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A girl alone during a storm, until her boyfriend comes home.

"Can I see it?" I asked, looking up at him.

Kyle just nodded and smiled so I opened his fly and slowly pulled his gear down just enough to let his dong come out to play.

His cock was even hotter than I had imagined. It was circumcised, probably about 7 inches or so and pretty thick. It also had one of the sexiest heads I've ever been lucky enough to wrap my lips around.

I started out by first stroking it gently, and the skin felt soft and warm to the touch in my bare hand.

"Wow! You have such a nice dick..." I said as I tugged it and then licked up the front of his hard shaft. I planted a couple soft wet kisses on the tip and then licked the head, slowly making circles around it with my tongue.

Kyle moaned with pleasure and even flinched a little when I finally took him into my mouth and began to really blow him. His wood tasted so scrumptious as it slipped in and out past my wet lips, but I could sense he was somewhat hesitant.

"You like this?" I asked, pulling his meat out of my mouth and licking it all over.

"Yeah," he replied "but I think we should find someplace a little less in the open."

I had to agree. We were pretty exposed and the ski patrol could have been coming around at any minute.

"Why don't we head back there?" I suggested while pointing to the woods behind us. Kyle thought it was a great idea so we grabbed our boards and went into them trying to take the easiest path we could find.

We hiked for a little ways through the trees and soon found a small clearing. It was fairly flat with no under brush and we figured it was far enough in that we wouldn't be seen.

"Here, lay on this." Said Kyle taking off his coat and handing it to me, so I placed it on the snow and got on my back.

I undid my coat as he knelt down and pulled my snow-pants down to my knees. The cool air actually felt good on my naked skin and I started to become erect again as Kyle knelt beside me and began licking and sucking my cock and balls.

He was so hot looking with my dick in his cute little mouth and I was soon hard as stone. He took me deep down his throat, occasional taking my prick out to lick and stroke it and the sensation of hot to cold as he did so is hard to describe other than it felt amazing!

He continued to give me one of the best blow-jobs I've ever received and then slowly made his way down to my sack. He licked my nuts softly and took one then the other into his mouth and sucked them. After that he lifted them up and started to tongue my hairless taint. It felt incredible but with each lash of his hot wet tongue I began to long for him to go further downward.

He must have read my mind because he pulled up and lifted my legs into the air and moved around to the front of me. He then gently licked up and down my crack. He teased my anus with his tongue playfully, driving me crazy, and then finally went for the hole itself.

"Fuck that feels good..." I sighed as he rimmed me and I became almost intoxicated with lust as his tongue dashed all around and in and out of my asshole.

I couldn't hardly take anymore and was overwhelmed with the desire to feel his fat cock inside of me.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I asked, almost begging.

"Very much so!" he said and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Kyle pulled down his pants and out sprang his hard unit. I held my legs up with my hands, trying to get my backside as high up as I could to give him access to it, and He drooled spit down onto my ass and then rubbed his hot meaty pole between my ass cheeks getting everything well lubed.

"Put it in..." I practically pleaded.

I first felt his wonderful helmet slip in past my tight o-ring and I gasped slightly. He then slowly pushed his thick bone in, little by little.

"Deeper..." I panted with each inch.

When he got as deep as he could go he pulled back out a ways and then proceeded to push himself back into me.

"Oh fuck!" I whimpered, taking it.

His cock felt breathtaking inside of me.

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