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A couple enjoy a reunion by having some fun with hypnosis.

Bending my head I tentatively touch a nipple with the tip of my tongue, before circling it and sucking it into my mouth. Judging by the moan and the way you hold my shoulders I think you like it. Nipping and sucking one, scratching the other with my nails. I stroke my hands across your stomach, pausing to caress the skin around your navel. Reaching your jeans, my questing fingers slip inside the waistband and brush against your hard cock. Kissing and licking my way down your stomach, I drop to my knees, face level with your crotch. You turn my head so that I see us so reflected.

Fingers trembling in urgency, I struggle to unfasten you. Laughingly you move my hands and in seconds your jeans are undone, displaying briefs taught over hard cock. My breath leaves my lips in a long sigh as my fingers reach out to brush against you, following the length of your cock, slipping under the waistband until my nails graze your hot cock flesh. Glancing at the mirror I see you head bent, gaze fixed on me. Impatient with your clothes my hands pull at your jeans and briefs, tugging them down your thighs. And there it is that gorgeous cock of yours, I moan just from looking at it. My fingertips flutter up and down the length and you can feel my warm breath against your skin. Your cock twitches, an invitation to my mouth I think.

Leaning forwards, one hand on your thigh, I press my lips to the tip of your cock, parting them slowly so that my tongue can flick against your flesh. My other hand moves to encircle the base of your shaft, squeezing and stroking. You taste so good that I can't resist licking the underside of your cock from tip to base, pausing to tease your balls, before one long lick back to the head. Parting my lips I insert your cocktip between them, sucking it in and out slowly. Letting you feel the warmth of my mouth, the pressure of my lips and teasing of my tongue. I can see in the mirror how full my mouth looks, how eager I look. Your fingers wrap in my hair, pulling my head down to force more of your cock into my mouth. Your shaft fills me, stretching my lips wide and my head back. Emitting a long sigh of pleasure as I give in and let you fuck my mouth, my fingers rubbing around the base of your cock, the other hand stroking your balls. I want you to cum in my mouth, to taste your spunk as it runs down my throat, so my hand on your cock moves faster and I suck a little harder. Your fingers tighten in my hair, holding my head still as you withdraw. I am left on my knees, mouth open, so ready to take you.

Taking my hands you raise me and step towards the bed. Sitting on the edge, you take my hips and pull me to stand between your legs. With the mirror behind me I know that if I bent to take your cock into my mouth again, you would see my pussy lips and parted arse cheeks. I move to do just that, but you stop me, positioning me to stand there with legs slightly parted. You lean forwards and capture a nipple between your teeth, teasing me, before sucking it into your mouth and stroking it with your tongue. My fingers are drawn to my other nipple, squeezing and twisting the hardened flesh between finger and thumb. With you tugging on my nipple I feel my pussy start to tingle and a shiver runs down my spine. The hand you had curved around my hip strokes over my belly and down to the top of my thighs. Probing fingers explore further, parting my pussy lips and grazing across my clit, before slipping into my pussy. I hear a satisfied groan, not knowing if it came from you or me.

Lifting your mouth, your eyes meet mine, "You are so wet and I'm going to fuck you."

Your hands guide me so that my back is to you and once again I can see myself in the mirror, eyes wide, skin flushed.

"Sit on me baby," your hands on my hips guiding me down.

I pause hovering above your cock so I can take it in my hand and guide it.

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