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Frank pushes Jen's boundaries; will she give Mike a lover?

" Jeff walked out of the room leaving her alone topless trying to figure out an alternative to becoming a frat whore.

Janice rang the doorbell just before 2:00. Jeff eagerly opened the door.

"Good," he said to her. "Come on in, I was just wrapping up an Executive Meeting."

Janice followed Jeff into the house and into a back room where she was greeted by the sight of 12 brothers.

"Gentlemen, some of you met Janice here at the Halloween party when she came with pledge Smith. She has just accepted our proposal to be the Sigma Sweetheart."

The men all started cheering and clapping. Janice stood in shock and close to Jeff. She didn't know what to expect at that moment. Was Jeff expecting her to have sex with them right now? She wasn't left curious for too long before her question was answered.

"Now fellas, Janice will be available for Officers starting this Friday but for now you can feel out the merchandise for 10 minutes."

Janice turned and stared wide eyed at Jeff until she was nearly tackled by the excited brothers of Sigma Upsilon Zeta. 12 pairs of hands grabbed her everywhere and she couldn't tell whose hands belonged to whom. Her tits where being rubbed, grabbed, pinched, and bounced. Hands were slapping her plump round ass, pulling her hair, flowing up her inner thighs and lightly drifting over her panties. It wasn't long before the top of her red sun-dress was pulled down and the bottom was pulled up so the brothers could play with her bare skin. When she finally submitted to the humiliating probing, she felt a pleasurable sensation like never before. She suddenly felt like she had to pee, and a strange wetness flowed between her legs. Just as she let out a faint moan of pure virgin ecstasy, Jeff interrupted the hand fest.

"That's enough guys."

Everyone immediately stopped, and Janice adjusted her dress. Jeff ushered her out and up the stairs to his large presidential suite.

"It's time we started your training and let you know how this will work. For the brother's you are at their disposal to celebrate academic achievements, birthdays, and other equally important special occasions. Otherwise priority will go to me, other officers, seniors and Mark since he brought you in, juniors, sophomores. Pledges don't get to fuck you until they initiate. You are required to be available Fridays, Saturdays, and two or more days of your choice during the school week. You can design your own rotational schedule for the brothers during the week based on priority. Exec members get to fuck you at least once a week, brothers once every two weeks. Down the hall is a room for your exclusive use and on the door is the fantasy box. Brother's right down their sexual fantasies between you and them, and you get to figure out how and when to fulfill them. Any questions?"

Janice shook her head.

Jeff stood behind her and inserted his hand under her dress and crept up her thighs until he reached her panties. He immediately dove right in to her undies and felt her untouched pussy.

"Already wet, I like that."

He continued to rub her pussy and started to rub her left breast at the same time. Janice felt weak and started to lean into him and allow the molestation until he suddenly stopped.

"Now, I want you to suck my cock"

"I've never done that before"

"It's easy, take it out and put it in your mouth."

Janice knelt down and started to undo Jeff's pants.

"Where most girls mess up is they forget that the dick is more than the tip. You have to suck and lick all of it. When you eat a Popsicle, you have to lick it all over evenly for the best effect. It's the same thing with cock sucking. Give it a try."

Janice timidly closed her eyes and took the entire flaccid penis in her mouth.

"Oh yes, very good"

Janice wrapped her lips around the pole and pulled her head away and let it slide almost out of her mouth before she took it in again.

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