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Since it was built on a slight hill the men's entrance was up four or five steps from ground level. I got to the bathhouse and stopped on the walk in front of the women's side to see if anyone was standing around the men's entrance. Seeing the coast was clear I eased around to the steps leading to the door on the men's side and paused to catch my breath. At this point I almost turned around and left, but found the idea of doing something in a public place that I had only done in private before was making me more than a little wet between my legs. I could hear a shower running through the open window and hoped no one else was in there with James. I got to the top of the steps and taking a deep breath pulled my tube top down to my waist so there would be no doubt in James's mind why I was there. I gave a little shudder when the cool air hit my already firm nipples causing a definite tingle to start between my legs.

When I stepped through the door James had just gotten out of one of the showers and was starting to dry off. When he saw me standing there naked from the waist up he gave a quick look around and started to step back into the shower stall, waving me over as he went. Figuring I was in it up to my ass already, I shook my head no and motioned him over to the sink area just inside the door. The thought of someone coming up the steps and through the door really added to my excitement. He came over and I guided him back against one of the sinks that were lined up on the wall across from the door. Squatting down in front of him I quickly guided his now hard cock to my lips. As I started to slide my mouth down on him he started to moan in pleasure and reached down to fondle my bare breasts. I continued to suck and lick his straining dick for the next few moments as he started to buck his hips to meet my motions. In just a short time he was filling my mouth to overflowing with his burning cum.

I had planned to bring him to a finish as quickly as possible and get back outside before anyone could come in, but now my pussy had taken away my common sense as the juices flowed down the inside of my legs. I stood and quickly slipped my shorts down and off my legs. Then I turned and jumped up on the sink spreading my legs wide as I went. He quickly got the idea, and as I spread my legs wider he bent down and started to wildly suck and lick my pussy. In a moment I felt a finger running up and down my slit gathering my juices and spreading them around my ass. When he sank two fingers into my ass went over the edge and was soon cumming down my legs. He then straightened up and I turned and bent forward over the sink. I reached back and helped guide his now hard cock's head past my wet and burning pussy lips. In one shove he was buried to the balls in my burning hole, making me bite my lower lip to keep from crying out.

In my position I could look in the mirror over the sink and see the landing outside the door.

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