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Hot wife entertains husband's friends.

It was erotic and scary. I wasn't attracted to him at all, but I was dancing like I was. I could tell he was hard.

The song ended. I went back to the table and told Roland it was time to go. He asked if I was upset and if Jan had done or said something. I lied and told him no. He told me, "Jan thinks you are a fox. I think he has a crush on you."

It wasn't what I wanted to hear, but the next words were. Roland kissed me and said, "But I have a bigger crush." I kissed him back. In the back seat of my car that night he petted me to orgasm and I jacked him off, rubbing him to climax through his pants.

We started doing things less as a group and more as a couple after that night. I still associated with Jan and Roland still did plenty of drinking with him, but it wasn't the same. Jan had wanted to get in my pants that night and I had certainly encouraged him. I had danced like a whore with him, grinding my pelvis against his, my crotch riding up and down his thigh.

After he was sick I went over to bring him food. He was skinny. I told him we needed to fatten him up. He had an oxygen bottle to help him breathe. He lay there in his recliner. The t.v. was on, but we weren't watching it. I sat by him and fed him his meal.

He told me, "Jeanette, I'm so tired."

"You should be Jan. It's okay. Now eat."

He watched me as I fed him. I noticed he alternated between looking at my face and my boobs.

"Jeanette, you're so kind. Thank you. And pretty too. Roland's so lucky."

"I'm lucky to have Roland."

"He's my best friend, Jeanette. I wish I had what the two of you have. You're in love. I've never been in love. Never had much luck with the women. I think I scare them."

I lied telling him he wasn't scary at all once you got to know him. You've just seen and done so much. My friends and I were just out of high school. You had been to war."

"You know Jeanette. I did three tours there, killed a lot of them, but the only time I was shot was here by some punk motherfucker when I was taking out the trash."

He sounded agitated. I wondered if he needed medicine, something for the pain.

He finished everything I fed him and thanked me. I asked him if he was hurting because he kept talking about the motherfucker who shot him.

He said, "Yeah, but I don't want it."

I insisted, "But, you need it."

I gave him a few pills. He took them for me.

It took them a few minutes to work. He calmed down. He was getting groggy but he needed to pee. He asked me to help him to the bathroom. I got him to the door. He left it open. I stayed worried he might fall. He fished out of his boxers the biggest penis I had ever seen. I don't know if he knew I was watching or he was too damn tired to care about being modest.

He finished and we walked back to the recliner. He sat down. I asked him if he needed anything. He said, "A blanket. I'm cold." I covered him up.

"Anything else," I asked.

"My feet hurt. Would you rub them?"

I had never rubbed Roland's feet, but there I was a minute later massaging Jan's. They were so dry and looked so big because he was so skinny. I got some lotion and massaged them. I was looking at his feet focused on the massage. We chatted about life. Nothing heavy, just the good times.

He fell asleep. I put some socks on his feet and as I got up noticed the blanket had tented. It took me a second before I realized what it was. It was Jan's penis, big when it was soft, super big when it was hard.

I left.

Roland was the one who took care of him day in and day out, but when he couldn't I did. The routine never changed. He liked my foot massages and I enjoyed giving them to him. I thought it was the least I could do for my husband's friend. A few days before he died he asked for a huge favor.

"Jeanette, I know I'm not much to look at, but would you do something for me."

I wondered what he wanted and knew my answer was going to be yes.

"Sure," I said.

"Would you make me feel good? One last time before I die."

There was no missing the tent pole un

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