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Husband leaves her behind and she makes the best of it.

I know that Jenna told you that sometimes she has fun with us and tonight, we would like to invite you as well."

He looked at me and said, "I am guessing that everybody is in the same bed."

"Yes," I answered, "But you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do, but I am sure that it will be a lot of fun," and moved some more against his cock.

"What the hell," he answered with a smile.

The song started to finish and I said, "Great. Now kiss me."

He hesitated a little but then he moved his lips close to my lips. At first it was soft but it got pretty hot and our tongues danced until the song ended. I took his hand and we walked back to the table as the girls got there at the same time.

I winked at Kelli and Jenna said, "I thought that we were going to need a bucket of ice water and a crowbar to get you two apart."

Tim was a little embarrassed as we laughed, but then I said, "He wants to come with us tonight."

Kelli said, "That is great Tim and I know that you will have a good time."

He said, "This is really strange, but I don't know, it sounds like fun."

Kelli answered, "Believe me, it will be great fun," and Jenna said the same.

On the way back our house I told Kelli about our conversation and added, "He seems like a cool guy. I can see why Jenna likes him."

She replied, "Yes, I think that too. Now, what should we wear?"

I thought for a second and at the same time we both said, "The corsets!" and laughed.

Kelli had found a place online that made them in custom sizes and had gotten one for each of us. Mine was hot pink with black lace and trimmings and her corset was baby blue with black lace. The tops came up to just below our breasts and pushed them up a little but the nipple areas were fully exposed and the bottom ended a little above our pubic hair. She had surprised me with them one evening after supper and we went up and tried them on. Kelli fixed our hair up into buns on the top of our heads and topped those off with small black elastic nets. She had also ordered black satin neck collars and lace gloves that had a loop which slipped over our middle fingers and went up our arms. The final touch were black fishnet stockings that attached to the garters on the corsets. We looked at ourselves together in the mirror, then looked at each other and Kelli looked so sexy, that we took them for a very long and sweet test ride.

I said, "I just hope that we don't scare him!" and we laughed some more.

We had a round of drinks down in the living room, but soon headed upstairs. Kelli and I got into our outfits and just as we got finished there was a knock on the door. Jenna walked in first wearing one of the sheer nightgowns that we kept over there and Tim had one on as well. She was naked underneath but he was still wearing his bra, which was pink and a matching set of lace panties, along with white stockings. Jenna had put some makeup on him and pulled his hair back with a couple of fancy berets. He looked very uncomfortable at first but once he saw us standing there, he smiled.

Jenna said, "So those are the corsets that you told me about. Both of you look so damn hot."

We walked up close to them, Tim stared at my breasts for a little, then looked over at Kelli's breasts.

I reached down, took his hand and after placing it on one of mine said, "You can touch," and the girls laughed.

Kelli took his other hand and placed it on her breast and added, "We are here to have fun."

He played with both of our breasts for a little and asked, "So what is the deal tonight?"

Jenna laughed, took Kelli by the hand and as she led her over to the bed said, "You figure it out."

Tim looked at me and said, "I guess I should have known."

I asked, "Are you okay with this? and he nodded his head yes so I said, "Kiss me," and he got closer and did that.

His cock was hard as it lay sideways in his panties and my cock got hard as well as I pressed against him.

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