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Adrienne begins to trust.

Ronnie poured everyone a glass of wine and gave them a cook's tour of the stately home. He loved the place especially the private backyard, pool and Jacuzzi. He imagined himself fucking Ronnie in the hot tub. Sharon already knew that the three of them may end up naked in the Jacuzzi. They returned to the family room and Ronnie refreshed everyone's wine.

They sat on the sofa with Dustin in the middle and it didn't take long for things to move along. He kissed both girls and put his arms around them sensing that he was in for a treat. They kissed him back and Sharon even leaned across him to kiss Ronnie. Dustin had breasts in both his hands until Ronnie lowered her body to free Dustin's cock from his pants. She unzipped his fly and unfastened his pants. Dustin lifted his hips as Ronnie pulled them down and gasped when his big dick spring out.

"Oooh, my, look at this."

Sharon broke the kiss and she smiled when she saw the large erect cock that was all too familiar. It was close to 8" long and nearly 6" around by Ronnie's estimate. She had seen plenty of cocks so she knew Dustin was special. Ronnie stroked the rigid shaft for a few minutes and leaned over to take it in her mouth. Dustin laid his head back on the sofa and let out a soft moan. She certainly was an experienced cocksucker, every bit as good as Sharon.

Sharon who had been anxious to get in on the action moved away from Dustin and knelt before the pretty brunette. Sharon pushed the mini skirt up to Ronnie's waist baring the thigh high hose and dark panties. Sharon hooked her fingers in the waistband of the panties and pulled them down slowly. Faking her surprise, she let out a fake gasp when Ronnie's erection popped into view.
"Dustin, Ronnie has a cock."

"What, let me see," he replied and leaned forward to check it out, "I'll be damned."

"Are you angry with me?"

"Angry? No but surprised. I have never met anyone as beautiful as you with a dick."

"Have you ever been with someone like me?"

Like you? No, but I fucked some cute gay young men in Europe years ago."

"So, you are okay with that?"

"Yes, but I am not into cock. You should know that."

"That's fine, that's why I have Sharon here."

Dustin didn't tell her about his gay stepson and the gay friends. There was no need for her to know about them. Ronnie got back to sucking Dustin's cock. Sharon lowered her mouth to Ronnie's dick and performed one of her signature blow jobs. They continued pleasuring each other for several minutes until Ronnie suggested they take the action to her bedroom. Once there they removed their clothes and approved of each other's body.

The three of them got in the king size bed and moved into a daisy chain position. Dustin began eating Sharon's sweet pussy while Ronnie sucked on his big dick. Sharon resumed sucking on Ronnie's 6" cock. Dustin played with Sharon's lovely ass and toyed with her anus as he ate her. In turn Sharon began to finger Ronnie's anus which was always quite receptive. The three of them stayed in that position until everyone came.

Dustin shot a massive load into Ronnie's mouth and Ronnie filled Sharon's mouth with a substantial load. Sharon moaned onto Ronnie's cock when she climaxed and her hips shook violently. They remained in the daisy chain for several minutes, sucking, licking and caressing each other. Both Dustin and Ronnie remained hard and it was time to fuck Sharon. Dustin was pleased to learn that Sharon also liked double penetrations.

Dustin rolled to his back and beckoned Sharon to sit on his cock. As she was settling on his dick she felt lube being applied to her anus. Ronnie probed it with one and then two fingers. Satisfied that she was ready, Ronnie eased her cock into the lovely ass. As the three of them fucked establishing a rhythm Sharon felt Ronnie's firm tits and hard nipples press into her back. She loved the double penetration with a big cock in her pussy and a smaller one in her ass. Ronnie was sure that she could feel the other cock through the thin membrane.


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