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Rick introduces Loren, and Anna, to his clients.

She slammed the door and got ready for bed. She hated her parents some times. Well actually, just her mom. Her dad understood her, but her mom was impossible. Bill and her had never dated. They were best friends.

Bill lay in bed wondering about a few things. He loved Katie so much and hated that everyone assumed that they were romantically involved. Bill was madly in love with Cathy. There was no question at all about that. He fell asleep thinking of the two most important women in his life.


"Stop it! Bill, I'm serious!" Cathy was giggling with laughter as Bill was tackling her to the ground. She had slapped his butt playfully and he had in return grabbed her and began to tickle her. She tried to tickle back, but there was no use.

"No. You dare slap my cute butt!" Bill was laughing so hard as he let Cathy flip him over and straddle his legs. He ran his hands up and down her legs.

"I love you."

"I love you Bill."

Cathy leaned down and they nuzzled noses. Bill wrapped his strong hands around Cathy's waist and they looked deeply into each other's eyes. For that moment, there was no one else in the world but them. If only they knew they were being watched.

"You're jealous aren't you?


Katie didn't realize that she had been staring out her front window. She was supposed to be practicing her piano pieces, but had turned to face the front window. She wasn't smiling, but wasn't upset either. She was happy for Bill, really she was.

"You've been staring at them for the last ten minutes Katie. Don't you have a lesson tomorrow? If you don't want to take lessons all you have to do is say so."

"Mom! I was just taking a break. Please. For goodness sake I'll get back to practicing."

Katie turned and continued playing her Mozart piece. It was a grade seven piece and she was struggling to get all the notes right. She loved playing the piano and had been taking lessons since she was ten. At first it was for fun, but four years ago she had been asked if she wanted to do the Royal Conservatory levels. She had agreed and her hour-long practices every day consumed a lot of her time. She replayed the fourth line for the fifth time, gritting her teeth as she tried to get her fingers to play the two trills in a row. She took a deep breath and sat up straight. She began at the beginning and was happy that she could play that part without error.

After dinner, Katie went to the den to watch television. She was happy that a few weeks ago she had successfully completely her second year of university. It had been a struggle since she didn't have a strong grasp of how to write an essay. She had received mostly B's and that was fine with her. She had never been a straight A student and it wasn't like she was going to be losing a scholarship or anything if her marks went lower. All she ever wanted to do was be a teacher and this required her to earn a degree in a subject area. She had chosen English.

She snuggled into the couch and started flipping channels. Her mind wandered to Bill and Cathy. They were taking that premarital course through the church this weekend. Bill's mom was a religious fanatic and Bill really didn't have a choice as to where he and Cathy would get married. They were getting married in his mom's church and this required a weekend long course of self-discovery and relationship development, or at least that's what the brochure said.

Katie remembered back to how Bill had first told her he was dating Cathy. It was in the dead of winter and Bill was out playing on his snowmobile. Katie, who hated the cold, was inside his parent's cottage keeping the fire going. They had been allowed to go up to the cottage alone for the first time. Normally one of their parents went with them, but since they had graduated from high school there was a little more trust.

Bill entered the cottage and after getting out of his winter clothes sat on the couch next to Katie.

"I need to tell you something. You're going to hate me."

Katie didn't even need to look over.

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