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When he took Timmy home Tim had no idea how different.

On that night she was alone and she saw me as soon as she walked through the door. From her smile she seemed pleased to see me. "Perfect timing ," was what I thought. If anyone was going to enjoy the coffin it would be Kate. I smiled back and walked over to greet her, planning my 'sales campaign' as I went.

Kate looked stunning. She was wearing a long black cloak, which hung almost to the ground, over a laced up silk corset; her legs were covered by sheer, black stockings and the whole ensemble was finished-off with black patent high-heeled shoes. Her hair was loose and fell to her shoulders in a cascade of pale gold. She looked fabulous and I set myself the goal to get her into coffin, naked and bound if possible. I would be lying to you if I said that I wasn't keen on the idea of helping Kate out of those clothes and strapping her into the coffin, even if I would not be the one whose hands explored the hidden secrets of that lovely body.

Kate obviously noticed the coffins as she came through the door; it was pretty hard to miss them given their sumptuous proportions and prominent position and, after a bit of the usual small-talk, I pointed out the ladies casket to Kate and asked her whether she wanted to give it a try. She was clearly curious, but also a little hesitant at first. Under my gentle coaxing though she agreed to come over and, at least, take a look.

As we approached the ladies coffin I began my seduction in earnest. I showed Kate the inside of the coffin with its beautiful silk lining which concealed contoured padding - shaped to offer both comfort and to align her body for maximum erotic effect. I showed her how the lid worked, how it concealed her from sight but enabled touch. I told her how her sense of touch would be enhanced when her other senses were disabled. I showed her the bondage cuffs, how they were designed to gently offer her up, to reduce her ability to control and thereby increase the intensity of her pleasure. I also made sure that she knew that she would be safe and that I would be in charge on the outside to make sure she was OK. I was at pains to point out the cleanliness and hygiene factors, the replaceable linings, air conditioning and so on. As we talked I could see that Kate was interested and a little excited. I tried hard to paint a word-picture of the erotic experience and as I talked and watched Kate's reaction I knew that she would go for it; but would she go the whole way? Despite my best efforts, I wasn't sure.

My imagination was also working overtime by this stage. Describing in graphic terms to a beautiful, sexy, woman what could happen to their body at the hands of stranger while lying naked and tied-down was intensely arousing and it must have been pretty obvious to Kate that I was not an entirely dispassionate observer.

After completing my guided tour of the features and delights of the coffin I was silent, waiting to see what Kate would do. As she was mulling it over, one of the other hosts came towards us with a silver tray of champagne glasses, sparkling beneath the lights and invitingly full. I beckoned discretely to him and, bless-him, he came over immediately and proffered Kate a glass. She took it and raised it to her lips. I read the speculation in her eyes as she looked at me. She took a long sip of the ice-cold liquid and obviously reached her decision. "I'll do it, " she said. "Naked and tied."

My heart leaped with pleasure and excitement. I was going to make this a night to remember for Kate. I was going to make damn sure that by the time she was secured in the coffin she was fully aroused and ready for anything that might happen.

Before Kate could completely finish her glass I stepped around her and drew the rich drapes that would give us the privacy I needed to prepare her and install her in the coffin.

Out of courtesy I offered to help Kate undress but it was strictly a rhetorical question and I didn't give her time to reply before unhooking the gold clasp that held the clo

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