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A wayward 18-year old enjoys summer a little too much.


My father then picked me up and put me on his lap. He gave me a long and passionate kiss. His hands were rubbing my firm breasts. His erection was hard as a rock.

"Lisa, daddy has got to lick your pussy."

"But, wouldn't that be wrong, you're my father."

"This weekend, you're going to have sex with your father."

My father carried me in his arms and brought me to the house. He removed my bikini bottoms and put me on the bed and spread my thighs. When my father's tongue hit my pussy, I nearly jumped.

His tongue was licking up and down my vagina. He was working his tongue in circles over my clit. It felt so good. I was moaning and groaning. My father was licking my pussy straight up and then back down.

Daddy put his finger into my wet pussy and was finger fucking me slowly. He would then lick my pussy awhile and then finger fuck me again. I was so wet and was moaning and groaning.

I held onto daddy's hands and bucked my pussy into his face. He was licking my pussy like a crazed animal. His tongue was so deep inside my pussy. It felt so good.

"Oh Daddy, oh fuck, I'm going to cum."

"Daddy, I'm coming, oh God."

My pussy soaked my father's neck and face. He told me to give him a kiss. I could taste my pussy on his breath.

"Lisa, daddy wants you to suck his cock and finger his ass."

I got on my knees and I caressed and fondled daddy's balls. He was clean shaven and I held and massaged his warm fleshy balls.

"Lick my balls, Lisa!"

I licked his balls like my father asked me to do. I shoved his balls into my mouth. I was looking into my father's eyes. He held my hair and watched as I sucked each ball. Giving each ball a proper sucking.

"Slap daddy's cock on your tongue, do it!"

I slapped my father's cock across my tongue. Daddy was moaning and groaning. I continued fondling his balls and was slapping his cock across my nose and chin.

"Lisa, you're Daddy's dirty girl, aren't you kitten."

"Put daddy's cock into your mouth, finger my prostate."

I slid daddy's cock into my mouth. Taking him deeper and deeper each time. Daddy was twisting and pulling on my nipples. I shook my head so I could take daddy's long cock down my mouth. I was sucking, slurping, and gagging on his thick prick.

Daddy was normal sized and I could deep throat his cock. I was making all those wet sucking, popping noises, while I slurped his cock. I slipped my finger into his ass and rubbed and massaged his prostate. Daddy was really liking that.

"Lisa, daddy wants to fuck you, get on your back."

I went on the bed on my back and daddy got on top of my and put his cock into my slick pussy. He slid his cock right in. We started to make love.

My legs were at my sides, while daddy thrust into my pussy. We were kissing deep and passionately. I could not believe I was having sex with my father. He was so tender and loving. It really did feel like it was okay to be doing this.

Daddy told me to fuck him cowgirl position. Daddy got on his back and I straddled him putting his firm cock into my pussy. I worked my cunt up and down over his cock. Daddy sat up and played with my firm breasts.

He was sucking on my erect nipples. It felt so good and I was moaning. Daddy then put his hands on my hips, as I rode his cock. I rode daddy awhile, but he then said to get on my hands and knees.

I got on my hands and knees and daddy slid his cock into my wet pussy. He grabbed my hips and fucked me like this awhile.

"Lisa, you're my dirty girl, you're so wet kitten."

"Your pussy is so tight, princess."

My father was moaning and groaning. He started to smack my ass. When he did that, he really started to thrust into my pussy hard. He had his hands on my breasts and was squeezing them. Daddy was smacking my ass. He was really getting into this.

"My daughter is my dirty girl, daddy is going to cum."

"Get on your knees, princess daddy wants you to swallow his cum."

I got on my knees and opened my mouth and daddy jerked his cock and sprayed his hot cum into my mouth.

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