingly. Her tongue lashed other, slathering it til it glistened. "Sorry! I just *have* to do this."

Jang stood up before Molly, her expression serious as she started to disrobing. Molly watched with anticipation as the shirt went, quickly followed by the white undershirt. Her anticipation turned to glee as Jang shimmied out of her pants. She traced up those long toned legs to the junction where a blue set of panties covered her sex. Molly swore the underwear began to darken. "Well?"

"Wow." That was all Molly could manage to squeak out. A hundred different thoughts were bouncing around her head. Yet, there was one thought taking precedence over all others. I'm gonna get laid! Her cock bulged even larger at the thought; its' head flaring.

"Mmm. Easy now. We don't want you to fire off too soon." Jang's bra hit Molly square in the face. She pushed it aside and saw that Jang had hooked her fingers around her bottoms. With a grin she dropped her panties to the ground revealing her smooth mound.

Molly stared at the lottery prize she was about to win, her mouth watering with anticipation, when panic set in. "Wait, I'm never going to fit..."

Jang approached her and silenced her with a finger. "Don't worry about that. It'll be tight, but I'm going to ride the fucker."

The redhead didn't know how but, whatever she wasn't one to argue at this point. Jang slid up on Molly's legs so her cock was in between them. The erect member pressed into her, nestling itself between her small breasts. A steady stream of precum leaked out, slowly trickling down Jang's tight body.

The pair met, awkwardly, in a kiss. Their tongues changed places as they explored each other's mouths. Molly grabbed Jang's head and held her tight; unwilling to let go incase logic got the better of her. Yet, it was unnecessary, Jang's passion only increased. Her delicate hands began to explore Molly's clothed body; roughly grabbing at her contained breasts. The girl wanted to rip off that dress and maul those perky little things, but she held back. She had a better prize in mind.

"Ready for the main event?" Jang asked, breaking the kiss.

"Will it fit?"

"It should. I've been training myself for years." Jan replied casually. "I can fit 20 inches in!"

20 inches? Geez. "Really?"

"Mmmhmm." Jang rocked back and forth causing the dick to try and titfuck her. "Come on. Let's go!"

"Okay." Molly was coming to this with great reluctance. It wasn't exactly how she planned her first time, but she had concerns. I'm suppose to be a nervous wreck right now. Remember...confidence!

Jang pulled off of Molly completely. "Switch. I want to do this right."

With a grunt Molly got up, her cock twitching in front of her. Almost belatedly she realized she was still dressed. Jang watched silently as Molly nervously stepped out of her clothing; filling with desire as every succulent inch of Molly's pale flesh came into view.

Now it was Molly's turn to ask. Hand on her hips she faced her partner. "Well?"

Jang drank in th

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