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Stripper's encounter with her uncle turns tragic.

" We both burst into laughter.

"They are talking dirty." Ben said.

"I like dirty talk," said Emma.

"Quiet you two and behave."Cas reprimanded them, but with a smile.

I had a quiet Sunday until Juan called and told me more newspapers were carrying the story and orders were bound to be flooding in and did we have enough stock, we had our new supply arriving Monday morning so we should be okay I said. In the afternoon, I called a guy I used to go to school, with who was a great carpenter now; he drove straight over to see what I needed. I needed him to install a proper retail counter for sales out in the front and a kitchen in the warehouse for the staff there with a microwave and a refrigerator. He quoted a good price and he was going to do it all by Wednesday.

The next few days were very busy again and everybody was doing a huge number of hours but with the advent of the advertising by my brother and the availability in some stores, it was starting to settle down a little. Of course, the orders would soon start coming in for the continuation supply, once we have you hooked on any drug, it is probably forever. The new sales counter was doing a brisk business and Jake and I wandered into the warehouse in the evening. Juan and his son Carlo who was just eighteen were sitting in the new kitchen taking a break.

"Hey Carlo will you move your car and get rid of all that dog crap by the car door."

"I don't have a car." He said meekly.

"You do now." I threw the keys to my Kia on the table. Then strode out laughing.

I watched out of the window as they cleared Jakes crap and Carlo took the wheel with Juan sitting next to him looking very nervous as they drove in circles around the car park, just as my Dad had done many years before for me.

I wanted to concentrate on my next project starting next week therefore; I called a meeting for Friday to ensure my team was all ready. We started at ten o clock in the morning. I told them they would be virtually taking over from the following Monday while I was onto my next project. I gave them sheets with their new pay package and hours and explained my new idea that for every item that left the business, five cent would be put into an account monthly and after twelve months, they would decide how to spend the accumulated amount. They could split it between themselves, donate it, buy something, whatever they wanted. I could see Juan was working out an amount on his pad.

Yes Juan! It's going to be quite a fair size amount as you know I own all the shares in this part of the company, Mr Bern the lawyer will be contacting you all about you each having a five percent share in the company. That's about it, any thoughts?"

"Yes." Said Beth. You go and play in your Lab; we have a business to run, and thank you so much." We all laughed as they went back to work, very happy with their new agreement.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I woke up early to get ready to see my new toy arrive I let Jake out for his run and noticed he had found a new place to crap in the wooded area which was good of him, I thought. Coffee in hand I took a chair outside to sit and wait. Within fifteen minutes, the rumble of the 625 horses came into view and it did look good. The driver was our original salesman Steve, he proceed to take me on a three hour drive around with me at the wheel and nearly three hours going over all the features and finally presenting me with a huge operators manual for me to study. Steve called his office for somebody to come and pick him up and we sat and chatted over a coffee in the warehouse kitchen until we heard a car horn tooting and we went outside to see a Mercedes sports car.

"It's the Bosses wife, Sue," Steve said.

"Give me a few minutes with her!" I said, and he sauntered back into the RV to get his laptop and papers.

"Hi Sue." I said, as I leaned in through the passenger window.

She was about thirty, blonde, at least twenty years younger than her husband Norman, probably a trophy wife.

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