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What will happen to her on the way home?

She raised the ruler and cracked it upon his ass. Daniel moaned as excitement flared through his body.

"Do you like it, Danielle?" She asked. Daniel nodded. Lily cracked his ass again. "Say it, slut! Say you like your ass spanked." She hissed. "Yes, Mistress. I like my ass spanked!" He groaned. Lily cracked his ass again. "Say it again, Slut! " She ordered. Daniel flinched and moaned. "Yes, I like my ass spanked, Mistress." He groaned.

Daniel was nearly out of his mind with lust. She was driving him wild. She spanked his ass thrice more and he was a gelatin mass when she finished. Lily was beyond aroused. His ass was cherry red and she loved it. She walked over to the other side of the desk and raised her dress. Daniel began drooling. Her pussy glistened with her juices. She looked at him with sternness. "Danielle, lick my pussy now. And you better do it good. "She ordered. Daniel moved down between her legs and spread her wet lips. Her clit burned red with readiness. He moved forward and gently lapped at her clit. Lily watched as his tongue lapped at her clit. Every time she saw his tongue lap her she nearly buckled at the knees. Lily took her nipple between her fingers and massaged it.

Daniel lapped hungrily at her pussy. He felt her juices flow down his chin and in his mouth. He engulfed her clit in his mouth and suckled deeply. Lily moaned low in her throat.

"Oh yes! Suck my clit! Fucking suck it!" She screamed.

Daniel sucked deeper and harder. Lily shivered as she felt her orgasm build. When she came she screamed as her cum gushed out and saturated him. Daniel lapped lazily at her clit. Lily moved him away from her exhausted clit. She walked shakily over to the bed and pointed at it. Daniel walked over to the bed and kneeled upon it. He waited in a pleasurable haze. "Get up and take off your clothes. NOW!" She hissed. Daniel immediately took off the uniform and stood before her. Lily felt her mouth water. "I bet you would like your cock sucked, wouldn't you?" She asked.

Daniel shivered. He would love to feel her mouth on his cock.

"Yes, My Mistress." He whispered. Lily looked at him with sternness. "I didn't hear you." She hissed. Daniel looked her in the eye. "YES MY MISTRESS!" He said, louder.

Lily walked over to him and kneeled before him. She took his cock in her hand and stroked him lightly. Daniel shivered. Her hands were so cool and small. Daniel shivered when she looked up at him. Desire was evident and felt in her green eyes. When she lowered her head and took his cockhead into her mouth. Daniel cried out. Her tongue caressed the head of his cock with slowness and thoroughness. When her mouth slid down the length of his cock he became breathless. She slowly bobbed up and down his cock. Her small hand lifted his cock to expose his balls. Her mouth slid lazily over his ball. Her tongue flicked against them. When she took his balls in her mouth she rolled them around lazily, he groaned in pleasure.

Daniel was breathless. He watched her manipulate his cock and balls. He was shivering all over. He felt his sack filling up. She suddenly stood and pushed him back on the bed. She watched with hungry as his cock jutted from his body. She climbed on the bed and straddled his waist. "You want me to fuck you, baby? Do you want your cock in my pussy? "She whispered. Daniel was breathing hard and he felt his cock swell more. "Yes, baby. I want you to fuck me." He whispered. Lily rose up a little and aimed his cock at her aching pussy. She slowly eased his cock inside of her. They both moaned as his cock stuffed inside of her. Lily shivered. She wanted this moment with him and she had it and she felt her circuits' burn up. She leaned her hands on his chest and rotated her hips.

Daniel moaned as her pussy contracted and squeezed his cock.

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