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A new Family Group emerges from an erotic weekend.

The alley wasn't lit, but wasn't that deep. Ten steps in and I was stopped by a 20 foot brick wall. Looking around at the ground I couldn't see anything that might have glinted in the faint street lights and drawn my attention.

I turned on my heel and started the short walk back to the sidewalk. A few steps from it I felt a hand touch my arm.

"What the..." was all that escaped my mouth before a hand clamped over it. I was pushed against a store's brick wall, into the darkness, and a body pressed close to mine.

"Have a little fun tonight?" A voice questioned. I tried to move my body away from the wall and felt a knee nudge between my legs, securing me in place.

The voice was low and menacing, but faintly familiar. Thinking hard, I tried to place the voice to a face but came up blank. The body pressed against me more and I had difficulty drawing a breath in.

"Why are you always instigating shit?" the voice questioned me. I shook my head in denial. The body leaned closer to me, and the face attached to the voice came into view.

I immediately pushed against his chest. The hand covering my mouth fell away but the body stayed pressed against me.

"Nate, what the hell are you doing? You scared the shit outta me!" I hissed at him.

"You just paint balled my best friend's car and your asking me what I am doing?" he questioned me, his face impassive.

"He never should have slipped that drug in Monique's drink. Payback is a bitch!" I replied.

"Yes it is, yes it is." He said in his southern drawl.

"Would you get off me, I want to get home and call Monique; it is my bragging right after all." I asked.

Nate took a deep breathe in, reminding me how close together we were, and said, "We need to have a little talk."

I stood there, waiting for him to continue.

"Why did you do it?" he questioned.

"I felt like it, what do you care anyway?" I retorted.

Nate leaned his face closer to me, our noses almost touching.

"Why?" he whispered again.

I didn't reply. I looked at him, and raised one eyebrow. Nate reached a hand up and grabbed a handful of my hair. Jerking my head back, he growled, "Answer me."

"Let go of my hair Nate." I said calmly. He watched my face, waiting for a clue to what I was thinking, waiting for a verbal response.

He clamped his mouth over mine, and kissed me roughly. I didn't move, waiting for him to stop his physical assault. A few seconds passed, and he pulled away, looking at me again.

"No smart ass comments?" he questioned.

"No." was all I could say in response.

He kissed me again, his grip on my hair pushing my mouth against him more. I could feel his tongue probe my lips and I allowed him to slip it into my mouth. Slowly, I joined in the kissing, becoming a willing participant. His mouth tasted deliciously salty.

Nate slid his hand against my scalp, deeper into my hair. I felt his other hand slip around my waist, drawing our bodies fully against each other. I could feel his arousal growing, and moved my hips in response.

I felt my body slam against the wall before my brain comprehended that I was being shoved away. I stood there, motionless, looking at Nate in surprise. Instinctively, I moved to swing at him, and as my fist whipped through the air, he grabbed it and used my momentum to swing me around and back against the wall.

"Nate!" I squealed, "It was just for fun. I didn't do any lasting damage to his fucking SUV! It was just a little revenge!"

"Bullshit! Tell me the real reason why!" Nate yelled at me.

I didn't respond. 'Damn it.' I thought to myself. I wasn't going to explain myself anymore. I refused to. I wasn't anything to him but a pain in the ass linked through mutual friends.

I felt Nate's hand slip into the waistband of my black yoga pants, and slide across my ass as his knee worked its way between my legs, spreading them again. As I opened my mouth to tell him to get his hands off me, two fingers plunged into my pussy, deep inside of me, and all breath left my body.

He moved his fingers in and out

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