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Two cadets meet at Starfleet Academy.

Shelby put her hands on Taylor's shoulders. "You've got wonderful hands. Keep doing that." Shelby started sliding her thong-covered pussy forwards and backwards along Taylor's thighs. She put Taylor's hands on her shoulders and slid down between Taylor's legs, spreading them apart and pushing her skirt up. I watched Taylor tense as a woman suddenly started doing things that no woman had done to her before - not even during Taylor's infamous games of Truth or Dare.

Shelby sensed it, too, and looked into Taylor's eyes. "Relax, honey. Close your eyes and just enjoy the feeling. Forget that I'm a woman and just enjoy." I handed Taylor a glass of champagne and she took a big swig. I leaned into her ear and whispered, "Lean back and enjoy, love. Close your eyes. Feel her fingers running up your thighs, so close to your pussy."

Taylor moaned, as Shelby's fingers brushed closer and closer to her pussy - working around it, but not touching it. She leaned in to breathe on Taylor's clit while running her hands up along Taylor's thighs and up under her dress and across her stomach. Taylor let her head drop back against my arm, her breath coming in short gasps. Shelby was staring into my eyes as she continued to tease Taylor. Taylor's nipples were sticking out through her dress, so I reached across to stroke them. As I rolled her nipple between my fingers she moaned and arched up into my hand.

"Oh, god," she said, "I need to be fucked. I want to cum."

I pinched her nipple and ran my fingers through her hair. Shelby kept teasing her pussy - breathing on it, stroking around it, just barely touching it, as Taylor thrust her hips up, looking for more contact.

"Please. I need to cum. Oh, god, make me cum."

Shelby took one her tits in her hand, and slid her nipple the length of Taylor's pussy, causing Taylor to moan and press her pussy up. Her nipple covered in Taylor's wetness, Shelby climbed back up onto the couch and put her nipple at Taylor's lips. "Taste her, love," I whispered, "Taste yourself on her."

Taylor extended her tongue, and hesitantly licked the nipple presented to her. I slid my hand down to tease Taylor's clit. Shelby reached down and slid her hand into Taylor's dress to rub her tits, and leaned down to lick and nibble Taylor's ear. With that, Taylor pressed her hips up into my hand as I flicked her clit with my fingers. I whispered into her ear as she moaned into Shelby's breast, licking and sucking her nipple, "Cum for me, love. Cum now." I slid two fingers into her soaking pussy and felt her body start to shudder.

"Ooooohhhhhh, yes. Oh, Nick. Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Her hips slammed up against my hand as she arched up off the couch. Her whole body was stiff and quivering.

She dropped back to the couch, panting to recover. Shelby leaned in and kissed her on the forehead. "Enjoy your dance, hon?"

It was all Taylor could do to pant out, "Wow. Yeah."

Shelby stood up and retied her nightie. "Come back anytime either of you want another ... dance. I also do private shows. If you think you might ever be interested, I'll give you my pager number."

While I was considering how to respond, Taylor said, "Can we take her number, Nick - I mean, Master."

I took Shelby's number, paid her and gave her a well deserved tip while Taylor straightened her clothes. She was still flushed and a little wobbly from her orgasm. She stepped up and pressed her body against mine, running her hand down across my achingly hard cock. "I'm not sure who that was more of a present for, Master, but I can see that you enjoyed it, too."

"I think you may have to take care of this in the car, again, love."

"Anything you wish, Master, it's your birthday."

I took her by the hand and led her out through the club. I watched as the guys in the club eyed her coming out of the private room. She seemed to strut a little more under their gaze. I felt her hips start to sway a little more, and she was arching her back to stick her tits out.

"You like having them watch you, don't you,

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