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Married couple's first threesome.

I yanked her back again, harder this time, and raised my voice. "I told you to lick it, slut. Next time you'll do what you're told."

She was whimpering louder now, making little mewling sounds in her throat as I reached down and took her hand from my shaft, replacing it with my own. Holding my cock by the base I started to swing it forward, guiding her lower again and slapping the thick, bulbous head against her open lips.

"Is this what you want, huh? You want this black meat, slut? Tell me." I kept teasing her with it, slapping at her face with my cock, the soft smacks on her skin punctuating every word. I watched her trying to take me into her mouth again, whining in frustration as I kept smacking her, cockslapping her again and again. The pre cum was dripping copiously from the head and splatting on her skin, on each cheek, against her nose, onto her lips as she licked them off until I pulled her back again, making her cry out with another hard yank.

"Well, do you want it or not, Kel? Tell me now or I'll send your ass out of here." She blinked at me, tears welling in her eyes as she took a shuddering breath.

"No, please...don't make me go. God, I want it...I want it all. Please...please?" she begged. And I loved every minute of it, knowing that this was meant to be.

I grinned at her again. "If you want it all, you'll take it all now. Come here." I pulled her down suddenly as I said it, her lips stretching wide again and hungrily accepting the thrust of my cock until the head hit the back of her throat. She gagged a little at that, reflexively trying to pull back. I wasn't about to allow that though.

I pressed my hand harder against the top of her head, holding her in place and pushing her down harder as I raised my hips up and thrust into her throat. I could feel her struggling against me but I didn't care now. I'd made up my mind that she was going to take it all and I wasn't about to be denied.

"Relax your throat, slut" I groaned, "you begged for it; now take it like a good lil whore."

Her body seemed to relax as I commanded her. I looked down into her face, watching as her eyes closed and she stopped resisting me. She was still gagging around me, her drool dripping down my shaft that was stretching her lips obscenely as I tried to force more into her throat.

"That's it,'re a real slut. I know it. Now swallow my cock." As I said it I pushed her down again, feeling her moan around my shaft as it fucked fully into her throat. I could see the bulge pressing out against it as her lips touched at the base of my cock. She was still drooling around me, the spit dripping down onto my heavy balls now. I couldn't believe the pressure of her throat squeezing me as she swallowed around me reflexively, choking on my throbbing cock until I slowly let her back up and pulled her completely from my cock.

She gasped loudly, her blue eyes blinking open and looking at me with utter devotion. "Please," she whispered in a ragged breath, "feed me, John. I need you to use me."

That was all I needed to hear and I pulled her back down onto my cock, fucking straight into her throat with one, long stroke. I let her up almost immediately again, my fist wrapping in her blonde hair and guiding her. She took it all, every inch, pulling against my grip to take me into her throat again even though she couldn't help gagging whenever the head hit the back of her throat. She didn't care though. My sweet lil friend Kelly was hungry for my cock and she would choke if that's what it took to get it. That thought went through my head and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was going to be plenty of time to see just how far she'd be willing to go for it. But now I was ready to cum again, and this time I was going to feed it to her directly.

I continued to guide her up and down my shaft, the wet sucking sounds of her lips growing louder the harder I thrust up into her throat.

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