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Silk and steel. Her hand wandered back to the bicep, a little way across his chest again, then back lower along his arm; Rhiannon contemplated having those arms locked around her, her naked breasts rubbing his chest...

Nick felt the tightness of his arousal beginning at the first touch of Rhiannon's hand, and fought to stifle the low moan building in his throat. Afraid that any movement he made might cause her to stop, he willed his body to relax and his eyes to stay shut as he continued to endure her gentle explorations.

Darting quick glances at the road, she leaned forward a bit and rubbed gently across as much of his tight stomach as she could reach, a soft sigh escaping her. Some small bit of conscience told Rhiannon that she was crossing more than a few lines, and acting like a total pervert, but she was too infatuated care. She paused a minute to assure herself that he was still asleep, and then her hand dropped lower still. She caressed his thigh, which flexed lightly at her touch, and imagined how it would feel to have those powerful thighs between hers as he thrust into her. Rhiannon could feel her breasts beginning to tingle, the nipples hardening like stones as she continued to caress him, and noticed that even though he was still sleeping a magnificent bulge had risen in his crotch. The sight of it sent new spirals of heat coursing through her body. Squirming a bit in the seat, she felt the slick wetness of her arousal, and could only hope it wasn't soaking through the back of her skirt onto the upholstery. She shot a quick glance at the speedometer, which showed that she wasn't paying nearly enough attention to her driving either; they were doing 80. It was time to stop and cool down a bit before he woke up.

Rhiannon eased her foot off of the accelerator, and just as quickly realized that she didn't have the slightest clue where they were... she must have missed the second turn off miles back. She could see the ocean's shore to her left, where she knew there should be forest, and silently cursed her stupidity.

As the car slowed, Nick peeked out from underneath his lowered eyelids and almost grinned when he realized Rhiannon's dilemma. Her breathing was heavy; her hands trembled a bit on the steering wheel, and her skin glowed with a fine sheen of perspiration that he knew had nothing to do with the sultry heat of the night. He could smell the sweet musk of her arousal, mingled with the exotic perfume she wore, and the combination inflamed his senses even more. Curious to find out if she would continue her game, he continued to feign sleep.

Rhiannon drove a bit further until she found a road that led down to a tiny parking area at the edge of the beach. She stopped the car at the far end of the lot, and left it idling for a moment while she gathered her composure. Guilt washed over her as she thought about the reason for them being there; wherever "there" was. It was purely shameful, her fondling Nick in his sleep. She wanted this man with every fiber of her being, so why couldn't she bring herself to be so bold when he was awake? Sighing in frustration, she shut off the motor and waited nervously for Nick to wake up.

As the minutes ticked by and nothing further happened, Nick figured it was time to end his deception. He opened his eyes and stretched his arms. "Where are we?"

"Actually I'm not sure, so I thought it would be best to pull over for awhile and see if you could tell me."

He chuckled as he cast a casual glance around them. "Darlin', I'd say we're at the beach."

"So we are." Rhiannon tried to laugh but was alarmed when she noticed that he still had an erection. Would he know what she'd done? She quickly pushed the thought out of her mind, remembering that she'd once read that guys often got hard-ons in their sleep anyway, so he probably wouldn't think anything of it.

"Let's get out for awhile." He flashed her a wicked little grin, as if he could read her thoughts, but said nothing more.

They met at the front of the c

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