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A false alarm, a real alarm, some old friends and some new.

She would have passed for 20 years younger without a doubt. I am sure that, if you contact her, she would be as happy as I am to relate some of her adventures to you and her only problem would be to choose which ones. As we used to say, if fucking was an Olympic sport, Suzy would be captain of the South African team.

As a quick aside, I flew with Singapore Airlines and those flight attendants are so sweet and lovely that I couldn't help but pass the time fantasizing about an over-night stop with one (or even two and maybe three) of them.

What a pleasure it was to get re-acquainted with Suzy. She's certainly lost nothing of her libido, her titties are still firm and perky and I'm sure you will be pleased to know that her bum looks as spankable as ever. Various guys tried to pick us up but we were too into each other to bother with them and, anyway, we had our appointment at Suzy's bordello on day three of our stay. As you might imagine, I was full of that sense of anticipation and arousal with all the butterflies in the tummy that accompanies a new adventure.

When the day arrived, a short taxi ride took us inland to a villa-like building surrounded by trees and high walls that you might easily miss if you were just driving by. The taxi dropped us at the gate where we were checked by a re-assuringly tough looking security guard who inspected Suzy's credentials before letting us through; very reminiscent of your old place in CT. Once inside, a young Thai woman escorted us through manicured gardens into the main building. The whole place had a sense of tropical tranquillity rather as if it was designed for the purpose of spiritual reflection.

We were greeted by a very business-like Thai woman, who we assumed was the Madam and who insisted that we take tea with her while she confirmed our arrangements and took care of 'professional fees'. I was wondering how she would phrase things and, of course, she was very discrete in describing my wishes as wanting to be attended by an attractive young lady and a young man of exceptional virility. And she added, "I have personally selected the young man but if he does not meet your expectations, please let the young lady know and she will arrange for someone else to take his place."

I won't give you any details of Suzy's arrangement; rather, as I have already suggested, why not contact her and I'm sure she will give you a first hand account.

With business taken care of, I was introduced to Linda, my lady attendant, who immediately brought to mind those Singapore Airlines girls. She greeted me with a beautiful smile, took my hand and led me away to a private room.

Dusk had fallen and the room was lit by an array of scented candles. A heavy mosquito net separated it from a terrace which overlooked the gardens. In the centre was a low divan with cushions scattered around, by the side was a table with various bowls of massage oil and a stack of towels.

Linda removed the light gown she had been wearing to reveal her petite body, naked except for a tight fitting white panty. Everything about her was desirable: golden skin, firm little breasts, nicely rounded hips, well shaped thighs ... At that moment I so wanted to get my hands on her and she had to remind me that the arrangement was for her to give me the attention, not the other way around. (The next time I arranged it differently.)

Naked and stretched out on the divan, Linda got to work on me. It started out as a normal massage; capable hands exploring and discovering the tight spots and relaxing the muscles. Gradually it became more intimate as she worked on my abdomen and pelvis, stimulating the blood flow. Then she got to my inner thighs and outer pussy with consequent increase in my arousal. I was in a heavenly state; relaxed and dreamy but at the same time hot and horny. Perhaps you remember that when my clit gets hard, it makes its presence known and I'm sure it must have been sticking out like a little dick.

Linda's skill was to keep me at a high pitch wit

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