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Chris asked about Trish.

I saw Amy enjoying it, sparing some appreciation for my upper body. "I can work with that," Amy approved, cuing me to walk back over to her.

Amy's hands went down my chest -- then her small right hand went down further. Right into my pants.

"Seems workable down there, too," Amy continued, right as her hand got into my underwear too. Her left hand finally got a good grip on me, while her right went onto Tina's head. With her hands occupied and my cock getting covered, I covered her mouth back up next.

We kissed faster and more passionately as my hands went back to her tits, stroking them as Amy stroked my cock and Tina's mouth stroked her pussy. My hands did go down her body before long, with my right going around to grasp her backside -- pushing her crotch forward against Tina's face.
We were all stimulating significant parts of each other now, which made us have to catch our breath for a moment. Me and Amy stopped kissing as Tina stopped kissing her center, which let us really take in our current position. It was all so surreal for me, even if it wasn't for them.

"Well, if we're done standing and kneeling around," Amy broke the ice. "Seriously, this place came with a bed, right? I'd like to cum on one now."

"What the lady says goes, apparently," I admitted. Amy took her hand out of my pants -- hopefully not for that line -- as Tina got herself on her feet. She kissed Amy and let her taste herself on Tina's mouth, yet I eventually looked away to lead them to my bedroom.

Once we got to my bed, Amy quickly laid herself down on the left edge. I stood beside her, yet she stopped me from moving away as Tina got herself on the bed. Soon, she laid between Amy's legs and picked up right where she left off.

As for me, Amy was ready to follow Tina's lead.

Instead of going back into my pants, Amy unzipped them. In short order, she unbuckled me too. In shorter order, she slid my pants and underwear down. "I thought so," Amy said now that she could see my erection.

A second later, she did more than look at it. While Tina ate Amy out, Amy sucked me off with just as much enthusiasm.

She was a big ball of energy on TV, and had already proved her energy off screen tonight as well. Still, she showed a Leslie Knope-esq level of commitment to sucking my cock -- which her select few million viewers would know as quite overwhelming.

This viewer was enraptured as Amy swallowed me down, slid her tongue all over my head, and popped off to lick me up and down. Her eyes twinkled with mischief and arousal -- and Tina certainly helped with her work down below.

Amy moaned as Tina kept eating her -- and even moaned as her mouth went on my balls. My moans drowned out Amy and Tina's muffled groans, if only by default, as they enjoyed their feasts.

"How close are you?" I gasped out when Amy's mouth was free. "You gonna let her do all the work, or should I jump in? If you want him to help, this isn't helping," I gestured to my cock.

Yet Amy kept her hand on it, while wiggling her hips around below Tina. "She's got it covered," Amy assured. "Right now I wanna make you cum too."

I didn't see how that'd be a problem. Especially with Amy bobbing on my cock, and groaning on it as Tina stepped things up on her. When she put her fingers into the mix, Amy popped off and exhaled, backing her hips against Tina's mouth as she leaned on her right elbow, squeezed and pumped me with her left hand, then engulfed my head with her mouth.

I looked over to Tina, on the off chance it'd make me less likely to go. It didn't help that much -- plus Amy wanted to make me cum anyway. I didn't know if she wanted to go off before me, though, or if she was as close as me.

If Amy was as close as I was, after she juggled my balls and sucked and licked my head, Tina had to be really good.

Amy came off me to moan, though she kept cupping my balls and pushing me all too close.

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