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The Pimp begins to take control.

We were at a retreat and she forgot to bring hers, so she used mine and liked it. Yes, I remember. She liked how soft it made her hair and how it smelled. Its called Rain Forest."

"So, I have you to thank for that," he said, and remembered the pleasure of burying his face in the fragrant strands to nuzzle her ear. 'So it was Sharon's shampoo first, not Jan's. Sharon isn't using it to attract me after all,' a disappointing discovery.

"You're welcome." Sharon shook her head, creating a nebula of scent that Sam floated through. She looked back and smiled knowingly before stepping outside.

'Or maybe she is.'

The Squad huddled around a folding table, ready to eat. Jack prayed for the crew's health and safety. Then the food began to disappear. Sam secretly watched as Sharon acted the hostess, filling glasses, handing out plates. She appeared modest and reserved. However, around him, she behaved differently - almost brazen, flatteringly aggressive.

Sam grabbed food and drinks, and left to have lunch with Chris. He found him in the backyard, sprinkling water on flowers from a dented can.

"Chris, time for lunch, buddy."

"Sharon asked me to water her garden."

"It's nice to help her, isn't it?"

"Yup." Chris marched in and washed his hands at the kitchen sink.

They went out into the solitude of her backyard Eden and ate at the shady picnic table. Sam chewed without tasting. He hovered between depression and elation, and sought God's guidance about the pull of carnal desires. Glancing at the house, he spotted Sharon watching them through the screen door, and waved her out.

"Are you guys antisocial, or what?" She said, sauntering across the lawn. She plopped down across from Chris and next to Sam.

Sam was drawn to Sharon's friendliness like a drowning man to an island. A trait that made her an engaging schoolteacher for children, and for him, a phenomenal tease. He'd forgotten how to play the dating game, or maybe he just didn't want to play at all. Decisions, decisions.

He said, "We're just sitting here, appreciating your beautiful yard. You must have a green thumb."

"Actually", she put her hands on the table with thumbs up, "I have two." Shaking her head sadly, she added, "It is so hard to keep the flesh colored paint on them. I was teased horribly as a child."

Chris giggled. "You're silly."

"We won't hold it against you," said Sam, "as long as you don't mind that we have webbed feet. Right, buddy?"

Chris learned early how to play along with his parents. "Yeah, we swim like fish and have gills, so we can stay underwater."

"A couple of mermen, huh? Your secret is safe with me." She laid her delicate, hands atop theirs to seal the pact. They had joined forces without hesitation.

It was nice to have a woman on his side again, even in jest. Sam felt less pressure. "Well, I'd better get back to work. If I sit too long my flippers get stiff."

Chris giggled.

Was the twinkle in Sharon's eye caused by biting her tongue?

Sam stood up. "I want to check your bathrooms for more leaks. Is there one in the basement?"

"Yes, there's a small one hidden in the laundry room. Let me show you." As they left she said, "Chris, would you finish watering the garden for me, please?"


Sharon touched Sam's elbow, and said, "He is such a sweet kid."

"Give me time, I can fix that."

She laughed, and gave him a light shoulder check to the arm. "Very funny."

As he stepped into the bathroom, Sam noticed the toilet tank dripped with condensation, and he could hear the faint hiss of running water. He lifted the tank cover and set it aside. The water level was above the overflow pipe and ran continuously into the bowl. Pulling up on the float ball did nothing to stem the flow of water into the tank.

"Is there a problem?" Sharon asked, resting her hand on his back and peeking over his shoulder. In the narrow confines, her breast pressed against his arm while she leaned over to see.

Distracted by the touch, Sam spoke the plumber's term for the tank fill valve. "Yes, there is. You need a new ball cock."


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