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Pizza and passion equals problems.

After what felt like an eternity he slumped in the chair, spent, as his body began to change back to its masculine form. He didn't even know what changing back Felts like.

Michael woke up on a hospital bed surrounded by several monitors, he heard the beeping of his heart beat on the heart monitor which spiked as he recalled what happened earlier.

"Ah, you're awake." Michael turned and saw Dr. Felts smiling at him from a chair beside his bed. "how do you feel?"

"Woozy." Michael sat up slowly and looked at his hands, now back to normal. "That's a hell of a drug you have there doc." Dr. Felts smiled.

"Yes we are quite proud of it. You responded better than we hoped."

"What happens next?" Michael asked.

"You come back every day at ten in the morning, Monday through Friday for the next month." Dr. Felts replied. "We will run a series of tests we developed to see how your body responds to the drug over time." Michael nodded as Dr. Felts started taking the various diodes off his body. "your clothes are in a bag underneath the bed. Get dressed and I'll see you out front so you can collect your check." he left Michael to his privacy.

Still trying to wrap his head entirely around what happened to him, Michael dressed slowly and replayed the events in his head. He recalled every sensation as he touched his female form. He remembered that bottle of whiskey he has bought that morning and decided he really needed a drink. Dr. Felts met him in the hall and walked him out go the front desk. Sandy handed him a crisp check made out to the amount of 2500 dollars and he left, distracted all the way to the bank and all the way home. He decided not to think anymore that day and slammed down enough whiskey to deposit him in a deep sleep.

Michael returned to VitaLabs every day as scheduled and every day he took the small pink pill, waited for the unusual transformation, and undertook Dr Felts' tests. Initially they took blood samples and urine samples (finally Michael understood the woman's struggle in something as simple as taking a piss) but after that and the initial physical they tested his cardiovascular endurance on a treadmill, weight lifting limits, fat density, and a general psychological questionnaire every day. They gave him a sports bra and a small pair of laces running shorts to wear during all of the examinations and Michael took every opportunity to admire what these clothes did his female body whenever a mirror was present. After two weeks of this routine Michael started to become more comfortable as a girl, he found the whole process surreal and looked forward to going to VitaLabs everyday. On Monday of the third week Dr. Felts seemed especially excited.

"Today Michael we were going to see how you interact with a member of the opposite sex who is also on x-change." Michael's eyebrows rows. He had just completed the transformation and was putting on the sports bra and shorts he was given everyday.

"You mean a girl who's turned into a guy?" he asked. Dr. Felts nodded vigorously

"Precisely! We have ascertained everything we need about your physical and mental state that we need for the time being and we would like to move into the social interactions Arena." Michael was nervous. Interacting with Dr. Felts was easy because he was always so scientific and detached.

"Alright doctor. I'm a little nervous but I'm okay with it." Felts moustache practically quivered with excitement.

"I'll send him in right away! In the interest of anonymity I encourage you to think of a feminine name to refer to yourself as.

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