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Rachel goes a lot further than she had planned.

The clouds had filled the sky in minutes and night had wrapped us in its embrace. I look you in the eyes and tell you to drive. We ride with really no intentions at first and then the longing began to fill the both of us. I longed to feel that embrace with your naked skin against my naked erect nipples. I wanted to feel your warm breath on my neck. You slowly turn the car down that old familiar road. The road where we had spent many of our nights looking into each other's eyes wishing things were different and we were able to be together openly. But at this moment the only thing that mattered to us was that we were together. It did not matter how or when or under what circumstances and I could truly say the feelings were mutual.

The car came to a slow roll, then stopped. Barely taking time to put the car in park and turn the key to give the engine a rest you reach across to touch my face. I leaned closer to you and you put those ripe moistened lips to mine and we kissed for what seemed like an eternity. The rain was pouring with large steady drops and with each wipe of the wipers I began to feel my panties dampen. Your kisses move from my lips to my neck and down into the crevasse of my blouse leaving saliva trails behind. The coolness of the air touched the wet saliva on my neck and sent chills through my body. Mt body needed you. I quickly undid one of the buttons on your shirt to slip my hand inside to feel the warmth of your chest. You begin to massage my thigh and move your way under my skirt to feel the softness of my womanly place. By this time I have undone all the buttons on your shirt to expose your nipples. I take one into my mouth and I play with it gently with the tip of my tongue. I wanted you to take me right there. I needed to be taken fast and hard but I know your game...I was not going to get that from you. You liked to tease me...to taunt me until I was good and aroused before you would dare think of entering me. That was one of the things that drew me closer to you. You always made sure my satisfaction was your number one priority.

But tonight would be different In this vision.

Tonight you kissed me a little harder than normal. Tonight you handled me a little rougher than normal. Tonight you were like a wild animal when you bit at my skin. You wanted me in the same way I wanted you.

On impulse, I jumped out ran around to the front of the car and put my bare foot on the hood. You looked at me with your head hung to the side as if you thought I had lost my mind. The rain splattering against my face and water began to soak through my light pink blouse. I motioned for you to join me but seems as though you were a little hesitant. But that did not last long. You sprang from the car like a tiger after his morning meal. Instantly pushing me forward to lay on the hood on the car with my foot resting on the bumper. The rain was cold as it landed on my bare bottom. You had raised my skirt to put two fingers inside me. You felt my muscles grip your fingers and this made your manhood instantly rise. I excited you in the worst way. You then push me face forward almost all the way up to the windshield and spread my legs apart. You pull my pink thong to the side and began to kiss my wet nature. Your tongue felt like a sponge between my lower lips. I feel you lapping and suckling and tasting me. You motion for me to raise my butt so you can put your arms underneath me to hold my thighs for better leverage. I find myself gripping the crevasse by the windshield to push and pull myself to and from your mouth. My legs begin to tremble and almost to the point of orgasm you stop to kiss my inner thighs. You pull me down and I turn to face you. You kiss me. I can taste my love juices on your lips mixed with rain water and your saliva. This was so exotic. I was so aroused I did not notice that the temperature had dropped and it was so cold that you could see the air from our mouth and nose when we breathe turn into smoke after entering the air.

You put

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