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Sal is Waylaid on the Cart Path.

"No - never", she relplied, "though we were shown how in sex education at school."

"You've left school now, haven't you?" asked Tony, a cautious tone in his voice.

"Oh yes," she replied, stroking her hair a she answered, "I am at secretarial college now."

"Good for you," he answered, and then after a pause added. "I should think the last thing a clever girl like you would want is to be faced with putting one of those on a boy for the first time without ever having done it before. You wouldn't want to get it wrong would you?"

"N-no," she responded nervously, gazing at the name Durex on the packet in her hand. "Would you like to practice on me - now?" he asked, "and I promise it would just be our secret. I wouldn't tell anyone that you didn't know how and that I let you practice."

She looked at his face, which was now slightly red with obvious excitement and glanced at his crotch which showed a tell-tale bulge. 'Dirty bugger', she thought, 'you just want me to fetch you off', but then she considered that "Uncle" Tony was quite good looking and that, in fact, she'd always had a bit of a crush on him. She might enjoy this as much as him, she reckoned.

"Yes - OK," she answered, "but no-one must know."

"Of course," he said. "Promise - like I said."

He turned the car off the route back to Sue's parents house, and within a minute pulled into a dark secluded car park on the edge of one the town's public car parks. He pulled up some distance from the public footpath, pulled on the brake and switched off the engine.

"Can you see what you're doing?" he asked, "better if I don't put the light on inside the car, in case someone's around."

"If I can't see, I can feel," she said, teasing him and feeling almost in control of the situation. She had already reckoned that the last thing "Uncle" Tony would want is for her to even hint to anyone what they were doing, so he had to co-operate with her as much as she with him.

"Can you manage", he asked leaning towards her as if to help open the condom packet. Instead his right hand felt he left breast and gently massaged and played with it.

She sat up, pushed his hand away and pulled her top over her head.

"Is that better?" she asked.

"Oh yes," he replied unable to believe his luck, "I said you were a clever girl."

They kissed and he undid her bra, feeling her breast again as soon as the bra was off. She reached a hand out for his crotch and slipped his belt undone. Sliding his zip down she felt his cock hard and hot in her hand.

His kiss grew stronger as she slowly wanked him. In the semi-dark, he heard her tear the condom packet open and then felt her slide it expertly over his penis. For someone who had never done it before, she needed no lessons from him.

She squirmed in her seat, hitching her mini skirt up around her waist and slipping her pants down. She knew what he really wanted and she wanted it too. After two "little" boys had entered her, she wanted to know how it felt to be filled properly by a man. Tony took the hint and pushed his trousers and underpants down. He awkwardly rolled his body over the centre console of the car, adjusting the rake of her seat as he did so so that she was almost lying down. He lay across her and placed his cock at the entrance to her hot, wet and willing cunt.

Unsure of how much she had taken before, and respecting her youth, he slid into her gently. She moaned with total pleasure and delight, before whispering in his ear, "oh Tony that feels so good. Fuck me please. Fuck me Tony, now!"

He took complete control of their physical movement sliding in and out of her beautifully tight little pussy, relishing in the superb grip she gave him, unlike his wife whose pussy muscles had, inevitably, become more relaxed as she'd got older. As he built up the tempo and momentum he realised that Sue was contracting and relaxing her pussy walls - effectively wanking him as he fucked her.

Total lust and desire overwhelmed him.

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