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Tom gets his birthday blowjob in a Rumson mansion.

They sat in silence and extreme embarrassment as Neetas film of their indiscretions played out before them. There was no conversation apart from a nervous cough or squirming in their seats but they both became aware that they were also getting turned on.

It was Bob who undid his flies first and got his semi-erect penis out closely followed by Tim whose glans was already swollen and wet. Just as they at back to enjoy themselves Tim's mobile rang. He answered it while continuing to stroke himself and was shocked to hear Neeta telling him not to play with himself! A few seconds later Bob had the same experience and was told the girls could see everything they were doing!

They quickly tucked themselves away before looking anxiously round the room and even peering quickly out of the curtains.

Tim's phone rang again. 'It's no use you looking - you won't see us but we can see you. Now go back to your seats and finish watching the film!'

They meekly returned to their seats and Tim restarted the film. They watched it through to the end occasionally glancing nervously round the room half expecting to see their other halves watching them from behind the settee! When it was finished Tim stopped the player and they just sat there looking at each other. Suddenly Tim's phone went again

'It's not finished yet. Put it on again and wait until you get to your instructions!'

Tim did as he was told.

'How do they know? How can they see us?' Bob was getting quite paranoid now. They paused the film and had another good look around the room and the hallway outside but there was nothing they could find so they returned to watch the rest of the tape.

Once again Neetas face filled the screen.

"I do hope you enjoyed that as much as we did, but it did makes us feel out in the cold, so you see, we had to make our own amusement."

Once again the camera pulled back to show Neeta laying on the bed with her knees up and apart and Mary crouched on her knees between them with her face buried in Neetas cunt. As they watched they saw her slurping away at her lips while her own fingers were in evidence working her own labia. Both their bodies were covered with a sheen of sweat although they couldn't be sure if it was all sweat or had been produced from between their thighs. It was obvious that Neeta was getting very turned on and it wasn't long before they saw her body arch off the bed and her stomach muscles twitching. Mary continued her tongueing until the spasms died down then she turned and looked straight at the camera.

"That was lovely! Bob I bet you'd love to do that wouldn't you. Look at this, all her hair and cum and look how her lips get pinker as you go inside."

The camera homed on Neetas cunt and you could see Mary's fingers opening her up and the pinkness of her lower vagina. It then pulled back to Mary's face which was wet and glistening and this time there was no doubt about where it had come from.

"You'd love the taste as well but it's a pity you'll never get to experience it whereas I can have it as often as I want! Don't you feel jealous?"

He did and the growing erection fighting his trousers showed how turned on he had become watching his wife doing something he would love to do himself. He glanced across at Tim and the dark spot on his trousers at the end of his obvious erection made it obvious that he was just as turned on himself.

The film faded again then another scene opened with the girls sitting on the settee in the very room where the boys were now. Whilst they were not naked they only had loose clothing on, the same as the night they did the filming, and this time it was Mary who spoke.

"We enjoyed watching you and what you got up to so we thought we should repay the compliment. We hope you enjoy this next bit as much as we did making it. Remember - no playing with your cocks though!"

The girls stood up and casually removed their clothes until they stood naked side

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