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The fireworks began in Rockefeller Center on New Year's

She heard Lenny starting to stir. She decided to sink back into the bed and make love again as soon as he was able.

Richard pulled the car into the drive of his home. Once through the gateway they were completely isolated from the road and any surrounding residency. A large lawn spread out and was edged by a ring of bushy trees. An automatic light switched on and illuminated the beautiful single detached house.

Johanna looked at the house and gasped.

'Wow! What a lovely home.'

'I'm glad you like it. You wait 'till you get inside.'

'I can't wait.'

He switched off the engine and slipped his arm around her. They kissed deeply, his hand moving to her breast. She put her own hand onto the back of his and pressed it tightly against her. When their mouths parted she was panting hungrily.

'Hmm, you're a sexy bitch.' he chuckled.

'Am I really? Do you like sexy bitches?'

'Oh yes' he growled, 'especially this one.'

'Then I'll try to be especially sexy for you.'

'That sounds fun.' he grinned.

'Yes' she giggled, 'let's have fun.'

'Last time we were together you weren't wearing underwear.'

'I know. Wasn't that awful of me?'

'But you didn't do it for me, did you?'

'No, but I think you enjoyed it nevertheless.'

'Very much so, and it gave me an instant erection.'

'Did it really?' she laughed. 'Do you have an erection now?'

He took her hand and placed it on his lap.

'Oh my god,' she gasped, 'it's as hard as a rock.'

'Why wouldn't it be? It wants to be back inside you.'

'Hmm!' she said dreamily 'It made me come last time it was inside me.'

'And I plan for it to make you come again.' he whispered as he nibbled her ear lobe.

She gasped breathlessly.

He got out of the car and in a second was holding the door open for her. She noticed his eyes quickly fall to her legs as she slipped them from the car and momentarily revealed a flash of dark stocking-top. The wicked grin that spread over his face reassured Johanne that she had made a good decision on her choice of underwear.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him, kissing her passionately. She responded hungrily, grinding herself into the hard bulge of his massive erection.

She tottered beside him as he led her to the door. They kissed again when they reached the wide oak front door then turning her in his arms to face away, pulled her against him. Her breasts filled his hands as he snuggled his face into her neck and shoulders before moving his hands over her body, caressing her arms and walking his fingers down her soft stomach to lightly brush over her lower belly. She didn't know if it was the cool evening air or the sexual excitement of his kisses and touches that made her body tremble so violently.

She clung to him as he unlocked the front door and led her inside.

The reception hall spread out before them. The walls were paneled wood and the floor parquet, polished to a mirror finish.

He led her through a doorway and into the lounge. Soft leather furniture and romantic paintings gave the room a feel of elegance and luxury. The air in the room was warm but she felt hot from the sexual tension that was building up in her.

While she looked around the room he took a bottle of red wine from the glass fronted drinks cabinet and poured out two glasses. He placed the drinks onto a low coffee table and sank down into the broad, deep settee.

'You look beautiful,' he said thickly as he gazed at her.

'Thank you,' she smiled and gave a coquettish twirl, allowing the hem of the skirt to flare out and provide Richard a much welcomed view of her stocking-clad legs.

'Take off your dress.' he hissed.

She stared at him, a naughty grin spreading over her face.

'I'm not a stripper,' she giggled, teasing him, 'and if I was I would need some music.'

He laughed and nodded towards the discrete sound system control beside the drinks cabinet.

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