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Flashing at a porn movie theaters.

"Somebody hurry up with those collars!" said one.

"We are gonna be the luckiest little demon fuck slaves!" said the other.

"Fuck!" Lucille moaned, falling to her knees. Her cock was out and she was stroking it furiously.

"Hey there blondie," Rashiva taunted, tilting her head back and caressing the front of her lovely neck. "I want that cock, right here. Stuff it all the way down." Her fingertips caressed her throat, running over the pink ribbon of her choker. "All the way down," she repeated, as her fingers caressed her clavicle. "All the way to here," she finished, and pointed to the top of her ripe cleavage.

The temptation was such that all of heads began to swim. Denny had set the crossbow down, and had unzipped his fly, and was stroking his meat furiously.

"Damn it!" Lucille swore, still stroking her cock furiously as she tried to tear her eyes away from the schoolgirl fantasy before us. "Denny, fucking shoot the bitches!"

But Denny was busy spilling his cum on the floor.

Things were spiraling out of control. Irina pulled off her yoga pants for real this time. The succubi both turned to her and beckoned. I wanted nothing more than for us to gangbang these desperate schoolgirl sluts. We had to, before we decided what to do next.

"No, Irina!" Denny warned, pounding his fist on the floor. Still jerking with one hand, he tried to pick up his cocked crossbow with the other. The bolt fell out, and clattered to the floor with a loud metallic ring.
The noise helped to break some of the spell upon us, and we all had a moment of lucidity.

"Listen the both of you!" I addressed the demons commandingly. "It's over. Morgana could banish you with a word. So obey my orders, or she will!"

"Okay okay! We will!" they said.

"Get your clothes back on, now!" Denny commanded. "You will respond truthfully to our inquiries."

"What's in it for us?" one of them shot back.

"If we don't banish you, well, eventually you get that." Morgana said, and pointed to my cocks, each of which stood throbbing more than a foot out from my crotch. "That's what you wanted, right?"

They both nodded, even as they slipped their scanty schoolgirl uniforms back on and tried to look a little more presentable. Their lithe, sexy bodies looked just as enticing while they were getting dressed, bending over to put on their stockings and so forth, but they had relented in their tempting sexual display, and both Lucille and Denny were starting to recover.

We all knew the succubi would try to seduce us again soon, but the threat of banishment had made them willing to play along. At least, for the moment.

"Tell the truth. If you don't, I will know," Morgana said. "Why couldn't you drain Jeanie the way you did Karina?"

"There was just too much spirit energy," said Rak'hel. "It was, uh, I don't know, jamming things up."

"Do you think you'd be able to drain her next time?" the raven-haired witch continued.

"Without question," Rak'hel said. "We just didn't get through all her spirit energy."

"Why not? Why didn't you just keep going and going?" I asked.

"We reached our quota," they both said. "We got sent back!"

"Your quota?" Morgana and I both asked, almost in unison.

"Explain!" Denny demanded angrily.

"It's simple," Rak'hel replied. "We signed a contract with Medina when she summoned us or whatever. She said we would get a chance to feed on live warlocks and witches and get their spirit energy."

"Our contract said that once we had harvested a certain amount of spirit energy, we would be released from her service, and sent back to Gehenna, not hell by the way," Rashiva continued.

"Uh, Gehenna?" I said.

"Whatever, so you made your quota," Irina said, a nasty scorn in her voice. She was just pulling up her leggings again.

"What kind of things did you do for Medina?" Morgana asked hesitantly.

"Oh, assassinations mostly. What did you expect?"

"Who?!" Morgana demanded.

"Oh, seems like it was a different guy every week.

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