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Perls of a Princess who lost a war.

When she got inside she thought of calling the police, what if this was a bomb or something. It didn't feel that heavy though and so she opened it cautiously. Inside the box was a note, she pulled it out.

"The watcher watches" and a phone number were all that was on the note. She looked again inside and saw a video tape.

"What kind of crazy shit is this?" she thought.

She had to know and any answer was obviously on the tape. Marlene wouldn't be home from school for at least three hours so she slipped the tape in her vcr and pushed play. The scene opened with somone the backside of a house. Then as Kay watched she recognized her window.

"Oh fucking God, Mrs. Green sent this. What's she up to?"

Kay continued to watch herself on the tape and even undressed so she could masterbate while watching herself on TV. What really got her excited though is when the camera would pan down and Mrs. green would film her own pussy getting rubbed. Kay had only seen it in the mirror so far and in not much light now she was getting closeups.

"Horny old broad, I wonder why she would send this?"

About ten minutes into the tape Kay was very wet and rubbing her clit hard when the scene changed. Her house was being filmed from Mrs. Greens fence obviously and Kay saw on the film that her blinds were open.

"Oh here comes session number two I bet" Kay said.

Then Kay saw someone coming around the corner of their house and starting to spy at her window.

"Wait a sec that's not Mrs. Green. Is that?... Oh holy shit it's Marlene."

Kay wanted to throw the tape in the trash but something made her sit still and continue to watch. When she saw Marlene getting naked Kay resumed her masterbation and stared on fascinated by her daughter masterbating while watching her own Mom. Kay watched the tape four times and had orgasm after orgasm. She was still fingering her pussy when she decided to call the number on the note.

"Hello? This is Kay, I wanted to thank you for that tape."

"No problem dear, I thought you might like it. I know what a nasty girl you can be. Why don't you come over and we can chat about it? I've got some other tapes of her you might like."

Mrs. Green answered her door a moment later and let Kay in. Kay sat on the couch trembling thinking of what occur now. When she looked back Mrs. Green was tossing her panties aside and now stood completely naked before her.

"I thought we might have an old fashioned masterbation party dear, is that ok?"

Kay just nodded as Mrs. Green put in a tape and pushed play. It was Marlene all right in her bedroom playing frantically with her pussy and spread wide.

"Did you know she does this every night now since she saw you? She opens her curtains wide and leaves the lights on hoping you'll come watch her I would guess."

Mrs. Green was now relaxed on the couch and openly rubbing herself. Kay couldn't take it anymore and got undressed. Both women turned toward each other and masterbated for one another while dividing time between watching Marlene on tape and watching each other. Kay started to orgasm and closed her eyes. In the middle of her orgasm she suddenly felt a tongue licking her pussy and looked down to see Mrs. Green devouring her.

"Mmm, I knew you would taste good." she said. "I'm sorry dear I couldn't hold back any longer, I have never tasted a pussy before and I just had to know what it was like."

With that, Kay pushed Mrs. Green onto the floor and sat on her face.

"Yeah, eat it bitch."

Kay was loving this, it had been so long since a tongue had touched her there.

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